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Eli Hale  [sophisticated ignorance__i write my curses in cursive] // 2.3.15 // uvm2020

little safety 2 over the trinity hip on thursday @connoroftheday on the 🎥

who else is gonna give me this look for eating a literal fistful of tostitos?... ok probs anyone who sees me doing it but ur judgement is the only one i need because i love you. luckily for everyone i'm not gonna stop eating an unhealthy amount of corn chips and you're not gonna stop giving me that look. happy 3rd valentines day together babe

here's to two (2) years of never looking at the right camera with @zeldsdively

Took a walk down Tin Pan Alley last night with @zeldsdively




sending it

first time i've seen a rainbow and sunset at the same concert #edwardsharpe #magneticzeros


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