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Anita Kothari  "First we eat, then we do everything else." MFK Fisher


Week 6 of #harvest = inoculation central. As always, learning a lot and appreciating the process and experience! #pasorobles #winexperience #InnoculateLikeItsHot

Week 5 #pasorobles #harvest. It's all one big happy harvest cycle as we continue processing, inoculating, fermenting, barreling down, stirring, cleaning everything that can be cleaned and having a cerveza or two at the end! This is what exhausted, bruised and happy looks like. #winexperience

Week 4 of #harvest in #pasorobles. Tired and bruised but learning more and more. Grape processing, fermentation, stirring, punching down, pressing, barreling, clean, clean, clean, 14+ hr days, 7-day weeks. #testofwills #winexperience

Week three of #harvest in #pasorobles. Thank goodness I relaxed for a day having a winery lunch and beach sunset view before the week started. Themes: Field work on steep, rolling hills, longer hours processing grapes and passing out with a drink in my hand. Onward! #pasorobles #winexperience

Week 3 interning in #pasorobles wine country. Processing grapes and learning more about fermentation. #winexperience

Local Basil worthy of being a table bouquet. I'm gonna eat it though. #slocounty #farmfresh

A walk in town to explore and enjoy the breeze and I happen upon a local cheese shop. St. Andre, fresh baguette, good Pinot. One can get used to this. #pasorobles #winexperience

Second week interning in #pasorobles wine country. Off-roading and sampling grapes, learning more about the science behind winemaking and feeding some sheep. first #harvest next week!!! #winexperience

Week 1 as a vineyard and winery intern has come to a close. I hear it's about to "get real" very soon (aka #harvest). Tired, sore, happy :) #pasorobles #winexperience

From beach walk to quirky antiques to flat tire to #kickass wine to "ebony and ivory" resident swans: It's a full day and I'm not even to dinner yet! #winexperience

Frittata part deux. Zucchini, Shitake Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, Indian Spices (Coriander, Cumin, Chile Powder, Turmeric), Goat Cheese #yum

Farm store pickings turn into to-die-for creamy mushrooms. As many mushrooms as you want w/as much butter as you want w/as much cream as you want. S&P, parsley and lemon. #yum