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Role: Member

Name: Wind Maximoff - Super Name: Scarlet Warlock

Their 'EX Dates' Profile Reads: Must have a strong personality, be intense and funny. No More Broken Hearts!

Played By: Jo

Kik: Scarlet.Feverrr


Role: Member

Name: Charles Francis Xavier - Super Name: Professor Xavier

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: "There is a moment when I pray it's the lightning that wakes me. But from the start I know that isn't true." ⠀
Played By: Don 😎

KiK: donchuckles


Role: Member

Name: Sam Wilson - Super Name: Captain America

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: Ladies, please. I'm the new Captain America, so I have more important things to do than go on a date. But I don't mind the attention.


Role: Member

Name: Nyssa Al Ghul - Super Name: Heir to the Demon // Ra's Al Ghul

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: "Sara Lance was the love of my life, but you know how fathers are. They just HAVE to marry you off to your Beloved's ex-boyfriend in a power play on your ovaries before taking over a major corrupt city. Typical."

Played By: Diana

KiK: malenkayarooskaya


Role: Co-Leader

Name: Brunnhilde - Super Name: Valkyrie

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: "The All-Father has given me all the responsibilities I can handle, therefore I have little time to mate. But Lady Sif tells me this is something mortals do on Midgard for amusement and I must admit, I am intrigued. All candidates must compete in a tournament for this warrior's heart, bring me the heads of mine enemies and I shall contemplate giving thou time alone with me. Also, thou must bring cheese fries and Rosé."

Played By: Jo

KiK: PeppsiJola


Role: Member

Name: Ꮤɪʟʟɪᴀᴍ "Ᏼɪʟʟʏ" Ꮶᴀᴘʟᴀɴ (Ꮇᴀxɪᴍᴏғғ) - Super Name: Ꮃɪᴄᴄᴀɴ

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: "Don't ever say I never gave you anything, Teddy."

Played By: Q

KiK: The.Sapphire.Witch


Name: Albert "Al" Simmons - Supername: Spawn

EX-date: Aren't there any normal people left on Earth? Or are they all back from Hell?

Played by: J

KiK: Jared_.ashton


Role: Member

Name: - Super Name: Speed

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: ladies, get in line for the green lightning machine. Faster than a blink of an eye...everywhere expect in bed. ⠀
Played By: Logan

KiK: Flash_Wally_West


Role: Member

Name: Johnny Blaze - Super Name: Ghost Rider

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: I've been told my eyes kill. That's the kind of irony that sets me on fire baby.


Role: Member

Name:Jessica Jones - Super Name: Jewel ⠀
Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: Flirt with me and I'll throw you off the Chrysler Building. ⠀
Played By: Niko

KiK: heyoitsniko


Role: Member

Name:  Oliver Queen ~ Super Name: Green Arrow ⠀
Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: playboy billionaire turned Robin Hood, greatest archer in the world. ⠀
Played By: BeardedBowman

KiK: thegothaminme


Role: Lieutenant

Name: Betsy Braddock Super Name: Psylocke

Their 'EX-Dates' Profile Reads: There's only one angel I've got my eyes on.

Played By: Dani

KiK: TrashP.anda

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