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Also here is a pic from one of the first times me and @ihatereverb hung out when we discovered my whole fist fit in his mouth w ease. I guess technically this our first picture together.

Here is the very first picture of me and @ihatereverb ever taken together and it was taken in September or October of 2015. I just wanna day Darian is the best boyfriend I could ever ask for he is the most supportive and understanding person in my life and no matter how many horrible decisions I make he supports me and is there for me when they don’t work out. He’s also the coolest and most hip guy I know and none of my friends are even close to being on his level of cool. He is my best friend in the whole entire world and probably one of the only people who understands me and I love him and happy Valentine’s Day Darian sorry I yelled at u in the car earlier.

Valentine’s Day coord. We were gonna have a picnic but it started to rain ;(


My job is cooler than ur job.

I’m a vape 💨 queen 👑 I’ll make all ur wildest vape dreams come true 💖🍭💕💨

Someone come over and drink this jug of wine w me and @ihatereverb

Mourning the loss of my virginity 9 years too late.

Here is a pic of me in a bathroom but with stars

Hi I haven’t left my house other than to go to the gym or to work in 3 weeks can someone please send me some serotonin im so depressed

Me and Darian went to Red Robin lmao.

I’ve been too depressed to take a picture of myself or even put on makeup for over 2 weeks so here’s a pic of one of my cute dogs Clementine who makes me feel less depressed and I love her.

I have been sick for a month what makes you feel better when you’re sick? 🤒 😷

Welcome to the year 2019

Ok wait I lied here’s a pic of me and @ihatereverb touching tongues

This is the only picture I took on New Years and it was in my car at a stop light

I don’t want to be ur friend unless we can do this

2012 vs 2017 Christmas photo

Me n my cute boyfriend ❣️

Merry Xmas thankful for makeup bc I’m breaking out really bad

This is old but I’m sick and I can only whisper as of this morning

I have a cold and I look ugly so here’s a pic from last week where I wasn’t sick and looked cute 😋

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