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I have a simple question for anyone who believes any of the disgraceful excuses on why @kaepernick7 hasn't been signed, besides the fact he took a knee and is being Punished for that. Examples; He's a vegetarian, He has an Afro, His production is down, He wants $9million, they want to avoid tweets from Trump etc.
Can you honestly say that any of these 91 QBs currently employed, have more talent or are more proven then @kaepernick7 ? I would love to hear your arguments. @yourrightscamp @princemike777 @actionjacks0n

#RP @yourrightscamp and what makes this worse is everyone knows how big of a Mike Vick fan I was , but his comments were completely wrong



Family water fights !!

Wave 🌊 season

Only my cousin would somehow get on stage and perform with Kendrick Lamar 😩 get it Jackson

No one ever believes me when I say I "dont" wake up every morning and "DO" my eye brows. And that they are a family trait, hers my Aunt and Uncle

Today's adventure with my Godson and Cupcake 😩 @ayee_fancy

Bday dinner, thanks bae 😍 @the_luvlyone

😩 guess this my bday dance cuz I only have 1 dance I can kinda do , Thanks for all the bday love I promise I'll get around to individually thanking everyone, just the way 11 shots are set up , I'm still recovering , but Blesses God allowed me to see another year πŸ™ŒπŸ½ (πŸŽ₯ @ilybreezyy )

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