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Indian sisters❤️❤️❤️❤️

Been with her for 5 days. All of our friends are out of town😤

Hbd pb and jelly😙😙 love you so much🖤🖤

She da goat

just cuz she's my cuz🤷🏽‍♀️💗😇

👯👯no new friendz😈

Happy birthday ! ! Sorry we pick on u so much hahaha----- also shoutout to Elise's cheer account @_cheerforlifee 🙌🏻😫
Slide over for Elise's cringy self as a child😣😻💦 #2v3f4t2b #foodbath😖

Not gonna lie we have competitions to see who can get more tan


Happy birthday little baby child:) thank you for finally hanging out with us🙄 even tho u like blase blase more than us it's okay we still love you MUA😘😘😘

We want to marry thomas rhett

Hbd to the biggest diva I've ever met... thx for being the best big sis😘😘 ILY #yalllookalike

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