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Every Single Word In Icelandic  Illustrations & icons of Icelandic words by your friend @snorlax.gif ❤️ If you're in Iceland, find my book, Iceland in Icons, at Eymundsson!

I didn’t get a chance to visit Antwerp (I did ride a train through there though) but I found an amazing story about how the town got its name and I just had to share with you guys!! Swipe to see the full story 👉🏻 Near the river Scheldt (which flows through Antwerp), there lived a giant named Antigoon. He demanded passing boatmen to pay a toll and if they refused, he cut off their hand 👋🏻 Thankfully Antigoon was defeated by a Roman soldier by the name of Silvius Brabo, who cut off the giant’s hand and threw it into the river. Antwerp’s Flemish name is Antwerpen and it comes from the words hand (hand) and werpen (to throw). I hope to visit Antwerp next time I’m in Belgium! Have you guys been?

Sorry for so many food words this week!! But I can’t help it, I love food 😝 The Icelandic word for cabbage is kál, and in Dutch it’s kool (but it is pronounced kohl) 😎

Do you know why most carrots are orange? It’s all thanks to the Dutch! I’m not sure how true this story it but it’s a fun one anyhow 😜 Carrots naturally come in white, purple, yellow, and orange, but the orange variety is the most common because it’s the color of the Dutch royal family, so Dutch people bred carrots to be orange. In Icelandic, the word for carrot is gulrót, which means yellow root. Not quite orange, but close enough?!

The Icelandic word for orange appelsína comes from the Dutch version of the word, sinaasappel (also the German version, afpelsine). It means China’s apple, because oranges were apparently first imported to Europe from China 🍎🍊

Learning two languages simultaneously can be quite confusing, as you can imagine. Sometimes I mess up the simplest things 🤪 For example, in Icelandic, “I” is “ég” and it is pronounced “yehg” while in Dutch, “you” is “je” and pronounced “yeh.”

I have a confession... I’ve been cheating on Icelandic with Dutch 🤫 I’ve been taking Dutch classes for the last 6 months, and for my summer vacation, I’m spending time in Amsterdam to learn even more Dutch! For the next week I’ll share some of the words that Dutch and Icelandic have in common (or not). You can also follow me on my personal @snorlax.gif for all my snapshots from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

At the hight of summer (as in like, right now), Iceland has 24 hours of daylight. This is called sólarhringur, meaning the ring of sun. It can be a bit of a challenge to sleep if you don’t have black out curtains!

Last month I went to a symposium at @scanhouse to hear Iceland’s president @gudnithjohannesson speak about the future of Icelandic. There I learned a fun new verb: að gúggla, or to Google. It comes straight from the English word, but is written and pronounced the Icelandic way 😂

Happy National Day to Iceland! Iceland actually has two birthdays. On December 1, 1918, it was recognized as an independent state of Denmark, then on June 17, 1944, it became a fully independent republic 🎂

Are you watching the 🇮🇸vs 🇦🇷 game? If you want to cheer on Iceland, comment áfram ísland!!

Here’s another word from @aldamin’s Little Book of Icelandic: snjallsími means clever phone. Or as we say in English, smart phone 🤓☎️

Do you like lakkrís, or licorice? I think it is gross and too bitter but I know some people are very passionate about them!!

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