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Mary  On a mission to photograph every horse I meet πŸ˜‰


#MaryWatchesHeartland This time I'm late for a valid reason because I didn't get off the ferry until 20 past midnight yesterday okay πŸ˜… So pumped for this episode though because it has FJORDS 😍😍
-So some dudes are trying to chase a loose fjord onto a float instead of haltering him?? Is this World's Dumbest Liberty Trainers or something?
-Oh good Crazy Hippy Dude is back. I soo missed him πŸ™„
-Ty gets a call from a guy about Mongolian Horses. Oh no. They wouldn't, would they? They can't be trying to pass off Fjords as Przewalskis could they?? Not Heartland!
-"Look up! Count your strides!" This chick is meant to be riding in the next Olympics and she still needs to be reminded to count her strides? Jesus Christ πŸ™„
-"How would you feel about going to check out some authentic Mongolian horses?" Well that depends on how AUTHENTIC they are Ty!
-Wait so if Ty and Amy just left in the truck and Georgie just left with the baby, WHO IS LOOKING AFTER THE FUTURE OLYMPIC HORSE SHE JUST RODE?! You don't wanna maybe untack and groom him first?? No? Just abandon him in the arena? Okay sure, GOOD PLAN πŸ‘
-"Przewalski horses. Ancient Mongolian stock." Yeah so fucking ancient they're from NORWAY! "The only horses in the world that are truly wild." Oh really? Then why do they all have perfectly trimmed manes? They don't grow that way naturally you know. Also have you ever met a Fjord mate? Feed it an apple and it'll love you forever πŸ’ Actually just feed it anything, I met some in Norway that get Christmas trees to eat for treats in winter πŸ˜‚
-Gee I can't possibly imagine why he'd hate the crate if his only experience with it is being chased then locked in πŸ™„
-"You don't know wild until you've worked with these guys." You mean Norwegian Fjord Horses from NORWAY who have been bred for hundreds of years to be loving, docile, family horses that anyone can ride when they are well trained? OH MY GAD SUH WILD 😱
-The opening credits haven't even rolled yet and I am already more mad at this episode than any episode of Heartland ever including Georgie episodes. Honestly the disrespect to the breed is disgusting. This is like harnessing a couple of Arabs to a wagon and telling everyone how

So I have a job interview tomorrow and I genuinely have no idea what job its for πŸ˜‚ Basically I applied for two positions at the same company but structured my CV towards a third position that wasn't advertised but that I know they'll need to hire people for and thats the position I want. Then at Equidays when we were unloading the trailer and bringing stock into our stall my phone rang, and I assumed it was the courier service as we had been ringing them every few hours for days trying to get our stock delivered on time. I handed the phone to mum because I'm too nervous on phone calls and she's great at them so she just pretends to be me so that she can sort out shit for me when I'm too nervous to. Mum answered the phone and they asked if she was me so she said "Well it depends on who's asking." Which is y'know obviously a fantastic way to answer a phone interview for a job πŸ™ˆ She put me on and because I'm useless on phones I was all "Oh sorry I'm at an event, I don't know if you can hear the forklift?" Like why, the forklift was not relevant to this conversation at all, why would I bring that up?? Fortunately she ignored that and gave me a time and place for the interview and I wrote it down and hung up. Took a few days but I finally realised: she never told me what position she was interviewing me for. So I'm going into this completely blind with a shitty first impression phone interview on my record. Fantastic πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

Redcliffs Bill the ex-wild Kaimanawa stallion (now gelded) in the pony grand prix. Most beautiful PGP round I've ever seen, these two are just so in sync! And I love the natural turnout with feathers and long mane 😍

