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#MaryReviewsPonyPals Book 13: The Girl Who Hated Ponies. Aka The one where the Pony Pals have to spend time with a normal person and fail miserably at being decent human beings.
-Lulu comes in from the pony paddock to have a snack with her dad and wait what?! Is he back permanently now or just on holiday? What is going on?!
-Mr Sanders informs Lulu that he's going away to a conference for a weekend and leaving a girl her age called Melissa Prince to stay with her. Understandably Lulu is all "wtf who is this girl, why didn't you tell me, what if she doesn't like ponies??" And seriously can parents stop forcing their kids to socialise with their friends' kids because that was the worst part of my childhood. "Here's a random kid 3 years different to you in age. Go hang out. Have fun." They were always cunts too πŸ˜’
-Anna and Lulu meet Melissa. They judge her immediately because she's wearing "a black skirt, lace-up leather boots and a red jacket ... and long, dangling earrings." Melissa sounds like a badass tbh, go Melissa!
-Melissa is polite and positive, complimenting Lulu's house and telling her she's lucky to have a grandmother who is a hairdresser (which she is because even if she hates getting her hair styled, she's still saving like $80 every time she gets a free cut!)
-Melissa is excited for the sleepover with Pam and offers them all manicures. Lulu is so horrified by the thought that she actually hides her hands in her pockets, as if this girl is going to pounce on them and torture her gold sparkles nail polish.
-Then Anna drops the bombshell that they're sleeping in the barn. Melissa is not keen for this and also remarks that she doesn't like horses. She's still not actually doing anything wrong though, just being a bit too honest maybe.
-Lulu leaves Melissa with Grandmother Sanders to drop at Pam's house later. Everyone is happy about this but none more so than Lulu: "she couldn't get away from Melissa Prince fast enough." Whoa girl, she's not that bad! She just likes hair and makeup and not horses. Not the end of the world!
-Oh but wait it is. "Lulu told Anna what Melissa had said about hating horses. "I think I'm beginning to hate Melissa Prince," said

I met the cutest appaloosa foal in Auckland and in celebration of his adorableness, here's an unflattering photo where he looks like a stoned llama.

A couple of days ago my landscape hobbyist photographer father saw a reddit post about a great secret place to take photos of the Aurora Australis 40 minutes from our house. So he drove out to take photos, only to find 1000 other people had the same idea. One tiny beach, 1000 people and 100s of manic children running round with flashlights. Basically my father's nightmare πŸ˜‚ He turned around and drove all the way home without taking a single photo πŸ™ˆ

Hit a new low in my life today. The self checkout machine in the supermarket said "thank you, have a good day!" to me and I said "Thank you!" To a machine. I thanked a fuckin checkout machine. Well add that one to the list of supermarkets I can't go back to πŸ™ˆ

Went on tumblr for all of 2 minutes today and saw this:
"Unpopular opinion: should I just kiss someone for the sake of learning how to write a proper kiss?"
Aaand thats enough tumblr for another year.

Two things:
1. No matter how many times I teach dad how to hold the reins, they will end up like this by the end of the ride. I have given up trying.
2. I haven't forgotten about the Pony Pals reviews, I'm just crazy busy right now, I haven't had time to read in weeks! (Or watch tv or ride/drive my horses) πŸ˜… Its not bad busy exactly and the ponies still get attention, I just don't have time to tack up and groom and exercise - its pick one of the above! πŸ˜…

Have to make morals compromising decision. My mother: "just sleep on it for a few days."
Ah yes, because nothing helps you sleep like agonising over dilemmas and decisions!

Yes that's a couple of (real) dead rabbits dangling from that pony, and a teddy bear riding a shetland. The Mackenzie A&P has got to be the weirdest A&P I've ever been to. Instead of showjumping they had cowboy challenge. The supreme sashes and rosettes were tartan and lots of people wore their kilts. Thousands of people brought their dogs and there were dog and poultry shows happening on the grounds. I even saw a cat in a handbag with one of those "kitty astronaut" bubble windows. Probably one of the most fun shows though, especially for the kids with all the bareback classes! I so want one of those tartan rosettes now too.

At some point Wobs just accepted that he is half horse, half climbing frame, and no longer notices when @soph.geddesnz stands on him 50 times a day

So I've had a lot of dumb ideas in my life. I was reminded of one particularly weird one recently and felt the need to share it. When I was in my final year of high school I was planning to go flatting and attend the local university. But I needed a way of getting to uni and didn't have a driving license. So I did some research and decided my mode of transportation would be a ride on granny scooter (you know those ones with four wheels and a basket that go at walking speed) but I wanted to hire someone to replace the engine with a moped engine so that it would be fast enough to drive on the road through town. I was dead serious about this, did a lot of research and everything. I was 100% committed to my goal of being "that chick who rides a souped up granny scooter to uni." Only reason it didn't happen is because I moved to Auckland instead and had no money or contacts to do it.

Went to the optometrist today, turns out my eyes have gotten even worse πŸ‘ Good excuse to buy new glasses though 😏

My parents riding Wobs. Dad actually enjoyed it for once (he's scared of horses. He recently asked why no-one has invented a stick for patting ponies so that you don't have to get too close to them) and has decided he's ready to go clydesdale trekking in the mountains. Umm dad have you seen a clydesdale recently..? Because there's a wee bit of a size difference between them and Wobs the 14.2hh pony..πŸ˜…

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