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o v∃ E v o  Hihi I'm a UK Cosplayer ~┃ Avid Sewer┃ Anime ┃ Gamer ┃ Fanboy ┃


My 2016 cosplays, it's so hard to choose a favourite but I had the most fun as Kiyoshi prison schooling/getting bullied all night. But I think Might Gai meant the most to me as Rock Lee was my first cosplay and it really demonstrated to myself how much I've improved since, I couldn't have came this far without the support and help of my friends tho <<3 ☺️
I've really tried to up my wig and makeup game this year, challenging myself to tricky styles and tonnes of hand stitching wefting/ventilating yesyes ~ 15 total but I have another ver of Toy boy Helios I haven't got pics of~ I've got quite a few plans for the new year already and t hasn't even began ^^" Yuri on Ice; Re:Zero; FFxv ; JJBA; Tales of Zeatria to name a few 😉

『...Our bond, can't be broken.』✨🔥🔥 Koala is @tordetour 📷Photographer: @purelenses Been meaning to cos Sabo for so long these pics make me so happy ;a; tyvm to my koala and tog <33

Wee test edit/preview 🔥🔥~ I love how my devil fruit looks in this one, the shot really does it justice ;a; ripace
Photo: @purelenses

Pretty much the year of dad tbh just missing the Gendo ;a; #cosplay #2016cosplay ~ I have quite a few plans for the following year considering it hasn't even started yet eep

Tried a Steve test , probs need more contouring for Chris Evans will defo try again sometime #captainamerica #cosplay

It was great seeing quite a few Kiznaiver cosplayers at Japan Expo, look at these cuties Yuta (Maniac cosplay on FB) and Maki chan ~
I'm stalking the Kiznaiver twitter hoping for a season two ;a; Fingers crossed ~

WEEKEND AHHOOYYY ✨✨🙌😭 we've had such such a frosty week here, I've been ploughing away in the fields all week getting them ready for sowing the seed~ very much looking forward to chill ❄️❄️

『If only I was stronger』#spoilerwarning if you're interested in getting into Voltronbut haven't yet watched it I'd recommend not reading the text sorry . Got a bit carried away with this edit but I hope I captured the essence of this brief moment 😭😭Photo : @silkybean

Love this Shot of the fam we took at Birmingham MCM 💫✨💥 ~thank you to our tog @silkybean
Pidge is @thelostgirl5 ; Keif @shogoki_ ; Lance @anna__minh ~

I don't think I've ever been called daddy so much in one day ahhaha ~ Keif is @silkybean and our tog📸 is the wee Pidge @thelostgirl5

@tealeath is playing yuri on ice playlist it is killing me, I want to cosplay them all TTuTT

Cheeky hot pot tonight #weeb #foodporn

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