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Mary  On a mission to photograph every horse I meet πŸ˜‰


Teddy has his own island now πŸ˜…

People on youtube *shows off stunning specialised tack room* "I mean its nothing fancy but it does the job πŸ’"
Me: "My saddle rack is the handle on a treadmill..."

Few things give me more anxiety than seeing horses roll next to fences 😬 Thanks Brom πŸ˜…

Just one of those days πŸ˜…

I need to shower and do work but my puppy is finally being cuddly after biting and jumping on me all day so I don't want to put her in her run - the 6pm struggle everyday 😫

Had to cut lumps of mud out of Aurora's tail using a solocomb today because I don't have any scissors that mum will let me use on muddy horse hair πŸ˜‚ I have not taken a photo of it because its choppier than when my friend cut my hair and tried to give me "layers" when we were 12 πŸ™ˆ Oh well, its winter πŸ’

Can I not have summer without the excessive heat and sunblock please?

Holy shit so I went down a youtube rabbit hole today after reading "England is my city" so many times that I began thinking England actually was a city, and ended up discovering "Team 10". "Holy shit" about sums them up. Watch "My brother got arrested..." by Jake Paul. Its like Lord of the Flies meets rich young people. Its hard to believe that these people are real, they act like characters in a poorly scripted sitcom that gets cancelled halfway through its first season.

Youtube recommended videos: "Everything wrong with Beauty and the Beast 2017" Starting to feel a little stalked there youtube πŸ˜…

It hailed on me three times on my morning dog walk. No snow though. Drove to Halswell (about a 15min drive) snow everywhere. Bloody Halswell, they always get the good stuff πŸ˜’

True story: when my grandad was 50 his friend invited him to go hiking. He had never been hiking in his life but decided "what the hell" and agreed. The hike was very difficult and dangerous with deep snow and narrow paths next to cliffs, and it lasted several days, and the whole time Grandad kept thinking "why the hell do people go hiking? This isn't fun!" At some point they got lost and the hike became even more dangerous with them needing to improvise abseiling gear from their packs to make it down several cliff faces. Eventually they made it to a small town. After a confusing conversation with a local they realised they were on the wrong side of the south island - they had unintentionally crossed the southern alps, something that should only be attempted by experienced mountaineers armed with ice axes and proper abseiling equipment, and has resulted in many deaths. They hired a pilot to fly them back over the alps to the town where they'd left their car, and they drove home. Grandad has never been hiking since.

When you're a strong independent horse who don't need no rider to win a race 🐎

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