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Natalie Lang  Hi

It's kind of late and he doesn't even have an Instagram so he won't see this unless I send it to him, but this human is so important to me and I just want to talk about that. He cares about me so much, and unconditionally supports me, no matter what is going on in our lives and I'm so lucky to have that. I've never had someone be so fully engaged and interested in me and my life, or someone so willing to go on adventures and let shenanigans ensue. I'm sure I would figure out life without him, but I never want to because he makes my life so much better by being a part of it. We've officially spent more time as a couple than not since we met, and I'm so thrilled to have such a wonderful partner for this adventure.

Justin, I love you.

#ohmygodI'msappy #cliche #sappyAF #sorryaboutit

I love getting snapchats of the same sunset from different cities - I'm glad everyone was enjoying tonight's
#sunset #winter #trees #sillouettes #sillouette #snohomish #sunset #sunsetsillouette #nature #sky

Alright well, it looks like all my posts are just going to be #Repost @firefanphoenix because I'm obsessed with my new fire fans and also look at how fucking rad this photo is ・・・ I hope you're all ready for me to never shut up about this photo because it's potentially my favorite that's ever been taken of me. feat new Russian Hybrids from forged creations

#Repost @firefanphoenix ・・・ Impromptu fan video because: A. I got new forged creation hybrid Russian grip fans and I'm in love with them B. I dyed my hair to an almost Misty color and decided to do the first iteration of casual Misty cosplay and realized I could spin to the theme song C. It's just been too long since I posted a video and had nothing else going on today D. All of the above

Farewell 2017, I decided to take the last month to get my nose pierced and red hair and continue to cuddle my boyfriend (to no one's surprise) and kidnapped a giant stuffed bear

Here's to 2018 being a year of self improvement and positivity and also even more photography

#newyear #newhair #nosepiercing #redhair #dyedhair #selfies #2018 #snapchatfilters #newyearseve #piercednose #piercing

Dutch bros finally joins the stickers on my laptop! They're the of the 3 drink stickers that I'm in love with the product as well as the branding. Wander and Aslan I'm mostly just in love with their aesthetic @dutchbroscoffee #dutchbros #dutchbroscoffee #stickers #branding #represent #brandloyalty #laptop

I have not been taking enough photos of late, but wanted to post something so here have me and my boyfriend being cute with Snapchat filters because I really like filters and he really likes me

I miss lighting things on fire so much. (More fan bullshit @firefanphoenix, the November challenge is currently in full swing)

#firefans #fire #fireprops #gasworks #flowarmy #firefan #circuspractice #nightphotography

Playing with makeup the other night and looking super cute, which is a nice contrast from the mess that I currently am

Watching snow fall and curled up in front of a space heater while my troupe does fire safety training ❤❤❤ so many of my favorite in one space is lovely
#winterdays #snow #spaceheater #warm #snowdays #home #safe

Got to dress up like a witch and cuddle this kid last night - wowowow I miss all the people who moved away from Bellingham. Seeing them is always a treat. Also! Borrowed chainmail and dressed up like a knight! Basically I want to go be a knight pls and thank you!

Shout out to the reason I constantly want to drive to Seattle regardless (or some times because) of how many responsibilities I have in Bellingham. Best adventure buddy and cuddle partner ever.

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