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Scrap #2552636
For my bb Linda 😖 @slotheatervine
I’ll make it up to you soon <3 maybe
If this gets 747363 likes and 6000 comments I’ll leave her up goodnight xo

—okay | dt- @kdrama.mp4 😫💜
If only I had 4 holes 😖

—talk too much | DT- TO ALL OF YOU!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY 2017 better!
First post of 2018 yeyeye
#galoregrp #fendiminirc

Today has been such a horrid day. After hearing of Jonghyun committing suicide, it made me realize that everyone goes through things like depression or other things no matter if they’re famous or not. You can hide behind something so little such as a smile. Depression is a thing no one should ever go through, we all deserve to be happy and cared for. We should never feel the need to ever think about harming ourselves/ committing suicide. The world is such a fucked up place and the people here are so ignorant, there is so much hatred here whether it has to do with sexuality, gender, race, etc. we’re all people and we should all be EQUALLY treated. If you don’t have someone to talk to you can always most definitely talk to me, I know a lot of people say this but I truly mean it! I know how it feels to have no one to talk to, I know how it feels to feel worthless or unwanted. I myself have thought about committing suicide, and it hit me that we should all value our lives. Things will get better, it’s not gonna happen in a day but things will get better whether it’s going to be in a few weeks, months, or even years. Trust me we all have a purpose in life. You will find someone who loves you, we will all start a family. The whole editing community is a big family and I’m glad I’m part of it even thought there are some people who are ignorant. But I feel so open with you guys, I’m not comfortable talking about my personal problems in front of my family or even friends, I don’t have the guts to spill out my feelings to them. I feel so happy and loved in this community and It makes me feel so delighted to have people who care. So don’t ever feel the need to stay quiet if you’re going through things, you can always talk about it! My DMs are always open and even though I can’t help (I’ll try to do as much as I can) I’ll be here to listen to you, whether it’s about a show, or if you want to rant, etc. You are all LOVED by so many people and you are AMAZING!
SUICIDE HOTLINE: 800-784-2433
CRISIS TEXT LINE (U.S.) text HELLO to 741741
LGBTQA+ Youth Line (CANADA):800-668-6868 or Text 647-694-4275
You can call the crisis call center whether i

—disciples | dt- naomi ! @mindfxll

—tshirt | dt- @badlandsbts 😫❤️
This shit hella dark lmao turn your brightness up!! #chiwawagrp

—december | dt- jk stans! -
Watch the full thing bc the beginning ugly lol #galorerct

—no substitute | dt- Aria! Your mans 😫 @ex.kaindheart -
This is so 💀 but I wanted to post something #geminimafiagrp

—oops | for my bb Lindsay
@maxiiin_ @tul_pakorn

— little bit | can you believe Kim’s invented glasses¿?
the beginning is eh but when it gets to namjoon 💀💀

— swim | oop I almost forgot about my main mans 😩😶

—attention | dt- @cutizil bc she got me into them and I love her!

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