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o v∃ E v o  Hihi I'm a UK Cosplayer ~┃ Avid Sewer┃ Anime ┃ Gamer ┃ Fanboy ┃ Next con: Hyper Japan

Finished my Japan scrapbook ~ was a fab 14 days with all the favourite fronds and the girl I love❤️ spending the weekend winding down and prepping for the working week ahead 🤞🤞will try be more active on here as the con season begins again #scrapbooking

Ready for voltron parteee at hibana ~ lost my crew tho 😂😂

Togusa from GiTS today ~ feeling the 90s bangs and beige
#ghostintheshell #GITS #cosplay #cosplayer #1stgig #2ndGIG #togusa #トグサ #mateba #section9 #攻殻機動隊

Off to find my waifu ~ Kaji againnn yaassss for Hibana such nostalgia

Happy Haloweeeen 👻👻🎃 look at these beautiful beans TTuTT
Phtog: @purelovelens ❤️
All Might: @lauzyjayne
Todoroki: @squarepegsaz
Midoriya: @yan_deer_e
Iida: @evocos
#iidatenya #kacchan #midoriya #deku #allmight #shonenmanga #todoroki #bokunoheroacademy #myheroacademia #mhacosplay #myheroacademiacosplay #halloweencostume

Spooky SPOokY sCAary day with all the My Hero Academia fronds 🎃🎃had a blast with our wee Halloween group 👻

Iida My hero academia Halloween ver today at MCM London ~ holla if you're here 🙌

I need this cup in my life ~ send noods pls

I'm no paragon of fitness or anything but I wanted to share my progress 😳so this is august 2016 vs present.
To this day I haven't been to the gym in just over two years now , I normally just do body weight exercises three times a week in addition to working as a horticulturalist (squatslike24/7) with cycling to work in addition to dieting. I just wanted to say that progress is slow and everyone responds differently, there's no one silver bullet to fitness but I wish you all the very best of luck if that's your thing ✨ stay strong my friends and let the fountain of youth fill your veins 💪💪 I still have ways to go to where I want to be and being a member of the Baracafe for a year and cosplaying Gladdy has certainly helped to get those juices flowing again 💪💪🔥 #fitness #bara #sexyanimuboys

Wahhh lookie at this pic of my Gladdy @emzone_photography edited from kitacon thanks so much to the photog too @yeezy2eezy ;u; 👏🙌😭

You know you're weeb power level is high when your tuberware is subtly Eva themed and your next 4 meals are chicken Katsu curry 😂😂😂 #geek #weebtrash #neongenesisevangelion

Chins are my favorite thing, with @kinreal 😂such an amazing bank holiday weekend 😭😭😭 #chins #meme~ forever ruining people's rep 😂

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