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EWB-USA Rutgers University  Guatemala 🇬🇹 Kenya 🇰🇪 Camden, NJ 🇺🇸 Tanzania 🇹🇿 Our Guatemala project just got back from an assessment trip! Check out their blog at the link below!


This past week, we sent a team to Guatemala to assess addition of new buildings to the Chi Elias school. Check out what they were up to at their travel blog! Ruguate.blogspot.com

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Winter Banquet to celebrate our accomplishments in 2017! Congratulations to all the award winners! We can't wait to show you what we can do in 2018! @marisslow @_kpristina @tiffanyyuenn

Our Year End Giving Campaign is still going until the end of the year! Make your 2017 count and make our 2018 better by donating to EWB at the link in our bio!
The project that raises the most money will win a pizza and cookie party and the individual who raises the most money will win an EWB-USA Rutgers gift basket! Team rankings will be announced each week during the project meetings. So, show some team pride for your project and start raising!

Eat Panera for a good cause!
Come out to the Panera Bread on College Ave Tuesday, December 5 from 4 to 8 and Engineers Without Borders gets some of the profit!
Treat yourself to a delicious bread bowl, salad, sandwich, or anything else from Panera and show them the flyer in the discussion to help our awesome cause!

“Each project has its own personality in a sense of how the work gets done. The structures of these projects are based a lot on the people who lead the projects but it’s also the members themselves who, as a whole unit, form their own little culture within each project It’s interesting because I think each culture of each project all mesh together.
In general, working with other people and interacting in these teams, that’s obviously a valuable skill you’ll pick up in any organization but especially in EWB we’re very collaborative when we work together. I think I really developed that skill and I’ve learned a lot from the other people I’ve worked with. It just provides so much confidence in my own abilities to function and work with other people just because of what I’ve learned here and what I’ve picked up here.” PC: @__kpristina

Join us for an evening filled with networking, food, music, silent auctions, and a show of gratitude to all those who have helped us during the 2017 year. Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to network with fellow students, distinguished staff and our sponsors while learning more about our organization’s achievements.

Make sure to RSVP on our Google Form at the link in our bio before November 17th for a reduced rate of $25! Entry will cost $30 if RSVP’d after November 17th with a final deadline of November 24th. We hope to see you at our Winter Banquet Event!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ewb.rutgers.dod@gmail.com.

We had such a great time learning about how improv can improve our communication skills! Thanks so much to Nancy Watt for coming by

Everyone's favorite donuts are coming back to Rutgers! Order a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts from Engineers Without Borders before November 16th to get the crispiest, creamiest donuts waiting for you on the 21st. It's that simple!
A dozen smooth, classic glazed are $9 and chocolate iced, raspberry filled, lemon filled, or kreme filled are $10. We are also selling pounds of Krispy Kreme Signature coffee for $10 a pound.
You can pick up these sweet sweet treats on November 21 from 8-10pm in the SERC!

Order using the form below or from any EWB member. If you order online, you must pay on Venmo (@EWBRutgersTreasurer) first. Cash transactions can only be made in person.

Don't miss your chance to have your own box of the world's tastiest treats right on campus. Treat yourself to a box, get one for you roommates, one for your family, one for your professors, get another one for yourself because I believe you can eat two boxes of Krispy Kreme!

"I really connected to the project after the travel team returned from Tanzania and told their experiences, like how children and women would spend entire days collecting water. It's something we take for granted and that standard of living is unacceptable. That was always the goal from the start: to get them water and work with them towards building sustainable solutions for that.
As for what kept in the organization, being involved with other side projects like golf outing and volunteering with other events helped me form new bonds and be more active. It was a lot of fun meeting other members and I realized they were all students just like me, working towards the same goal."
PC: @__kpristina

"I knew coming into Rutgers that I wanted to join a service organization like EWB. I believe that we, as students and later as professionals, have an obligation to take the educational privileges that we’ve been given and use them to serve those who were not provided with those privileges. EWB allows me to fulfill that obligation and has showed me that there is a reason we suffer through these engineering classes for four years. Engineers have the power to change lives. I’ve experienced firsthand that the concepts we learn in the classroom can actually be applied to real world problems. I know we’ve been told that for years by our professors, but it’s entirely different to actually see it for yourself. It’s given me a renewed passion for my major." PC: @xkpristina

"I wanted to join [EWB] because I'm really into public service. EWB gives you practical knowledge that you can use to help people.

I stayed because I really like the people, and I really like the work. It's all real, and I like helping out. Even though I'm not a professional, I can still take the knowledge that I do have and use that--EWB has shown me that I may not have everything, but that doesn't mean that I have nothing." PC: @xkpristina

"I didn't really expect to travel [to Kenya] when I joined, but then I did. Once you travel, you become more invested in the project. Everything that you do becomes more real after you've actually worked on the project on the ground, in-country.

My favorite part about traveling was the interactions with the people.

There was this one day that we decided to get pictures in the valley behind the school. We were doing our surveying to run our tests the next day, and they took us to the absolute last building of the school. There's this giant valley where you can see all the way out to the lake, and it was beautiful.
So we hiked down into this valley and set up to take pictures, and there were these swarms of children who saw us, yelled at us, and then ran down and took pictures with us.

That was the most memorable moment of the trip."
PC: @xkpristina

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