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William Virgil Cox II  Intuitive Person. Musical Artist for Life. Taken Foreva

Hope everyone had a good 4/20 ! Smoking on some Sour D Crumble with my new Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership piece βœŒπŸ’¨ #snoopdogg #wizkhalifa #420

This sugar wax with terpenes. Taste. So. Good. Sweet and Sour Widow. 70/30 ratio , hybrid πŸ‘πŸ’¨ #terps #medicated

It's almost been a year and I can't believe it , it feels like years , years and months and holidays don't matter as how much as I love you . You're the woman whom I'll be forever with, but Happy Valentines time love , you're perfect for me . πŸ’•

Happy Christmas Eve everybody, from Frodo Baggins'

Once I win ,they all gonna fall when i light up my spliff and sip some gin we all gonna ball smoking gorilla glue don't mess with my crew

Time to officially get back on social media .

Just look at her , she is so gorgeous 😊

Futuristic was amazing , lit as fuck rn #warpedtour #futuristic

Life's a movie, I can't make revisions

I love her so much, you're amazing baby. Nothing can tear us apart 😊 @gothicbarbie2256

Best girlfriend I could ever ask for in every way possible she is my very own goddess, I mean that in itself is saying she's perfect , for me and we are perfect for each other ima be your king I love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜ #wce # wcw

Troubled mind of an artist
But the star comes alive in the darkness
Late nights Lower East side apartments
But the night is impossible to harness
Soon as comes it departs us
Couldn't stay & love you so I became heartless
Lost track of our long term targets
Live and die young leave a beautiful carcass . G-Eazy #nofilter

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