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Jeremy Wright  Seamos felices. California, Guatemala, and Utah are my home. Family, travel, outdoors, and wildlife are some of my favorite things. LDS

Me hace falta Canadá.

Had a few minutes to get to some photos from our trip today to take a break from unpacking. Kasey was enjoying some hot springs while I photographed a group of bighorn sheep that was parading through the parking lot eating minerals off of the cars. It was really interesting to see them licking exhaust pipes and car bumpers

Excited for some changes headed my way. This next week Kasey starts school and I start a new job in California. Sometimes the water seems to flow with no direction or purpose, but if we could watch long enough we would see the path it leads and the life it brings. Jasper National Park in Canada, Canon 5D mk II, 2 second exposure at 18 mm on a Canon 16-35mm L

I went to buy a donut (or more likely three) today and the first Donut shop was closed, second one was out of all the good donuts. Guess I'll eat some salad instead 😢

I got my mind on my donuts and my donuts on my mind

La hora dorada

Grizzly bear cub in the Canadian Rockies. There were two of them grazing, the biggest bear cubs I've ever seen. Mama bear only gave me a glimpse of her as she hung out just past the tree line keeping an eye on her cubs. I shot these photos out of the sunroof and windows of the car. Impromptu grizzly bear photo session.

The same caribou (reindeer) from yesterday's post, this time running/flying away. Maybe they spend the off-season away from Santa vacationing in the Canadian Rockies. I know if I could fly I'd hang out there more often.

Did you know that caribou make a loud clicking sound when they walk? It's not even from their hooves either, it's from their tendons slipping over the bones in their feet. I was taking photos of a lake when I heard clicking and turned around to see this cow and calf coming up from the waters edge. They didn't see me until I called Kasey so she could see them too and both the caribou and Kasey ran in opposite directions scared of each other!


We stopped for lunch off the Dalton Highway in Alaska and I spotted a Dall Sheep up on the mountainside. As I watched it traverse the ridge one became two, then three, and before long there was a whole group of them. One of my favorite things about Alaska is that almost anywhere we were, if we looked hard enough we spotted awesome wildlife.

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