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Carlie Casey  radical truth telling or bust 💘actress- writer- artist- human-beam of light . not in that order.

Just wanted to take a moment to shine some light on my beautiful sister. She's been my best friend since the day I was born, she's allowed me to hang out with her friends since we were kids, and has chosen to live with me and Scott for over 4 years now. I admittedly can take these blessings for granted from time to time, because it is always who she has been, and how she has always shown up for me. And as most of my friends, as well as her friends can attest to, there is nothing this woman won't do for you when she loves you. I am inspired by how big her heart is, and I am truly grateful for all the time and effort she has put into our relationship, as well as the love she's put into every aspect of Scott and my upcoming nuptials. I love you, Sissy. More than I can properly express. I hope to always find new opportunities to show you that. ❤️

I am EMBARRASSINGLY late to the game on this film. Embarrassed doesn't even do it justice. I am in awe. What a truly phenomenal story. My heart is so full. I'm struggling to even put into words how moved I am by this. I'm so grateful films like this exist, and that people are driven and passionate enough to do everything possible to make them come to life. Also there is no child more precious than Sunny Pawar, and I thought Dev Patal was such an intuitive embodiment of Saroo. SO FREAKING GOOOOOD!!! Ok ok I'm done. But if you have not seen this film yet and you were lame like me, stop whatever you're doing and watch this.

One glass of wine and an hour on the boat, and she's out like a light, folks. #liveyourtruth

MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was any man on the planet I was going to share this nugget with, I couldn't be happier that it's @c3feeo . I love your love for each other, and I love you both so freakin much. I am so excited for this beautiful new chapter in your lives!!!!!! I'm still squealing!!!!!!! Congrats boo boos!!!!!!! 😍💕🙌✨😘❤️💍👰🏼

It's this magic lady's birthday @charcharcasey !!!!! Here she is painting a box for me on a tarp... cause she's that kind of friend. But really she's family. From the moment we met, we knew the love ran deeper than this lifetime, and I am so grateful to know and love her. Your loyalty to those you love is so fierce, and your ability to voice your love to those you care so deeply for is so special, and something we all can learn from and be inspired by. Char, I hope today is as special as you are. 💕#soulfam

✨The more I read, the more I learn, the more I check in with my universal truth, I know that Love is no different. The love for family, friends, animals, it's all the same, just manifest differently. But I have to say, the more I've started to embody myself as a grown Woman, the more I feel a deep need to nurture, protect, heal, and love all the women in my life. Our experience is different, but also the same. Our layers are complex, and radiant; and we're all so deeply connected to our ancestry as women. We can endure. We can persist. We can overcome. Every. Single. Day. Every woman you've ever met has stories upon stories of what they've had to overcome in the face of ignorance or just overall general misdirected bullshit. And guess what? They all still find the space within them to be gentle. To be soft. To honor their feminine nature even in a world that demands our masculinity. The love I feel around women feels essential. It feels crucial to not only our survival but our ability to thrive. We need each other in a different type of way. And it took me a long time to fully see this in all its beauty. We've been taught to compare when our natural inclination is to embrace. And we are still rising above. I am so grateful for all the fathers, brothers, friends, boyfriends, and husbands that empower their women to shine. It is all needed. Every bit. But we can always stop and ask ourselves, "what can I do to empower the women in my life?" And watch the magic unfold ✨

"The 4th of July is a wonderful day. It brought us to our sovereignty, our independence, our basic values, and we pray that we should not go off the track as humanity.
Americans are very unique people. Normally they are a mess, but when they face a message they get together very fast. This is very unique character of Americans. Why? We are from everywhere and we are from nowhere, therefore we love our liberty, our sovereignty and our land very much. Therefore, freely we pollute it left and right. Yeah, it's true. We are messing around faster than anything else. We think it is our birthright.
But now we are becoming conscious that we should leave something for tomorrow. All the wealth of America will only be available in zoos and in museums. What we have done to this land in two hundred years, God bless us. If we would have been wise to start with, we would have had at least twenty thousand years safe, clear and enjoyable.
We have polluted our rivers, our mountains, our beaches; we have depleted our forests; we have the smoggiest cities—and still we are happy. Isn't it a miracle? We take a lot of vitamins which we can't digest. We eat lot of food which we cannot poop. We take water which totally gives us sickness and we have done it all in two centuries.
I hope and pray you will be conscious, protect the Mother Earth, and that you will teach your children certain do's and don'ts to save tomorrow. That's what America needs today.
Tomorrow is our Independence Day, by virtue of which we are free, to a certain extent. But I hope the best thing is, we feel free.
Still it's a wonderful land compared to other areas and we hope to keep it that way. So enjoy your tomorrow, feel as good Americans. Do something nice tomorrow. Do something graceful tomorrow in gratitude that God gave you freedom, gave you sovereignty, and gave you a great country which you can call home.
May the long time sun..." - Yogi Bahjan from a lecture on July 3rd, 1991.
#4thofjuly #yogibahjan

He's so cute and proud in his new shades I could scream!!!!!!!!

This heat was way more bearable in Joshua Tree.... also please exercise your ability to zoom to see Richie serving you Grey Gardens glam 💅🏻

✨My baby @nebraska_white provided the official Carlie's Angels bachelorette t shirt's for the weekend and they could not have been more perfect. I will wear this shirt whenever I need a lady boost and a reminder of just how magical it is to be a woman.... and have boobies 😛💘✨

✨I'm just trying to make Beyoncé proud... ✨
#bacheloretteweekend #carliesangels #joshuatree #goddessspeed

✨we made magic, and we danced in it✨
#bacheloretteweekend #carliesangels #joshuatree #goddessspeed

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