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Carina Ahlqvist  Climate Advocate & 8000 m mountain explorer. Collaboration with NASA, European Space Agency. Ambassador for La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Fjällräven

Humble and darn glad to be contacted by brilliant reporter at the climbing magazine Bergsport, which resulted in 6 pages total, 4 full pages pages article, Magazine cover and full page photo for table of contents. Thank you for the opportunity to reach out on the topic climbing for the climate. My focus is climate and not being the cool climber but if this message gets through, then it's kind of cool.

I find it harder to decide to not do something than to commit myself 200 % all in, once I have made a decision to go. It's a natural part for me to be fully passioned about the goals I choose. This has been a moment to decide differently from my own will.
A new x-ray of my knee that was not done before has been analysed by two independent orthopedist specialists. From recommending me to climb they now tell me to wait. I have to make a hard decision to postpone Makalu till 2020. My "pannben" mindset is still on the mountain, my knee is not. I need the two to climb. Fully committed to Manaslu Circuit though.

Today I leave for Atlanta as approved for the training to become a Climate Reality Leader for Al Gore. The purpose is higher than the summit. My purpose is to commit for a better world. That light on the pic behind the storm will be my passion guidelight, my lovelight.

Today I was at Women in Tech 2019 fully packed conference, and had the honor to meet key note speaker NASA Deputy Director, Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate based at NASA headquarters Washington DC. It turned out I am working in the same project as one of the staff working for her so she sent a photo of us to him. This lady is truly amazing and gave a talk full of inspiration from her life journey. Respect, and thank you for tremendous inspiration "The nature of birth does not dictate the person we can become". Women for Science and Earth Observation.

The new trek I have designed to Nepal Manaslu Circuit in collaboration with Äventyrsresor is now launched on their webpage. I am also exited to present the principal guide, a Nepalee woman - Dikki Sherpa! Great to support female guides, Dikki being very exprienced with summits to Manaslu and Everest. She has been trekking guide since 2014, and has training Trekking guide (NATHM), Advance mountaineering course (NMA) and first aid education. Myself I have been guiding to Elbrus and Makalu BC, and have NOLS Wilderness First Responder and CPR certificate. Dikki is Nepalee guide and I am Swedish guide. I had several reservations to this trek already before it was launched, greatul. Welcome to join us!


Article in Magazine Elle Bulgaria published. Thank you for letting me inspire women and girls to care more about inside values in relation to outside trends.

Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are legitimate. They are trying to take you airborn, above the clouds, if you only let them. Mount Manaslu.

Grymma LaSportiva inviger ny Outlet Butik med utförsäljning 50-70 procent 28 feb. Tåget jag tar går 16.16 från centralen.Vi ses vid spottkoppen senast kl 16.05. Boka tågbiljett, haka så åker vi ihop. Be there!

Today it is 5 months since my knee surgery. By that time I could not lift my leg to put on a sock. Today I lifted the same weights as before the surgery at my daily training. Recovery takes time, and patience has been my struggle and learning. I feel so fortunate that my body can move, climb and play. Comfort is not my zone. Life starts where the comfort zone ends. I embrace the perseverance and the effort you need to invest to reach your goal and heartbeat. Makes me happy Carina on the rocks, eagle flying mood :) @MountLassensummit, USA (2016)

Thank you AvegaGroup for inviting me to talk about change from personal, business and climate perspective. New invitation proposal and proposal to write a book (!) Humble and happy, awesome audience with live streaming to offices in Sweden. Amplify the voice of the planet. Be the change you want to see in the world 🌎🙏🌱🤗

Yay I can't get enough, hour after hour, snow hiding all traces so for each tour I have to make new ones, snow blowing sideways and and wind in my face - awesome training conditions! Be comfortable being uncomfortable 🤗

Thank you fabulous supporters and audience, greatful to all speakers for your talks at BE THE CHANGE, Climate Climb Event 2019: my collabotators at NASA, the European Space Agency, Christina Carlmark Climate Reality Leader, Per Olsson at Stockholm Resilience Centre and moderator Erik Huss. Thank you to the influencers in the break: Fores, klimatkompensera.se, Addnature and POW (Protect Our Winters). I am so greatful for the honor to show the film "The sacred place where life begins 2019", by Jeremy Là Zelle National Gegrafic and Animal Planet film producer, first time broadcasted in Scandinavia, about the Gwich'in people who lives in Alaska since 20 000 years. Thank you WWF for the permission to show the trailer "Our Planet" with David Attenborough, premiere April 5th. Bless to singer Jonna Jinton for the permission to end the event with her kulning "Viking song of the mountains". Insights in first session were followed up by inspiration on climate change in the second session. All money goes directly to the clean up of Makalu base camp 5700 m.

New collaboration and sponsoring La Sportiva, C2 Vertical Safety. I am honored and proud to represent these high quality and exclusive brands. Invited today to give a talk about climate expeditions to 8000 meter mountains. Thank you, so greatful!

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