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Every Single Word In Icelandic  Illustrations & icons of Icelandic words by your friend @snorlax.gif ❤️ If you're in Iceland, find my book, Iceland in Icons, at Eymundsson!


Happy Chinese New Year, of kínverskt nýtt ár, in Icelandic. This year is the year of the dog 🐶🎊

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is how you say I love you in Icelandic (ég elska þig). Tag someone special and send them love in Icelandic 💕

I went on an incredible tour of @metmuseum today where I got to see the museum before they opened to the public (pics on my personal: @snorlax.gif)!! The Icelandic word for artist is listamaður which means art man. It sounds a bit like a super hero! NANANANANANA ART MAN 👊👨🏼‍🎨

The Icelandic word for fisherman is sjómaður, which literally means seaman 🌊👨🏻

I really really really hate going to the dentist, or tannlæknir “tooth doctor” in Icelandic 😷

We have so much snow, or snjór, in New York today thanks to #bombcyclone ❄️ Hope everyone is staying warm!!

Gleðilegt nýtt ár!! Hope you are all having a wonderful time celebrating 🥂🍾 Tag a friend to wish them a happy new year in Icelandic 🇮🇸💕

If you’re wondering why the Yule Lads are such a pests, just look to their mom, the giantess Grýla! She’s known for hunting for naughty children and boiling them alive for a snack! The Yule Cat is also her pet 🐱

Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re in the Icelandic countryside at this time of year, you might want to watch out for Jólakötturinn, the Yule cat, a giant cat/monster who is known for eating people who haven’t received any new clothes for Christmas 🎁

The last of the Yule Lads is Kertasníkir, who follows around children and steals their candles.
Now that you know who all the Yule Lads are, take @icelandnatural’s quiz to find out which one you’re most like! Link in bio.

Do you know Ketkrókur? He loves meat and will use a hook to steal it 🥩

Gáttaþefur’s name is a little silly - it means doorway sniffer. He’s named so because he has a big nose, and he puts it to good use sniffing around. He especially loves sniffing out laufabrauð, a thin holiday cracker.

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