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👩🏽‍🌾 erin mcgauley.  🌙blue mtns, au. 🌿wild heart, maker, and nature admirer. 🌏love and care for the earth.

Find yourself a man who looks at you the way David looks at flora 😍🌿✨ Cheeky new blog is now up from my trip to Bouddi National Park with @nswnationalparks and sweet fellow nemophilist’s ~ link in bio #nswparks 💛✨

Smol girl back in her natural habitat ✨🌿👩🏽‍🌾🌿✨ #nswparks

One of my closest friends mentioned to me recently how happy I look via my Instagram stories, little did they notice my breaks from social media because I was feeling so depressed and anxious, or me crying to my friends on the reg, or me having dark thoughts, or me using my laugh and sarcasm to cover this all up, or me doing these ‘fun’ things to distract myself and also booking myself in to see a Psychologist again this month.
Never assume someone is okay, especially don’t assume their mental state is okay via social media. This entire year has been an absolute whirlwind, actually no scrap that it’s been a friggen cyclone of a year for me-loljks my entire life is a cyclone. So please always ask your friends, family, co-workers, everyone ‘R U OK?’ and take your time to actually listen to them and don’t brush off their mental health like it’s nothing and something that is easy to get over. It’s not up to you to make someone happy or to always be there for them but if you can just listen to someone if they’re having a bad day I’m sure that would mean the world to them. Be kind 💖✨📷 taken by the lovely @kintangolledge on a trip where I was so dang anxious from start to finish but being surrounded by kind souls and beautiful landscapes made it 10/10 worth it 🌿✨

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, support you, tell you straight up how it is and always there for you to have a chat with about anything and everything every single day. Just a few of my favourite go-to sistas 💛✨

TLDR; Growing up I had moved home 9 times, so I always had found it hard to call just 1 place home. I’m currently absolutely torn between the mountains and the sea. I can clearly see why I’m in love with both and can’t settle for just 1; having lived on a farm with pet cows and chickens for 10 years where I would often jump on the quad or run down to the river to swim but also where I could roam around free on the land, growing so many different plants and simply being an absolute grub. My soul thrives of swimming (preferably in the ocean) along with roaming around the mountains; perhaps one day I’ll find a middle ground and stop moving around...maybe. 👩🏽‍🌾✨

I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with posting for the last few months, and to be honest I have no excuse except I’ve just been focusing on the real world around me, shooting only on film, annnd swimming as much as possible if you haven’t noticed via my stories 😅✨ Though tomorrow I’ll be back behind the camera with a full day of adventure and shooting for @we_are_explorers and @teva_australia which I’m so stoked about 🌿✨#35mm

And for a moment nothing phased me, not a care in the world. It was just me and my best friend soaking up the warm sun on the slabs of rock beneath us and dipping our legs into the icy cold water. Nothing soothes my soul from my terrible mental health other than one thing, sweet mother nature. You’ll always find me staring up at the sky, doing a hike or swimming in any body of water I can possibly find just to calm my noisy mind and to make me feel alive once again. 🌿✨📷 @jaxlisa

This gal is dying to feel free again to go on road trips and camp all the time, planning a wedding instead is killing my vibe. Pro tip: Elope, thank me later 💛✨

Today marks one year of this gal doing veg life for planet earth 🌏✨Me doing veg life is something I never want to force onto others (please don’t take this like I am 😘), though when I grab food with others I’m usually questioned as to why I’m veggo and often asked in a negative way. I didn’t grow up on the usual meat and three veg, I mainly ate white meats/seafood and was very much pushed to eat my veggies instead by my old man. Fast forward a tonne of years I moved to Melbourne (veggo’s galore) and went to NZ and one of the campsites had little lambs and OMG they’re so sooooft and cute! From then on I quit red meat, I was eating white meats at that point still (slowly educating myself) and whilst cutting up chicken🤢 one night I felt so overwhelmed and sick, so whatta ya do? Just quit it all 🤷🏽‍♀️ and to be honest it’s been super cruisy and I’ve learnt to love food, animals and the earth even more 🌽🥔💛✨#nswparks

Twenty-six. 10 years ago I thought I would of had 3 children by now, 5 years ago I thought I would be living in my own home, 1 year ago I thought I would have my life together but here I am, 26, no children, no home, no life together just living a conscious and adventurous life day by day with my main love by my side keeping me wild and sane and I’m okay with that. And let’s be real 26 is going to be amazing, especially in September👩🏽‍🌾🌞#35mm #nswparks 📷 @kintangolledge

I’ve wanted to roam around Mt Banks for 3+ years and I couldn’t believe I finally got to see the valleys from these mountains with my own eyes 🌞 On another happy note, @wildtasmaniaco site is now live! Link in bio #awildtasmanian

Happy Monday pals! I’ve written up a new blog on my recent adventures when I did a cheeky insta takeover for @wildtasmaniaco who are currently doing a give away! - link in bio ✌🏽✨

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