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Mary  On a mission to photograph every horse I meet πŸ˜‰


How did I manage to get a dalmatian x border collie that is bad with horses AND has no interest in sheep? πŸ˜‚ #FireTheFarmDog

So I got a bit worried today when I saw that Teddy hadn't touched any of his hay all day, but he was producing the same amount of poop so I wasn't overly concerned. Then as I was leaving the paddocks I saw this πŸ˜‚ Yeah not colicky, just helping himself to the good stuff πŸ’


My lowest maintenance horse. Thanks for always being cute even if you tried to kick me for daring to touch your tail ❀️

High school fights are weird because they're so socially acceptable and yet as soon as you graduate, anyone who physically attacks another person in public is committing a crime and is labelled a psychopath. But in high school its all "oh yeah this is normal, fights are normal." WHY IS IT EVER NORMAL?? These are the things you think about after high school πŸ˜‚

If you have Aus/NZ netflix you have to look up Bibi & Tina. I'm only 5 minutes in and I have no idea what its about but there are lots of horses, one of the main characters is a witch, and for some reason all the men wear fabulous and extremely gay outfits. Its probably the worst horse movie I've ever seen and definitely falls into the "so bad you have to watch it but preferably as a drinking game with a friend" category. Also there are songs but because its a German film dubbed into English the karaoke song subtitles don't match the English lyrics. Still not convinced you should watch? There's a song where a guy sings about money while bathing in a bath tub of money and riding a hobby horse. Trust me, you need to watch this film πŸ˜‚

Is there a difference between banana bread and banana cake if you bake them both in a loaf tin? Settle a debate for me please πŸ˜‚

Someday I will have time to finish reviewing Pony Pals (and edit the three videos I have filmed, and send photos to everyone I promised to send photos to and forgot πŸ˜…)

My father gets so mad when my puppy does anything naughty but he also never disciplines her and lets her do whatever she likes to him. How the hell did he manage to raise children?

Have made progress with the puppy to the point where she sometimes (but mostly never) stops biting me when I tell her off and instead makes loud angry noises of frustration while glaring at me. So she's still a dick, but a slightly less violent dick than she was πŸ’

When your puppy is a douchebag all day but then she falls asleep on your lap so all is forgiven ❀️

Demon puppy was actually really good for 75% of the day, and then we started cooking dinner and the demon woke up again and hasn't left yet.

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