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Kate ; He Follows!!!  🚀Started 7-6-16💗- Ended 5-29-2017😞 🚀Mario: 💗7x💬 1x 📥 0x 🚀Jonas: 💗7x 💬 0x 📥0x 🚀Mommaselman 💗 4X •MARIO NOTICED• x3 Followed on 10/1/2016

I didn't think this day would come so quickly:( I've come to the realization that I cannot continue running this account anymore🙁 I felt like it was okay when I was elementary school, but I'm in highschool and Im getting older. Of course I will still love and support Mario and everyone else I've ever posted about, but it's time that I grow up and see what comes my way, and I hope you support me with my decision😞 I've made amazing friends and I'm so grateful for all you guys💗 If we didn't get the chance to talk well I'm always open on my personal social medias.
Main: @katelynnxlove
Snapchat: Katelynn_dang
Also @itsmarioselman you've made me so happy😊 You just brighten up my day with that smile of yours❤️💗 Always remember that I do love you and I hope you understand😞❤️ You've helped me more then you could have ever known. To everyone who read this I love you all and thank you for being an amazing family😊 #selmansquadforlife

I'm so happy Marios have a BLAST at Playlist😊
@itsmarioselman @nacha_ml @mommaselman @shawnmendes #itsmarioselman #marioselman

I'm bad at captions😁 Anyways thank you lovelies for being in my collaboration❤️❤️
Part 1:@sourtriska
Part 2: me
Part 3:@trippingweston
Part 4:@trashedmeston
Part 5:@epic.koury
Part 6:@marios.miracles

Haven't made a 3D edit in so longggggg🙈😳 •

@nathantriska @mommaselman #marioselman #itsmarioselman

Group collab!! (CLOSED)
Please pick someone whose not already chosen😊
Going to pick based on edits😊
Due: May 2(ask for more time if needed)
Part 1:@sourtriska (?)
Part 2: me (Shawn)✔️
Part 3:@trippingweston (Wes)✔️
Part 4:@trashedmeston (Mariooo)✔️
Part 5:@epic.koury (Jacob)✔️
Part 6:@marios.miracles (Julian)✔️

•You saved my life•
I know I haven't posted in a while, but what can I say? I was busy😂
@itsmarioselman @mariospammy #itsmarioselman #marioselman

I always thought this boy was so innocent😊😂 / IM BACK AND IM BETTER😁😁😁
@mariospammy #marioselman #itsmarioselman

So many things has happened and school would be my number one reason why im taking a break... I got to focus on school right now and not have distractions. Mario if you see this please don't unfollow me. Until I get my head straight, I will be logged out of this account for the time being. I'll come back soon but for right now I'm going to take a break.
@itsmarioselman @mariospammy @mommaselman @catselman #itsmarioselman #marioselman #partofmystory

You probably don't know this about me but before I even knew about Meston, I always watched British YouTubers and Jasper a part of that😊
@itsmarioselman @mariospammy @mommaselman @wes10 @joesugg @casper_lee

Okay okay so my little nugget like my recent and I'm in jumping off the walls because I was so happy to wake up with him in my notifications😊 Love you lots Mario❤❤
@itsmarioselman @mariospammy @mommaselman #marioselman #itsmarioselman

YAY ITS FRIDAY!!! I was a bit emo at school today because fun fact, people really annoy me. Anyways oh 🐳😂
@itsmarioselman @mariospammy #itsmarioselman @mommaselman @kianlawley/ MARIO LIKED❤

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