#MaryWatchesHeartland Well look at me posting on time for the first time this season πŸ‘
-Opening riding montage is Georgie not Amy, does that mean we won't even get to see Amy ride at all this episode?? Ugh
-Val comes to see the girls and pass judgment on them for not jumping her horse 24 hours a day, because nothing keeps a showjumper's legs in tip top shape like pounding over 5ft fences for hours everyday.
-The rodeo school are wrestling steers but Jade only has to grab a ribbon off one because she's a girl. Can the boys not do that too though? Seems way kinder to the cattle than being wrestled. I guess maybe its an important skill for ranchers to learn but sheesh it seems a little rough.
-One of the boys mocks Jade's run and insists that his sister Avery have a turn and she wrestles the steer to the ground, which is all very impressive but would have clearly lost her the competition because that's not the objective of the girls sport and she didn't even grab the ribbon. Sure, Jade can't wrestle a steer, but she CAN follow instructions πŸ’
-Avery is actually really nice but Jade is understandably pissed about being shown up. If Avery were a dude this would be foreshadowing for Jade's next relationship, because as we know no-one can date anyone on Heartland unless they start off by hating the other person.
-Omg Caleb and Cass are trying to have a baby?? Guys you only got a dog LAST WEEK! You are not ready for this! Well Cass is, Cass is cool. Caleb probably still has to use velcro shoe laces and opens beers with his teeth.
-Georgie wants to do it all and be the best trick rider as well as the best show jumper. Amy helps by showing off some trick riding and uh wait did I miss something? When did Amy become a pro trick rider? This is the one thing Georgie should be better at than her, she has had WAY more training than Amy. But okay sure, any time someone shows up Georgie I'm cool with it πŸ’
-Goddamn that pony mobile over Lindy's crib is cute.
-Lindy is teething. Now I don't much about humans but based on my experience of my puppy teething, my advice to Ty and Amy is to avoid Lindy's mouth by all means possible and let her chew on as many logs of wood as she wants

He's actually filthy but the joys of chestnuts is that they always look 90% cleaner than they actually are πŸ‘Œ

Teddy and Archer having a conversation

Who do people from non-commonwealth countries put on their coins if its not the Queen? Trump? Surely not!

Fair warning, I am super sick so this review might not be up to scratch but people wanted it (and by "people" I of course mean Sarah because she is the only person who reads and comments on all of these. Thanks Sarah!) so here we go!
-Is this whole opening shot of Amy riding followed by her never riding again for the rest of the ep thing going to be around a while because it aint good enough Heartland πŸ™ƒ
-Okay yeah I see it now, mansplaining to your wife/mother of your child on how to feed her own child is not cool Ty πŸ˜’
-Lisa gets flowers and Tim is all "she must be cheating on you Jack!" because of course he is. Tim then gets banished to and subsequently chased out of the dude ranch by a skunk which may be the best thing to have happened on this show in a long time.
-Georgie finds out the identity of the drunk driver who killed her parents (I think. I sneezed at that part so I didn't actually hear what she said but like hell I'd rewatch a Georgie scene πŸ™…) Always good to see Jade without Douche McGee in tow anyway!
-Jack drives over to Lisa's work to deliver the flowers. They're from a work colleague which is a very normal and obvious thing but I'm sure Tim will manage to blow it out of proportion.
-Georgie visits the drunk dick who killed her parents but freezes up when he answers the door and speeds off, trashing his fence in the process. You know what I'm actually in support of Georgie here, he killed her parents, she only trashed his fence, he does not have the high ground here πŸ’
-Amy leaves Caleb in charge of the baby. CALEB. Amy I don't like to question peoples parenting but HAVE YOU MET CALEB??
-Tim calls Mitch out to get the skunk out of the cabin. That'll go well.
-Georgie is distracted and can't find a distance. She blames the horse "he needs some time to adjust" to what?? Jumping tiny fences? Being ridden by Miracle Girl 2.0β„’? Stop blaming the horse for your bad riding.
-Dickhead complains to the police about Georgie damaging his fence, which is fair enough since he doesn't know he killed her parents. Georgie confesses to her family about why she was at Dickhead's house. And get this, Georgie actually APOLOGISES to Jack 😱😱 W

I badly need new photos. Also Heartland Monday might become Heartland Tuesday permanently as I am really struggling to find links for it :/

If WWIII breaks out and you get conscripted, will you fight or be a conscientious objector?

No we haven't counted the special votes yet, its a long process okay?! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Tiny fat ex-stallion all worked up because the neighbour's mare was calling. He has since been deemed too fat to mow this paddock any longer and has been moved back to fat camp πŸ˜…

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