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audree reanna swafford 💎  I’m only sensitive to puppies and bitches, not no niggas -Cade’s Chinese Proverb 17:38 taken 02-11-18, blr 🤞🏻❤️

You were only seventeen,
Soft speak, with a mean streak
It nearly brought me to my knees
(Not my best picture)

I couldn’t live life without you baby. ❤️ you’re the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep. You complete me and without you I’m not the same. ❤️

I love you momma, more than anything in this world. And right now, all I can do is pray for you. I wish it hadn’t of gotten to this. I wish your children meant more to you then what we do. I wish we came first at some point. I’ll never understand why you keep doing the things you do, so all I can do is pray. I love you.

I fear being forgotten.

If I die tonight, would you regret it?

Edge of seventeen ❤️

Two posts in one day, but I’m just so damn lucky to have you baby. Imma give you the world❤️ my peanut butter chocolate cake with koolaid mannnnnnnnn I love you to death Brandon you make me so happy. I can’t wait for the life we have planned together. I can’t see a life with anyone else. I couldn’t even begin to imagine a life with someone other than my best friend. You’re my rock babe, you keep me up all the time. And I know it ain’t always easy and situations get hard but you’re ALWAYS there for me and there’s no one on this damn earth that could ever do what you do or replace you in the slightest. You’re the kindest soul I’ve ever met and I’m so in love with you, my sweet man. ❤️

I love you, my grumpy looking man. ❤️

I will love you til the end of time,
I would wait a million years. 💗

Show me your broken heart and all your flaws,
And I’ll take you as you are. 🤞🏻

Fuck all the phony shit 🤪

we fear what we feel inside

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