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Okay so I was going to Change my name back to let_the_games_begin_ but someone had taken it-.- so any suggestions of any hunger games like names I should use

Oh the shame

I'm baaaaaackkkk and I may or may not be here to stay



I was on it once... Like a year ago... Ah good times #goodtimes

What do ya guys think of me changing my name to, @/everything_yet_nothing?

Okay guys so what do you think of this account being like an everything account like I'll still post some hunger Gamesy things but I will also post like photography, random things, funny things, teenager posts, maybe some one direction stuff and anything you guys want you can like comment and tell me what you think and such so yeah what do you think about that idea?

Comment if you like 1D -Lexi.

Hi... I'm back•_•

Let the reaping begin! I will post the district seal for each district and if you wanna be in the games just comment " I volunteer" theres no garenteed you'll get in! An remember if you were in my last games that got canceled your autimadicaly in you jut need to volunteer anyway!

Ok guys if you didn't see on my bio the reaping is tonight! If you don't know what that is its a reaping for my next instagram hunger games if you don't know what that is then you new here I'm guessing😉 but yep so get ready it starts in half an hour and will go on till tomorrow morning!

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