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Working in the coffee industry has led to opportunities to take a behind the scenes look at wonderful events throughout the city. @makersstudio, no matter what they do, puts all their effort into each event they have. This photo is taken during a beautifully sunny Wedding day, and I was so happy to be there serving all kinds of drinks! Not only have I been grateful to see my artwork featured on these walls, I have seen how this space has magnified all styles of art and played an important role in relationships that develop because of the magnetic Rochester community. From parties that run late into the night (with thanks to DJ @chreath and @geneseebrewery) to early morning yoga and afternoon study sessions, @makersstudio has been a beautiful place that can become anything; especially a stunning wedding venue. // @veebabay 1/8 #explorerochester

Introducing our week 154 (Yr. 3 Wk. 50) contributor: @veebabay

Hey everyone! My name is Virginia McDonald, but you can call me Vee. 👋
I am a Freelance Artist and Barista @fuegocoffee here in Rochester, and working in those industries has propelled my exploration of Rochester over the past few years. I want to show you the places around this city that inspire me to be creative, and I hope that you might find some inspiration as well!

Headshot by @willcornfield


We live in a time of great unrest.
Many people are moved to take action but aren't sure how. The right platform will support activists and our movements, empowering us to create widespread change.
Introducing @Updraft.cc The App for Activism.

Updraft works as a central hub where anyone can quickly find and upload information, like the location of a protest, a representative's phone number, and local volunteer opportunities.

We are an app made by activists, for activists. Updraft is community driven, adaptive, and ethical. That's the way we started, and that’s the way we're going to stay. Currently in development.

For my last post, I wanted to share something very near and dear to my heart.

I have been designing the way Updraft works, looks, and feels for just under seven years. This time last year, I was working alone. I am so #humbled to be in a place where I am supported by a team of people dedicated to making Updraft a reality. There isn't a city in the world I'd rather base my startup. I am so #grateful for the support the Rochester community continues to put behind this effort.

You can learn more about @Updraft.cc at www.Updraft.cc and sign up to receive updates on the app for activism

You can also feel free to reach out to me directly through the information on my profile if you're interested in learning more or collaborating.

Thank you so much for rocking with me this week, Rochester!
I am so grateful I got to share my perspective of Rochester with you this week. My Rochester is all about community, activism, and social justice. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Thank you for reading, thank you for watching!
Now go forth, and LISTEN.
Until next time.

Be well!
-Jamison Clark // @jamisonclark.design 8/8 #explorerochester

An #aerial view of Parcel 5. Parcel 5 is a vacant piece of land in the heart of Rochester's downtown. It sits nestled at the corner of East Main and Cortland St.

Victor Gruen was the Architect of Midtown Plaza, which formerly occupied Parcel 5 and was demolished in 2008.

Victor is considered to be the pioneer of the American shopping mall. The Viennese architect sought to “provide the needed place and opportunity for participation in modern community life that the ancient Greek Agora, the Medieval Market Place and our own Town Squares provided in the past.” He envisioned a third place between work and home where people can congregate. What do you think Victor would think about the proposals made for Parcel 5?

In April, the Mayor's Office announced that it had chosen the Rochester Broadway Theatre League to build a 130 million dollar Broadway Theatre. This sudden announcement had little opportunity for public input. It is also missing a feasibility study to back its claim of being a benefit to the community.

I believe that a Broadway performing arts center would only serve a niche group of city residents and city-goers. I believe that by filling in this space, people's visits to downtown will be shorter and more concentrated in this location. On the other hand, a #greenspace, or open space in general, would have a multiplying effect for the surrounding businesses, residences, and workplaces by providing a space in between home and work.

Public spaces have a profound effect on the way we work, live, and play in urban areas. Proper access to mixed-use lots and green spaces has a number of long-term benefits for a community, ranging from health to economic stimulus. This can be seen in innovative urban centers around the U.S. (Chicago, Portland, LA, San Francisco) as well as with all-star examples in Europe. (Copenhagen, Milan, Switzerland)

What does Parcel 5 mean to you? What could Parcel 5 mean to someone with less privilege than yourself?

