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Expedition Bali  Bali Volcano Jeep Tours: Batur Volcano - Volcano Explorer Tour - Sunrise Volcano Explorer Tour ✉️ info@expeditionbali.com 📱 +62 819 9933 5673

Take a four-wheel drive tour through Kintamani’s unique farming region, across the frozen lava fields of the 1843 and 1963 eruptions, then relax in natural healing hot springs
– all with Expedition Bali’s Volcano Explorer Tour.
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The Expedition Bali custom-built four-wheel drive spent a couple of days with the fabulous team at Astra Isuzu in Denpasar. The DMAX had a major service and some regular maintenance as well as a spring clean.
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The Mount Batur sunrise trek in Bali, is a rewarding and magical way to start the day. Plus, sunrises in Bali don’t get better than this!
Find out how to book, what to wear, what to expect on the day, and some advices here: http://expeditionbali.com/adventures/sunrise-trekking-tour/

Hike your way up, then stand atop, the ancient Mount Batur volcano and watch the sun come up over the sea. Feel the adrenaline kicks in as you see the sky turn from black to inky blue, from pink to orange, revealing the expanse of the volcanic valley.
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Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of a sunrise trekking to the top of Mount Batur volcano for a glorious sunrise and stunning morning views.
Mount Batur trekking is the most popular and one of the most challenging trekking activities that you have to do in Bali.
Expedition Bali’s Sunrise Trekking Tour is Our Most Talked About Adventure.
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Take an off-road four-wheel drive through the dark and along the narrow tracks of Mount Abang. When you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with the sun rising over a spectacular 360-degree panorama of the mountainous landscape and beyond. You can see across Bali’s beaches to the ocean and out to the surrounding Indonesian islands. You can also see the erupting Mount Agung, the steaming Mount Batur, and the sleeping Mount Abang. Lake Batur hugs the base of the mountain.

The view from this point is worth a million dollars. Be sure to touch the clouds while you are enjoying your breakfast of poached eggs and salmon, with champagne to toast the new day on Million Dollar Point.

Climb aboard our four-wheel drive to get a head start on the hike to the top of Mount Batur, and watch the sun rise over Mount Agung volcano, then walk around the rim of the Mount Batur crater during the spectacular Sunrise Trekking Tour.
This Expedition Bali adventure tour is very popular. Book your seats today.

Repost #BaliGoLive Due to the eruption of Mount Agung, we would like to inform you with updates concerning Bali's situation. The island is SAFE and I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is still opened and operates normally. Keep calm & enjoy Bali! 📷 @smilewithjeryl
@Expedition Bali

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Did you know that Expedition Bali is the only four-wheel drive tour company licensed to take guests through the Batur UNESCO Global Geopark, including the lava fields?

Speaking of Geoparks, have you seen the 2018 entrants to date into this prestigious collection? Nothing compares to our backyard.


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When you're feeling ready for an epic adventure, contact us NOW!! info@expeditionbali.com and book your seat !!
Expedition Bali offers a variety of tours that encompass history, nature and geology, all complimented by some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of natural wonders that you will ever likely see with your own eyes.
For further information, visit www.expeditionbali.com

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03 July daily update.
● It has been a very long night for everyone. Gunung Agung was busy yesterday and all night long, shown in the seismograph attached. PVMBG reported a series of 5 smallish eruptions – a set of three in the morning between 06:00-07:00, and then another pair between 13:00-14:00. Then came the big surprise as everyone was settling in for the night, a Strombolian eruption at 21:04. A Strombolian eruption is one that throws incandescent cinders and lava bombs up to hundreds of meters high. We watched Agung throw glowing material up to 2 km from the crater last night in the livecam from Bukit Asah, which I am also attaching. This set fire to the slopes filled with dead brush and trees (especially on the northern and eastern slopes), and those did not die out until early this morning. Unfortunately, many people watching from afar mistook the fires moving down the slopes for lava, which they were NOT. All of this drama was followed by another eruption this morning at 04:13 (21 mm amplitude, lasting about 7 minutes). Photo Credit @johntideman

The Batur Caldera is one of Bali’s most famous landscapes – a combination of ancient lava fields; caves that will have you think you are on another planet; and, a spectacular crescent-shaped volcanic lake watched over by the water goddess of the Balinese Hindus, Dewi Danu. Small farms, growing all manner of fresh produce, are scattered throughout the caldera on every patch of available land. Much of the region is protected with UNESCO Geopark status.
Expedition Bali Holds the Only License to Four-Wheel Drive in the UNESCO Geopark. If it’s not Expedition Bali, it’s not licensed.
Book your unforgettable volcano trip only with experienced and professional Tour Company

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