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write a letter to a friend that lives far away/call up a relative who might be lonely/ bring your neighbor's paper up to the door/ sign up to volunteer at a local shelter/ bake a special treat for someone you love/ be on time when meeting up with others/ read a story aloud to a child you know/ let someone else go ahead in line/ pay for the person's coffee behind you/ give a generous tip to a service person/ send flowers to someone who loves them/ plant something in honor of someone/ visit the gravesite of someone you've lost/ take your dog for a long fun walk/ give your significant other a massage /send an iloveyou text just because/ let someone else win a silly argument/ forgive someone who's hurt you/ do someone else's chores for him/ play with animals in a shelter or adopt/ make someone else's favorite meal/ send an email to an author you love/ connect two people who might hit it off/ make someone else laugh with a joke/ offer to run an errand for a busy friend/ respond with kindness to someone unkind/ smile at every neighbor you see today/ text an old friend to reconnect/ donate things you don't use/ send a justbecause gift to a friend/ make a list someone's good traits/ send a friend an old photo of you two/ pay for someone's meal at a restaurant/ stand up for someone who's in trouble/ write to congress re: an issue you value/ donate old books to your local library/ volunteer to read to others who cannot/ spend time chatting with an elderly neighbor/offer to wash your parents' cars/ post nice comments on social media/ draw a picture for a child/ visit children at a local hospital/ speak up for voiceless animals/ donate time or money to a good cause/ put someone else's needs before yours/ positively review a product you love/ offer to babysit a friend's kids/ smile at people in cars next to yours/ bring a loved one breakfast in bed/ compliment a complete stranger/ give your pet an extra special treat/ offer to work late for a coworker/ clean up someone else's mess/ warm up a loved one's car/ give someone a huge bear hug/ make a special lunch for someone/ get your coworker's coffee for him/ leave a positive note on someone's car/ give

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be easy/ take your time/ you are coming home/ to yourself


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