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Welcome To My Page!  ▪️#ForSnyderCut ▪️Grateful for 21.3k!💞 ▪️DM for Promotions 💵 ▪️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 ⬇️ SNYDER CUT DETAILS ⬇️

Which one is your favorite? 😍
Left art by @thealexrossart
Right art by @datrinti

Which trailer are you more excited for?
Right art by @camw1n

Which one do you prefer? ⚡️

JOHN KRASINSKI FOR GREEN LANTERN! It’s what Snyder would have wa... 🤫👀
Suit by @barrett.digital

Which look do you prefer? 👀
Inspired by @realworldofflash

Did they think we wouldn’t notice? 😂

It exists and it’s coming. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut
Video edited by @dcfilmshub

There was one in #TheSnyderCut but we all know what happened... ✂️

I’m ok with this as long as Aquaman is good. It’s fine pushing it back if it means we get a better movie 🤷‍♂️😔
Although it is pretty sad that there might not be any DC Movies this year 😢

Remember when Batman was truly Batman in BvS and not some fat guy giving one liners like in Justice League?

Who’s the better Batman? 🦇
Bottom art by @artoftimetravel

What do you guys think he saw? 🤔😱

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