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Evie Lynn  Shooting babes and takin names. 📷 📍LA // MIA ✉️ evie@evielynn.com


I'm weaker by the minute though;
Is it so bad
If I want to cry out?


I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. #pouvoirboudoir

Why can't we just say what we mean?

And when you left, you kissed my lips
You told me you would never, never forget
These images

Missing cooler days with @inflowstyle

“Do not settle for the first person who buys you dinner or for the person who says you look pretty, do not settle for the one who does not share your dreams but laughs at your jokes. Do not settle for attraction without depth, or good conversation with no intent to stay. Do not settle for charm when they do not value what you value, do not settle for convenience without love. Do not settle for a candle when you were taught to love the sun, do not settle because of time when you know that love is patient. Do not settle, please do not settle because there is someone out there who refuses to settle, and you are worth so much more than convenience and ease, you are worth a heart that fights for you.” -T.B. LaBerge

I know I've been slacking on posting. I needed some personal time to get my life right. To be a real human with real connections and not just those that exist on the internet. (You know how that goes.) But I have tons of beautiful images just sitting sight unseen on my hard drive and that's no place for beauty! They get to live! So here's a gorgeous girl on a gorgeous staircase to make your Tuesday just a little bit brighter.

There are few things in this world I am better at than bringing out the gorgeous bombshell inside every woman I lay my eyes on. 😍

Cheers to @allimac7 for being SUCH a babe, and cheers to you, reading this, because you're hella foxy too.

A little girl told me she loved my outfit and wants to be me when she grows up, and my friends fed me too many glasses of expensive wine, so this picture is the result. ✌🏼🍷 Thanks for a fun night guys!

🎶you can look but don't touch
I'm not here to hook up
I'm just here to turn up
Tonight it's just us 🎶

Me casually thinking about the state of the world.

It's been a while, but I'm back and feeling refreshed!
Thanks for sticking around and waiting patiently while I took a much needed break. So many new things are brewing! Watch this space! ❤️

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