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Evo Advanced Foot Surgery  The practice of Dr. Sadrieh & Dr. Khadavi. Home of the Cinderella Procedure® bunion correction and the Aesthetic Toe Shortening hammertoe correction.

Plantar Fasciitis is not a fun feeling. It is pain in the heel and underside of the foot due to inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is the ligament that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to your toes. Some relief can be found by stretching the foot, or rolling a tennis ball or ice cold water bottle under the foot. If you don’t see any relief from that, schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. You may need orthotics or a steroid injection to aid in pain reduction. #evofoot

We may be transitioning from summer to fall, but no sense in not going outside and using those #feet. This looks like a pretty perfect way to spend the day! #workoutwednesday #evofoot

Brachymetatarsia is a condition that many people suffer from, but is rarely seen. Most patients who have this condition hide their toes due to the embarrassing short appearance of the 4th toe.

Traditional techniques that have been around for 30+ years work well and usually involve external fixators (see the 2nd image). These procedures take months to recover from, and often result in a positive outcome, but when there’s a complication the results become a serious problem.

This patient had multiple surgeries with external fixators, as well as bone grafts. Unfortunately her surgeon was unable to get the finished result.

The toe reconstruction procedure developed by Dr. Sadrieh in 2007 addresses these complicated situations with a unique custom made implant.

Many of these patients have no recourse but to live with the failed results, but this patient was a candidate for the reconstruction procedure and the results are instant.

The length was restored and over time the appearance of toe will also return to normal. Check back for long term photos of this incredible case! #evofoot 📍Studio City, CA
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Red Carpet Ready!! Raise your hand if you’ll be shoe-gazing the Emmy’s red carpet arrivals! We will! #evofoot

Leaping into the weekend like..... #evofoot 📸♥️ @bhaz

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We often post a lot of female feet, simply because women are a larger demographic of our patients. But on this #mcm, we want to give a shout out to all you men that have problems with your feet. We know that you sometimes have to restrict your shoe attire to what is pain free and sensible and sometimes you are judged for that just as much as women. We get it. It isn’t vanity to want to get your feet feeling, and therefore looking, better. It makes sense. Feet are the foundation to your wellness. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. #evofoot

Reach for the stars! #evofoot

It’s September, which means Fall is just around the corner. This photo pretty much represents our plans for the colder weather. #evofoot

Bunions aren't always painful!

But when they are, it could be the sign of some serious changes in the anatomy. The dislocated and poor position of the 1st toe and first metatarsal result in erosion of the cartilage and articular surface of this very important joint... ultimately leading to arthritis and more significant surgical efforts in the future.

We designed The Cinderella Procedure to mitigate the majority of potential problems associated with bunion surgery, and provide our patients with a shorter, simpler and more comfortable recovery experience. The average patient wears a surgical sandal for 2 weeks, then an athletic shoe for 2 weeks, and at the 4th week post op, we transition back to normal activities!

The most important part of what we do at evo is our trademark... having our founder Dr. Ali Sadrieh who created Aesthetic Foot Surgery back in 2001, our work is almost invisible!

Take a look at the last pic... this is her right foot which had surgery a few years back!

Form. Function. & Beauty. The evo way. #evofoot

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The most recent addition to the Evo Advanced Foot Surgery family ­– Dr. Alexandria Stern is born and raised right in the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Stern adventured outside of California, and received her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from Indiana University. However, the Southern California sun drew Dr. Stern back to Los Angeles where she graduated with distinction from medical school at Western University School of Medicine. Post-medical school, Dr. Stern completed a highly respected three-year surgical residency at the Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego and Kaiser Permanente Affiliate Hospitals in Southern California. She received extensive surgical training and has published academic articles in biomechanics.

After residency, Dr. Stern joined Kaiser as an Attending Physician and treated patients of all ages, both surgically and non-surgically. Dr. Stern now brings her passion and extensive experience to Evo advanced foot surgery and is looking forward to utilizing the most innovative and effective treatments and ensuring every patient is pain free and completely satisfied.

Dr. Stern is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and she spends many hours sweating in hot Yoga Sculpt classes, at reformer Pilates, on hiking trails, or playing smash ball on the beach. She can often be found exploring the latest dining options around Los Angeles or spending time cooking gourmet meals at home with her husband, Real Estate Attorney, Adam Klapova. #evofoot

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