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* Everything Idina *  Album: idina. - idina. World Tour next date: July 25th in New Orleans, LA! READ BELOW FOR TOUR TAKEOVERS!!

I'm so sorry I've missed the past couple tour takeovers! But we have @idinas.world live from Atlanta, GA today! #idinatourtakeovers

This is so exciting!

Idina showing her flexibility while singing on the piano! Hahaha Thought I would post a different picture than the most common ones. Idina never ceases to Amaze me. I always leave her concerts a better person for just witnessing all that she is! A beautiful human being and beautiful soul. @idinamenzel I See You and I @marebear2534 I am Here. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity! #Idinatourtakeovers #idinamenzel #idinaworldtour2017

Such an amazing concert!! This tour is so open and honest and FUN! Idina was having such a good time with the crowd! Can't wait to see this show again! @erikabuis ✌🏼#idinamenzel #idinaworldtour2017 #idinatourtakeovers

Tonight was amazing!!Idina never fails to make me smile and make me happy!! I am so fortunate to have such a kind and genuine women to look up to!! So thank you Idina for such a terrific night!!! This is @aelyntougas logging off! Goodnight everyone and thanks for following me❤❤ #idinatourtakeovers

Tonight has been the best night of my life. Idina never fails to bring happiness to everybody around her. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we have such an amazing woman to look up to and if I could play tonight on repeat, I would. Thank you guys so much for following along with me on my Glasgow Idina adventure. It's been the best! @rachmenzel signing off. Kisses xo #idinatourtakeovers

This is the second time I've seen Idina and again she did not disappoint. Thank you Idina for reminding me and everyone else that you see us and you are with us when we have nothing💕 I hope everyone enjoys the show when/if they see it🎉 follow my personal insta/Twitter/snap if you want too: @hol_murray ✌🏼 #idinatourtakeovers

Today our #idinatourtakeovers is by @hol_murray coming to you from Birmingham, UK!

Hey guys, this is @idinaislife signing off. My fave pic of the night. Idina was sat right in front of my for I'm Not That Girl and Perfect Story, which especially given her speech about all the events going on in our country and her talking about how love prevails, it was amazing to be so close and see all the emotions she had so clearly. It was an incredible experience xxx #idinamenzel #idinatourtakeovers

A huge thank you to @idinakimmentzel for taking over at the last UK date, and SUPER stoked to invite @idinaislife back to #idinatourtakeovers for a second show today in Manchester, UK!

Still can't believe last night actually happened! #idinatourtakeovers

I took so many pics. It's so hard to sort through them all and find the best ones to post 😍😍😍 #idinatakeover #idinamenzel #idinatourtakeovers

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