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Excalibur Crossbow  Checkout the New Excalibur Matrix G340 below.

Today is the last day to enter! Text "HUNT" to 77453 to enter for a chance to win an all inclusive Whitetail hunt in IL! We will announce the winner LIVE on our Facebook page, Thursday at 3:00pm PT. Be sure to watch to see if you have won this epic hunt!

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Where have the Bucks gone? Why do we see a “Disappearing Act” this time of year? Watch all episodes of Whitetail 101 Tips on IGTV!This week @jeremystarks @daveisoutdoors talk About this disappearing act. #whitetail101 #whitetail #deerseason #archery #bowhunting

It's Wild Game Wednesday and @TheOutdoorsChef has the perfect recipe for Fall "Wild Venison Stew with Buttermilk Biscuits" - Check out our Instagram Story and IGTV or Visit Youtube for the complete recipe! #wildgamewednesday #wildtotable #surefirerecipes #outdoorscheflife #wildvenison #buttermilkbiscuits #realtimeoutdoors

Whitetail season is upon us! Watch all episodes of Whitetail 101 Tips on IGTV!This week @jeremystarks talks Communication Scrapes. #whitetail101 #excaliburcrossbow #whitetail #deerseason #archery #bowhunting

Who’s getting after it early season? Looks like @daysixoutdoors isn’t wasting any time!
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Thanks for the this inspirational story Dean.

Times have been tough for the young fella,that's just the truth. There's no way to avoid the fact he has had to deal with things no boy should ever have to.Cole is such a good young man. With a hunting icon like Jason for a father, hunting can at times over shadow all the other things,but Cole is full of so many good qualities,work ethic and determination,and while there are many other big things on the horizon for this lad other than just hunting and big bucks,last night.well last night he took a break from everything and it was all just about hunting and big bucks. So his momma dropped him off at the farm and we went out for a sit.The bucks started to pass through and by 7:30 Cole had passed 8 or 9 bucks.We were waiting on a nice 10 point that was in velvet the day before. As we watched the deer I looked up and there he was coming.The big 10,but in Hard horn! Right behind him was a BIG heavy mass 8 in perfect velvet.I looked at Cole, and he looked at the bucks. I whispered "That's the 10 we showed you". Cole took another look and said "He's nice, but You better stay on the Velvet buck". Well I knew what that meant. there was no coaching, no instruction needed, Cole just shouldered his @excaliburcrossbow Assassin like an old pro and said "Ready?" and I was. A perfectly placed arrow had the big buck mule kick,run 20 yards and look back just as he tipped over.Cole had his velvet buck down.
8 years ago to the day I had the camera running over his father Jason Petersons shoulder while he landed his biggest whitetail ever. A 205" Giant we had called "blades", which was also the first episode of Canadian Whitetail we had filmed. I'll never forget that. And now to share this moment last night with Cole- for Steve and I it's not even something we can explain. I don't even have the words to express how honoured I was to get to be there with Cole, and how incredibly proud Jason would be of Cole right now. Of anything in the world, the biggest thing Petie cared about was to see these kids do well, learn right and succeed and all of Jasons time with Cole shone brighter than even the brightest star through his son last night.

It’s #WildGameWednesday Check out our Instagram Story! @theoutdoorschef is firing #WhitetailDeer for a smoky cheesesteak! #WildGameWednesday
Text “CHEF” to 77453 for more #SureFireRecipes #WildtoTable #OutdoorsChefLife #WildVenisonPhillyCheesesteak #Cheesesteak

Can you feel the anticipation building?
What are you most excited for this hunting season?
Photo: @daysixoutdoors
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There’s lots to like in the New Excalibur Assassin, what’s your favourite new feature?
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