If you want to see a true public square in the heart of downtown Rochester, join us by adding your name at ThisIsNotAPark.com/Sign and sharing your support. // @jamisonclark.design 7/8 #explorerochester

This is the @SeedfolkCityFarm Garden at The Gandhi Institute @rocnonviolence. Their site at the Gandhi Institute is remarkable. It features a season extending greenhouse, a chicken coop, and a garden with rows of vegetables and herbs. The latest addition is a biodigester designed and built by students from RIT.

@SeedfolkCityFarm is a non-profit in Rochester that focuses on community empowerment and education through urban agriculture.

I first became involved in Seedfolk a little under three years ago. In the beginning, I applied for a position in their summer program but I didn't get the gig. But I wasn't just interested in money, I was and I still am obsessed with #urbanagriculture! So, I showed up anyway to work as an intern and learn as much as I could about the process. From the process of seed to cultivation, to the cultivation of community empowerment through youth education.

I went from being an intern to later working with Seedfolk on their compost education project. We gave two schools dozens of @communitycomposting bins, guided learning sessions about the process and benefits of composting, and watched as they diverted thousands of pounds of food waste from the landfill! This is undoubtedly one of my favorite experiences, and it continues to inform my work today.

I have a profound respect for the director of Seedfolk City Farm, Lisa Barker. Lisa has a way about her that is cordial gracious Lisa is delightfully friendly, personable, and extremely well organized in her mission to educate youth through farming. She and many others have worked tirelessly to build a true staple of the #RochesterNY community that continues to educate, employ, and feed many young people every year!

This is why Rochester shines.
Thank you for reading.
Be well!

#urbanagriculture #greenspace #rochesterny #agro #farming #vegetables #garden #activism #foodjustice #justice // @jamisonclark.design 6/8 #explorerochester

The Flying Squirrel is a welcoming space for artists, activists, and community members in Rochester.
Their mission is to cultivate and sustain long-lasting relationships so we can work together to create positive social change.

The Flying Squirrel is host to many community meetings, shows, fundraisers and other events. Each one has its own conscience and overall purpose to humanity, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. I strongly believe that the presence of spaces like these in underprivileged communities has a profound impact. They act as a sort of colliders where we can put the best of ourselves, our skills, and our values in the name of positive change.

Pictured here is Ted Forsyth, a collective member of #flyingsquirrelcommunityspace. Ted works to organize new shows and events, manage the site, and ensure that the space remains accessible to all.
He’s standing in front of a beautiful mural completed by @rocpaintdivision this year. The mural features three women standing together, one wearing a hijab with her first raised in #solidarity. An embodiment of empowerment in the 21st century. Also painted are rally signs that read “Silence is betrayal” and “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance. #blacklivesmatter”

You can tell a lot about an organization by what they allow to be painted on their walls as much as what occurs within them.

I am #grateful for The Flying Squirrel’s continued efforts to facilitate and support projects of #change.

Be well, Rochester!
Rock and roll. // @jamisonclark.design 5/8 #explorerochester

@SeedfolkCityFarm is a non-profit in Rochester that focuses on community empowerment and education through urban agriculture.

This year, I was delighted to guide their Youth Summer Program through a garden design activity. We challenged ourselves to make a plan for an empty part of their site at the Gandhi Institute @rocnonviolence. We covered the basic principles of design, framed the constraints and goals of the new garden, and sketched out our ideas in a brainstorming session.

We placed an ariel photo of the garden under a piece of plexiglass, distributed dry erase markers, and watched as the group went into a fury of ideation!
It was absolutely inspiring to experience their passion and interest. The sketches and concepts that they originated will influence the final design of the garden, and they felt quite proud of that fact!

In #RochesterNY, I am humbled to be a part of a community that holds the education and empowerment of its young people at its forefront. In the coming decade, let us uphold the legacy of #justice in Rochester by working to empower & uplift one another!
Be well, Rochester.
Don't let the snow freeze you- give friendly hugs to stay warm!
Happy hump day.
#activism #urbanagriculture #education // @jamisonclark.design 4/8 #explorerochester

Has your tongue had an @EatMeIceCream mouth revelation?
Co-founders Catelyn & Amber focus on flavor, taste, and experience.

