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The next few years summer will be the longest amount of time I will be continually spending in Rochester so I have been trying to do as much as I can while I'm here. Oswego really isn't that far, but it is still far enough to miss all the places back at home. For the first time this summer I found myself at the Braddock Bay Marina and despite many of the docks being underwater, I really wondered why I had never been here before. Hopefully throughout the next month I'll find some other new places to visit.// @Owen_Marchand 5/6 #explorerochester

The best adventures are the ones unplanned. In this photo, we started with kayaking in the bay and somehow ended with exploring this abandoned house we found tucked away in the woods. One of the reasons I love photography is because of all the experiences it has given me and fun it has allowed me to have. // @Owen_Marchand 4/6 #explorerochester

If you asked anyone to take you for a nice view of downtown, you're probably gonna end up at South Ave. Parking Garage. It's quite a popular place but I love seeing photos from up there because it really does have some sweet views. // @Owen_Marchand 3/6 #explorerochester

One day while scrolling through Instagram, I discovered @bxcr and the rest was history.... But seriously, this is where I almost exclusively come now for all of my coffee, donut, and chicken needs. Boxcar has quickly become one of my favorite spots for food & drink along with Dogtown and a few other little gems. I should also mention they have a killer playlist.
// @Owen_Marchand 2/6 #explorerochester

The Irondequoit Pier has always been my favorite pier in Rochester. I can't even tell you the amount of times I've gone for ice cream down at Abbott's, then walked the pier to watch the sunset and read whatever obscene graffiti was written at the end. It's also a great spot to go on clear nights to take photos of the stars. Another perk is how it usually isn't very busy down there.. (I am choosing not to discuss the Pokemon Go phenomenon that overtook it last summer)
// @Owen_Marchand 1/6 #explorerochester

Introducing our week 134 (Yr. 3 Wk. 30) contributor: @Owen_Marchand

This week, Owen will be sharing his perspective. We asked him to share a little more about himself and here's what he had to say:

What's up, Rochester? My name is Owen (@Owen_Marchand) and I was born and raised in Irondequoit. I am a sophomore at SUNY Oswego where I am majoring in broadcasting & mass communications with a minor in photography. Growing up in Rochester I spent much of my time exploring local parks, walking around the city, and most importantly: eating countless garbage plates.
I would definitely credit Rochester for helping me find my love for photography and I feel very grateful to live in a city that has endless spots to explore and photograph. This week I will be taking you around the 585 to share a part of my life here, as well as show you some of my favorite places to visit.

PC: @quintonjmarchand

My church, @browncroft, has had one of the biggest impacts on my life here in Rochester. Since I was born, it has been a place where I have always felt welcome and loved and has given me an incredible community of people who encourage me in my faith and my goals. God is doing some great things in Rochester through Browncroft and the community and I am so grateful for such an amazing church to call home. // @christinaamba 8/8 #explorerochester

Letchworth Park was my latest adventure in Rochester. @adam_bixby, @gage_forster, @gracefumich, @maxthom92 and I got up in an attempt to watch the sun rise and although we didn't quite make it in time, it was still one of the most beautiful places I've seen in the Rochester area. Even though we didn't make it around the park too much due to the rain, it was quite a sight and I definitely will be returning to see more. // @christinaamba 7/8 #explorerochester

Until about a year and a half ago, I hadn't spent much time in downtown Rochester. Getting out and exploring the area has opened my eyes to the interesting people and places in the city. Through @flowercityworkcamp, I was able to go to areas that I would never have gone on my own and meet some really cool people with interesting stories. There is so much to experience if you get out of your car and walk around downtown and maybe you'll even get to see some pretty amazing views like the one pictured here. // @christinaamba 6/8 #explorerochester

Growing up in Penfield, the Webster pier was the place to go to watch a good sunset with family and friends. I've never been to the pier for sunset and been disappointed. Also, great place to go look at the stars. // @christinaamba 5/8 #explorerochester

Rochester is full of hidden gems like Durand Eastman Beach. It's one of my go-to places for a relaxing day in the summertime with friends. I've walked along the beach at sunset many times and it's a great little spot to get away without really going too far. // @christinaamba 4/8 #explorerochester

I don't have many memories from when I was younger but I do remember one day in particular where my parents took my sister, three brothers, and I to Chimney Bluffs State Park. We climbed the bluffs and I remember feeling like I was in a place unlike any I had ever been to before. Our trip to Chimney Bluffs was my first "adventure" in Rochester. // @christinaamba 3/8 #explorerochester

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