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Excalibur Crossbow  Checkout the New Excalibur Matrix G340 below.

We're loving the Excalibur Strata in @truetimbercamo. Perfect pattern for the bush eld here at @koringkoppiesafaris. Check out the Strata at @bassproshops and @cabelas #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #truetimbercamo #Assassin

Caught some cool pics of three big cape buffalo bulls with the @phoneskope today. Just attach it to your optics and snap a pic. Great for scouting or making your phone a telephoto camera! You never know what you might see when you're hunting in Africa. @koringkoppiesafaris #backwoodstv #phoneskope #onsafari

Earlier today Karl put the Assassin Strata in @truetimbercamo to work on a golden wildebeest. The golden is a color variation of the blue wildebeest first discovered in the 1930s. That completes the *unofficial* wildebeest slam for Karl at @koringkoppiesafaris. #excaliburcrossbow #backwoodstv #truetimbercamo

Congratulations to little Zacko on his first successful hunt! Zacko is 6 years old and this morning he put the Micro 355 to work on a blesbok ram! Never miss an opportunity to take a kid hunting. #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #myfirsthunt

Jacques'son Zacko is on his first big game hunt with the Micro 355! We're after a blesbok ram that needs to be culled from the herd. Wish the young man luck! #myfirsthunt #excaliburcrossbow #onsafari

Big Wildebeest down! Dan Wallace from @backwoodstv put the Micro to work on a 29 1/4 inch bull today at @koringkoppiesafaris in South Africa. The Excalibur is the perfect weapon for Africa. Shoot one for yourself and find out why. #simplytough #excaliburcrossbow #backwoodstv #onsafari

Another eventful day in South Africa. Dan Wallace from @backwoodstv put the Micro to work on a really big Blue Wildebeest bull at @koringkoppiesafaris. This bull was over 29 inches. That's a big, big wildebeest.

Caught some shots of kudu bulls this morning thanks to the @phoneskope. We were able to mount our phone to our binos to get these nice close up shots. Waiting patiently to put the @excaliburcrossbow to work here at @koringkoppiesafaris #backwoodstv #phoneskope #onsfari #excaliburcrossbow

Got some blue wildebeest at the water hole. Using the @phoneskope to get some nice close ups of plains game at @koringkoppiesafaris. Love how close and clear these photos are! Lots of game here this morning. #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #onsafari #koringkoppie

It's a beautiful morning here at @koringkoppiesafaris in South Africa. Heading to the hides with the Excalibur Crossbows. It's day two! Keep an eye out for updates as the day goes on... #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #onsafari

First day in the books. Enjoyed some fresh impala backstraps tonight thanks to the pin point accuracy of the Assassin Strata. Love the @truetimbercamo Strata pattern on this bow! Keep an eye out for updates the rest of the week. #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #truetimbercamo #koringkoppiesafaris #onsafari

Dan Wallace from @backwoodstv put the new Assassin in @truetimbercamo to work on this big impala ram this morning at @koringkoppiesafaris in South Africa. We're off to a great start and have 8 days of hunting with the Excalibur Crossbow in our hands. Keep an eye out for updates all week! #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #truetimbercamo #onsafari

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