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evlgeneus  Designer toys, loud music, and noodles for life Purchases and commissions at: evlgeneus@gmail.com

Zoning out with this #bandai #mastergrade #gundam #hazelcustom #gunpla and #toonami playing the night away....

Every night....

#overwatch league finals!

Too impatient to take proper photos of the first kit to be built in the lab. This #bandai #hguc #zgok isn't my cleanest build, but I really wanted to bang out something quick in the new workspace. It's also the first kit to feature a #waterslide decal of my last name. It's the last decal I apply and the last piece I top coat. Next time I'll try to be more patient. I might not be a #brandnewbuilder but I always try to learn like one! #builderssupportbuilders

Another day, another #goodjob earned at @yume_wo_katare

Cold #szechuan style #noodz on a hot summer day.

I've always been into revisiting my favorite kits, applying new techniques and (hopefully) improved skills and comparing them to the first time I built these kits. I think I built the #bandai #hguc #zgok on the right more than ten years ago and it remains a kit that I recommend to anyone getting into #gunpla. Simple yet quirky design, quick build, and insane possibility make it an awesome value. I #snapfit the one on the left awhile ago, let's see what we can do...

Well that was quick. When you get into #gunpla you quickly learn that you don't have to go #ham on every build. Sometimes you need to think big picture and prioritize your efforts. Going with a strict #snapfit build for this #buildfighters #strikergnx was the right decision since it has a lot of useful parts for my bigger #scratchbuild projects. The seam lines would have been a real pain to deal with and the overall build just feels kind of janky. Good quick project to break in the new lab though...

The details on these @newbalance #1000s are crazy. Achilles pod? Yes. Assym details. Okay! That outsole mix of clear and solid rubber plus TPU, PLUS ABZORB?! And did you see the DUAL #extraaf lacing system??? And oh my goodness they're still comfy AF despite being more than a decade old. #vintage #kicks

One of the newest tools added to the collection was also the cheapest. A dish rack from TJ Maxx makes for a great runner organizer. This #buildfighters #strikergnx though? Worst part gap I've seen in awhile. Good thing I'm not doing anything major with this #gunpla

For the past few years I've been trying keep up with my hobbies in a one room apartment I share with my partner in crime and our two pets. I manage to do some stuff here and there but the productivity just goes straight to the shitter when i have to set up, work, and clean up every time I want to work on anything. After awhile it really did a number on my motivation to work and my output took a real nose dive. Recently we lucked into a place with an extra space and I've been burning the midnight oil for the past few months building new equipment, upgrading some tools, and obsessively planning out the layout for my "lab". It's not done; it may never be done, but it's time to get back to work starting with a quick #bandai #gunpla build of the #buildfighters #strikergnx

For years I've had to do my #gunpla painting elsewhere and was limited to rattlecans. When we finally moved to a place where I could set up a more permanent work space, I went all in and built my own spray booth. Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to slap on some stickers courtesy of @orecal_sportswear @the_pullovers @clog_two @easterlyart . All she needs is a good name. Big shout out to @drewnyssen for the table saw, sorry about the dust!

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