Eat Me is a women-owned custom #craft ice creamery that makes it a priority to source local, organic and fair-trade ingredients. They've even discontinued the use of specific ingredients like the vanilla bean when prices soar, making it irresponsible and unsustainable to keep using such ingredients.

Eat Me is reviving antiquated sensory experience with fresh new takes on cold deep treats with #sustainability and #innovation at its forefront.

I have a great respect for Catelyn and Amber for their craft as much as their ethics. They treat #icecream with a #startup mentality, and the results are absolutely salivating!

You can catch the Eat Me Ice Cream team churning out irreverent, funky-sustainable, and fabulously-fresh ice cream in NYS dairy and dairy-free. 12-6pm every Friday at their space in the Hungerford Building and at many local groceries stores.

Mindfulness challenge: I dare you to listen to a stranger's story on your way to work tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.
Be well, Rochester! // @jamisonclark.design 3/8 #explorerochester

Washington Square Park:
I took this photograph on Sunday during a rally to oppose the GOP tax bill.

In 1817, one of the first settlers and landowners in Rochesterville (old Rochester), Elisha Johnson, set aside some of their land in order to form the town's first park.
The park features an 1892 Civil War monument with a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln at its center.

From the start, Washington Square Park has been a place of public gatherings. #FredrickDouglass would often use it as a space to speak publicly, and from 2011-2012 it was home to Occupy Rochester. I have always known this space as a place of free speech, demonstration, and dissent. In fact, to me, it feels strange to be there when the park is empty!
Thank you for reading.
Be well, Rochester! // @jamisonclark.design 2/8 #explorerochester

The Rochester City #Skyline at night from the Ford Street Bridge.

Our city has a rich history.

Fredrick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, George Eastman, have all called Rochester home. Their spirit is still palatable today.

A culture flows through the Genesee and is distributed through every street, sidewalk, and alley. It washes over those who live here, do work and visit- it reminds us to innovate, and to be bold in the face of injustice.

Between our fresh water supply, diverse variety of #local #food, and presence in #photonics optical computing, I see #rochesterny as a forthcoming prime metropolitan area. It is so pivotal that as we grow, we make decisions based on the needs of those who are most vulnerable in our community.

While there is work to do, there are many courageous community members willing to put in the work necessary to build a @ROCUTOPIA that works for all.
We must call upon each other to bridge the gap of privilege and address issues in education, housing, and transportation.

Because in Rochester, it's not traditional to remain silent. ⠀
I feel supported and inspired every day by the history of this city.
I hope you do too. ⠀
Have a transformative week, Rochester!
Be well. // @jamisonclark.design 1/8 #explorerochester

Introducing our week 153 (Yr. 3 Wk. 49) contributor: @jamisonclark.design

Greetings all! My name is Jamison Clark and I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Rochester, NY. I am deeply passionate about using design thinking to solve problems in social justice, land use, as well as other areas of activism!

I was born Rochester, and I believe that growing up in a city with a history of abolition, industry, & the arts has profoundly informed my values.

I am the Chief Design Officer and co-founder of @goosedesign.co where we are developing an app for activism and community organizing called @Updraft.cc Seven years ago, I had the vision of building a school of activism where people can receive hands-on, Waldorf style education on non-violent communication, urban permaculture, and dissent. Over time, it became clear that an app would be the most effective, adaptive, and accessible platform for building social change. @Updraft.cc is that platform.
I am also working on projects including People for Parcel 5, @Zinucation educational zines and toys, the @Rocutopia project, as well as planning a lecture tour for next year.
I am always interested in new collaborators, please feel free to reach out!

I love this city, and I am so stoked to share my perspective with you this week.



My job provides me with some of the coolest experiences and best views in Rochester. Recently, D&C photographer @sdowdphoto and I got a behind-the-scenes look at the first phase of @geneseebrewery's $49.1 million modernization plan. New York's oldest brewery is in the midst of a massive construction project that will turn it into one of the most advanced, modern, and efficient breweries in the world. We got to go on the roof of the brewery and were presented with one of the best views I've ever seen of my beautiful city, especially on a gorgeous fall day. // @clevelandroc 8/8 #explorerochester

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