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Mary  On a mission to photograph every horse I meet πŸ˜‰


Large orange dinosaur

Looking a bit araby there Brom πŸ€”

Got a job counting votes for the election this year and I'm so pumped because I'm a really nosey person and I want to know who people in my neighbourhood are voting for πŸ˜‚

Mum likes "styling" my horses' forelocks πŸ˜‚

Cas didn't like me talking to Teddy so he swung his butt in Teddy's face πŸ˜‚

Cuties ❀️ @just_a_dreamer_94 and Brom Brom

Have any of you ever actually tried deep fried butter? It sounds so horrifying, so of course I want to try it πŸ’

Someone please recommend something good to watch on Netflix. Must be funny!

True story: so in high school I was friends with some guys who did parkour and they always had the weirdest motivations for training. When I first met them it was because they had heard about some scientist who escaped an erupting volcano by using his parkour skills. I have no idea if this was a real thing or not but they certainly believed it and saw it as a great motivation to learn parkour. Over time their motivation changed to various other things such as preparing for the zombie apocalypse. At one point at the end of high school they had a secret motivation that they didn't want to tell me about. It took a month but I finally got it out of them. They were planning to form a drug busting team to use their parkour skills to break into drug dealers houses and steal their cash to donate to charity. They were dead serious about this. When I asked why they wouldn't just report the dealers to the police, they said because they smoke too much weed and might get arrested. So instead they wanted to be 21st century Robin Hoods. Fortunately for everybody they never managed to find any drug dealers and eventually outgrew that idea.

Its weird how many adults are asking me when I'm going to find a man and get married now that I'm 22, yet just 4 years ago they would have been horrified if I got engaged. I really don't think I'm significantly more mature and stable than 4 years ago...

All the fluff. He is so soft 😍

This is the exact moment I realised why my pony club instructors always made us tie our reins up when we were riding with no hands πŸ˜‚ I'm a bad photographer suggesting potentially dangerous situations for pretty photos πŸ˜…

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