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Alexandra Jade  πŸ“Έ Everyday life through the eyes, mind & stomach of a foodie πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK πŸŽ“ Modern Languages Graduate πŸ’Œ Say hello: everydaywithreay@gmail.com


Hello my lovelies. So after a whirlwind week, I moved my little life down to London this weekend and start a new job tomorrow with @embersnacks (get following!). I've had the best summer ever, mostly involving this pup and cake, but time to get back to reality and attempt adulting. I might be quiet this week while I find my feet but I'll be back next week with all things foodie, I promise. Have a positive and productive week! πŸ“š #everydaywithreay

THAI SALMON BURGERS || I whipped up these burgers on a complete whim lastnight and they ended up being INSANE! Super super super easy to make and imma give you the recipe right here. I topped toasted brioche buns with rocket, avo and some hot sauce and served with a side of sweet potato fries, obviously. πŸ”πŸŸ #everydaywithreay .
πