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Majority Of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place In Mobile Apps.
U.S. users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications, according to a new study released by comScore this morning. That means mobile apps, including the number 1 most popular app Facebook, eat up more of our time than desktop usage or mobile web surfing, accounting for 52% of the time spent using digital media. Combined with mobile web, mobile usage as a whole accounts for 60% of time spent, while desktop-based digital media consumption makes up the remaining 40%. Apps today are driving the majority of media consumption activity, the report claims, now accounting for 7 our of every 8 minutes of media consumption on mobile devices. On smartphones, app activity is even higher, at 88% usage versus 82% on tablets. #mobile #mobilemarketing

Our CEO @iamkevin out networking with the awesome team at Stats Digital. Working on developing a great partnership and talking business all the while betting on the Horses. Thanks to Travis our server for the tip in the last race! Thanks to Meredith Lynch for the invite and VIP experience. #networkingbusiness #businessdevelopment #funtimes #digitalmarketing #statsdigital #everzocial #delmarraces #delmarturfclub

Hey! Here's the Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Small Biz Owners Instagram style. If you like it 👍🏼 then ❤️ it. Does this help you with ideas? Let us know by giving us your comments. #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #marketingtips #socialmediastrategy

Best party in #temecula and supports the Boys and Girls Club! #fundraisers #murrieta #lakeelsinore #bgcswc

8 components to a successful marketing campaign. Are we missing anything? Thoughts? #socialmedia #marketingtips #digitalmarketing #mobilemarketing #seo #onlinemarketing #smm #socialmediamarketingtips

Which channels do you focus your marketing efforts on? It's not about the quantity of users but it's the quality of the users who want what you have. Target by where your audience hangs out. #socialmediatips #marketingtips #digitalmarketing #smm

Social media by the numbers. Advertising dollar have increased by 400% in just 2 years. #socialmedia #digitalmarketingtips #socialmediatips #digitalmarketing #marketingstats

Organic reach on Facebook is nearly non-existent. In order to reach your audience and achieve your marketing goals for Facebook you need to use the advertising engine. For the most part Facebook ads offer a good bang for the buck but that can change. The average small business with 200-900 fans should budget at least $100 month for boosting and targeting prospective clients. If you are looking to generate leads budget $250-400 month. If you spend that and do a good job with your ads you should expect a 3-3.5 X's return on that investment. It's hard for small business owners to understand how to fully utilize FB ads. If you need help contact us and we can help you navigate through the FB jungle. #socialmediamarketing #marketinglife #digitalmarketingtips #marketingtips #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing

How do you get the word out about your #socialmedia channels? There are many creative ways but start with the basics. High traffic areas, good quality signage, clear CTA's. This is one of the best and most effective ways to get highly targeted followers. #instatips #marketingtips #socialmediatips #digitalmarketingtips #marketinglife #socialmediamarketing #drinkbeancoffee

Do you know what kinds of content your social media fans love? We if not, here are a few ideas to get you started. We will post the next two shortly. #socialmediamarketing #smm #digitalmarketing #marketinglife #digitalmarketingtips #socialmediatips #marketingtips

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