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Introducing our week 177 (Yr. 4 Wk. 21) contributor: @msfrizzle_is_me

Hello there! My name is Joanna Carroll and I am excited to share with you my perspective of this city! I moved here almost three years ago after securing a job post-undergrad. I went to school for Art & Design in Alfred, NY. I grew up 45 mins outside of NYC in the burbs of New Jersey, always looking for that Goldie-lock perfect medium. This small but bursting at the creative, entrepreneurial seams city, full of local pride and support, gave me the the platform to opened a Vintage Clothing Co-op downtown Charlotte Square. I found myself at a point in my life where I was desperate for a creative outlet and a community I could fell apart of and I knew Rochester would be supportive platform that could make my dreams come true. ⠀

This last photo is a bit of a lie because I was actually in my car on the way back from a canal run when I took it...if my sneakers were still on, does that count? I literally chased this sunset down when I saw it peeking through the trees. I don’t often run along the canal because I’d rather do a loop than out-and-back; I’m too tempted to turn back early and cut the run short hah. But there's beauty no matter which stretch of it you find yourself on, especially when the sky puts on a show like this one. I'm really grateful to live in this area with so much to see and also for the chance to share some of it with all of you. Thanks @explorerochester, it’s been a great week! // @kellyhmaloney 8/8 #explorerochester

Anyone ever had to get a tire fixed after hitting a particularly deep pothole on our city streets? Yeah, me neither. I ran over a screw instead. To maximize my time, (type a here 👋), I went for my run while it was being patched. I was looking both ways to cross Oxford when I halted in my tracks and had to snap this. Usually I run down the street to take in every single bloomin magnolia tree, but never just straight across it. It's funny how a small change in direction can make you see things you hadn't before. // @kellyhmaloney 7/8 #explorerochester

This bridge is timeless to me. And with early morning fog like this I feel like it’s part of an old movie set I stumbled on. For the rest of this long run, I had different renditions of "A Foggy Day" going through my head with Billie Holiday winning out in the end. // @kellyhmaloney 6/8 #explorerochester

My favorite part about springtime in Rochester is when the streets bloom with people as much as the flowers and trees. Hibernation is done for us all! For me, Highland Park is usually too busy to run through in the afternoon this time of year, but I chance it every now and again to be a part of the commotion. // @kellyhmaloney 5/8 #explorerochester

One of my favorite parts of exploring Rochester on foot is seeing all the historic houses and picking favorites. This one in particular was hidden all summer by this enormous tree and when it was revealed in the fall, I ran home, grabbed my phone and came back for this shot. I don’t usually run with music but I started bringing my phone with me for times like this. And for safety, I’m always being safe, Mom! // @kellyhmaloney 4/8 #explorerochester

I might never have found this park if @fleetfeetroc hadn’t designed a new fall half marathon course a few years back. My sister and husband begrudgingly rode their bikes alongside me at 6am while we traced the new route. As soon as we came in view of the bridges of Turning Point Park I stopped in my tracks. There are many times that’s happened to me since moving to the city years ago and I take none for granted. This is one such rare, blue sky, Rochester day along that same run-stopping path. // @kellyhmaloney 3/8 #explorerochester

Living in upstate New York means a lot of running in the dark for me because I avoid treadmills like the plague, even in winter. The silver lining: I love seeing our city when it’s quiet like this. I took this photo while I was literally in motion, I had just waved at a fellow early riser runner and was feeling the camaraderie. It’s not so bad to head out super early when you live in a city that *almost* doesn’t sleep either. // @kellyhmaloney 2/8 #explorerochester

I’m kicking things off in Canandaigua where I first started seeking out my area on two feet. This is an often sought after view of mine; sunset on the pier. Whenever I’m in my hometown I run by the lake as often as I can because, as my mom has said since we were small, “being by the water makes it feel like vacation!” Who doesn’t love vacation? // @kellyhmaloney 1/8 #explorerochester

Introducing our week 176 (Yr. 4 Wk. 20) contributor: @kellyhmaloney

Hi! Kelly Maloney here 👋 I grew up in Canandaigua, went to college at Roberts Wesleyan and then ended up in Belgium for a year and a half with my husband Chris. Ever since our move there and back again, I realized my favorite way to meet a city is to explore it on the run. Here’s a few views of our city while logging the miles here at home!


I will always be a huge fan of @RocRedWings baseball. This was taken about a year ago but the memory of how I got to “explore” Frontier Field that day will always be as fresh as that amazing green grass I got to stand on. Rarely does one have the opportunity to get creative and use the actual home plate box for a photograph. I literally had about two minutes to frame up and take my pics before the players took the field. The energy was fantastic and it remains one of my favorite places in Rochester to relax and feel some local pride. // @tcpellett 7/7 #explorerochester

There are so many small, yet beautiful reminders of where this community came from and the people who built it. This is a hidden gem of a little rural cemetery I came across near one of the places you've seen from me this week. And that's your only clue. If you're a seeker of these types of important places of remembrance and time gone by, I hope you find it and respect it's place in our timeline. // @tcpellett 6/7 #explorerochester

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