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swan hexagon  He/him I don't listen to anyone, not in a rebellious way or anything I'm just terrible at paying attention

this game is cool i think

#zelda #botw #breathofthewild #nintendo #link

I'm almost certain that "France" is just a cover up for an alien habitat

Like and share to bless your followers' instagram feed with the worlds ROUNDEST™ boy

His name is Todgedemaru and I just had to share this picture of him and shadow just bein lazy and whatnot

I'm a god damn hot mess

Thought I'd celebrate the release of Orgy For One with a short and definitely not amazing set of photos of my Sexbang outfit. The new song is dangerously catchy and I am immediately obsessed.

#ninjasexparty #nsp #orgyforone #dannysexbang #danny #gamegrumps #sexbang #lovelies

snowy day with a snowy boi 💙

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, just like him. He wouldn't want a story for he was a man of very few words.
Rest in peace you God-given gift. My absolute best friend, nothing can, could would or will ever compare to how much you did for me with so little action.

Storm died on the 13th of February 2017, it snowed the next day. I'd like to think that that white, fluffy storm was him.

Good night sweet Prince, you were the goodest boy who ever lived 💙

I'm pretty pretty~

Basically how today went down~

I'll just leave this here...

Handsome Boye and Speedy Quickster, which is best boy?

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