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Exempel the bunny  Mini lop, male, 7 years, Sweden ✨ 80% 🐨 20% 🐰 πŸ“· Nikon D5300 / iPhone 5s YouTube: ExempelTheBunny βœ‰οΈ ExempelTheBunny@hotmail.com

We spent two hours outside today and I wanted to take some new pictures as I didn't get any good ones a few days ago. Well, I didn't today either and he got tired of being a model so he laid down besides me. He was so cute so cute that I had to take pictures of that as well, and you'll see them if you swipe.

If he had a dating profile this would probably be his profile picture

"When you're in shadow, I'll be there to give you light." - Exempel

He has fangs. or you know, basil.. but he wanted me to write that he has fangs, so yeah.. he totally has fangs!

Here's one of the pictures I took yesterday. He looks so funny now when he's shedding (like crazy), but try to ignore that. I'm so happy we can spend time outside again, he seems so happy and it feels like he has more energy inside as well even though he's still sleeping a lot!

He has, for some reason, started to jump up in my knee as soon as I sit down to take pictures of him. This is why I only got pictures of him running towards me or white, blurry pictures because his face was too close to the lens. 🐨
By the way, I'm so tired of my current playlist. Anyone who has good song recommendations?

It was almost impossible to take pictures of him today. He either sat with his face towards the house wall or sat on my lap. It was fun though!

Good morning!
This is a little behind the scenes from our photoshoot yesterday. I fixed his flower crown and gave him treats a little now and then and my sister took the photos.
We'll go out again soon and this time I'll take the camera with me! 🐨

Somebun is looking for treats, do you have any? 🐨

Last time he tasted broccoli he didn't like it, but apparently he changed his mind!

We spent 2 hours outside in the beautiful spring weather!

Not to start any drama, but could you just please stop telling me what to do all the time?
The last few weeks I've gotten comments like "he looks sad", "is he sick?" or "he has problem with ... because he did that". You can't tell how he's feeling from a picture, which is literally one second of his entire day, which FIY is 80 400 seconds.
He just turned 7 years old, of course he's not gonna behave like he did when he was 2 years old, and I'm okay with that. He loves being outside and did a few binkies, but the first comment I got was that he has problem with his ears.
I know you only want the best for him, but it's getting too much. Don't you think that I want that as well? I spent so much on vet appointments in 2015 just to make him healthy again.
Because he's older he's also sleeping a lot more. But he can also be his normal happy self when he's awake.
The only thing I can tell you is that he is not sad, unhealthy or sick just because he looks sad or sick in a picture. I truly love him and want the best for him, all day every day. So please just stop with all the comments every single time I post something. I can't even post pictures of him sleeping or eating and not get comments like that. I'm so done.

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