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Evgenia Emets  Visual art, visual and sound poetry, performance and installation work. #eternalforest https://www.gofundme.com/eternal-forest-documentary

Eternal Forest artist book. Made on paper from an abandoned paper factory in Gois.

Single tree where sacred forest no more...

Typing the pages of Eternal Forest book, on a machine without ink, a blind embossing.

All the magic if the studio. This Spring I worked on what seems now a first step on a long journey - rewriting the common story of us and the forest. #eternalforest

I plant the word The word of people With the blood of the tree The tree of forest. #eternalforest

Build your house around the tree. #eternalforest

Inspired by forest. #eternalforest ‘Unstoppable flow Meandering through Eternal Forest’

Casa. A word for the forest. Exhibition view. #eternalforest

Vida. The word for the forest. Exhibition view. #eternalforest

Human word for the Forest - Saudade...#eternalforest

Eternal Forest trailer. A short intro to the documentary now touring in Portugal. Check my web for all dates! #eternalforest

Fundraising campaign yo help us show film all around Portugal and make an internet-friendly free and extended version of Eternal Forest documentary. #eternalforest

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