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Lab rats  Lab Rats is Love, Lab Rats is Life - I spend 95% of my life on neflix and 5% mentally debating if I'm stable enough to watch the next episode


I am so sorry. I have never been posting and I am so sorry to all my followers. Well I am jut telling you guys that. Well. I'm alive I guess. You all have been so kind to me. Your my family. I love you all. I haven't been keeping up with the show but I've been trying. This fandom has been my first fandom. This fandom. This show. It showed me a whole different world. I world where I can meet more people like you all and a world of possibility. Thank you all. I love you. And well... That's a wrap. I'll miss you all. This isn't goodbye im still around, just not on this account. So, i'm not gonna say good bye...just, See you later... I love you guys -
- ( @ungersangels ) Khadijah, you were of my first internet friends and I missed you so much. When I was going through some issues you were there for me and you didn't even realize it. Thankyou. I hope we can try to start talking again because I really and truly miss you. So, again I'm not saying goodbye to you I'm saying hi because I've missed you💕

Hey guys. I'm sorry but I don't think I'm gonna be active anymore. I still love the show but... I don't know. I have another fan account for a different fandom if you are interested in my well being its @the.boy.king but idk I'm just having a hard time and it's hard to manage all these fan accs...sorry.

She's so pretty (I'm so so so so so sooooo sorry for not being active, with school and sports and finales and social events I've been over booked)

How can you not love them

I feel loved oh gosh luv you guys

She is so pretty how is this possible @kelliberglund

Guess who's trying to be more active

Hal's the best 😂 #labrats @halsparks

1.Juli and Sam (don't ask about sam😂 it makes no sense to my name)
2. Light brown

3. Dark brown

4. I think Starbucks is bae

5. Blue

6. New York City is pretty awesome, I used to live closer to it, now it's a45 min drive

7. Billy Unger, Dylan OBrien, Leonardo Dicaprio, Spencer Boldman, Tyler Posey, Evan Peters

8. Foxxx

9. Wing$-Malcamore

10. The Maze Runner, The Percy Jackson And The Olympians, Heroes Of Olympus (If u r reading this consider yourself tagged bc km to lazy to tag ppl, lol sorry✌️😂)

This was one of my favorite scenes ever😂 @BillyUnger #BillyUnger #ChaseDavenport #LabRats

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