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Every Single Word In Icelandic  Illustrations & icons of Icelandic words by your friend @snorlax.gif ❤️ If you're in Iceland, find my book, Iceland in Icons, at Eymundsson!

I was drawing the word haust (meaning fall) for the autumn solstice when I realized that I had already made this word before! It’s interesting to see how my approach has changed since last year. Swipe to see the 2017 version 👉🏻 Also can you believe I’ve been making icons for FOUR years!? Thanks for sticking by me 💕

The Icelandic word for funeral is jarðarför which means earth/ground-going. Although it’s quite a literal description of a burial, I also find it beautiful because it implies that we all return to the earth in the end.

I was going through old files and found a bunch of rejected icons I never used. Can you guess what this weird belly button looking fruit is supposed to be?

Odin the All-Father has two ravens, Huginn (meaning thought) and Muninn (memory). They fly around the world and bring back news about what’s going on. Basically the gossip girls of Nordic mythology 💅🏻

The Icelandic word for the microwave is örbylgjuofn and I hate this word because it’s so hard to spell and to pronounce!

Slanga is the word for both a serpent and a hose 🐍💦

The Icelandic word “handlaug” literally means “hand bath” or “hand pool”. Can you guess what the English translation is? Hint: you find this in the bathroom.

The word gos can be used to mean eruption or a soft drink 🥤

The Icelandic word for glasses is gleraugu, literally glass eyes 👀

Today is the @reykjavikpride parade (gleðigangan)!! 🌈 When do you celebrate pride in your country?

This week is @reykjavikpride! if you’re in town, be sure to check out the various concerts, parties, and other festivities ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

The Iceland word for medicine is lyf, and I’ve always liked how much the word looks like the English word life💕 It’s pronounced more like leaf though.

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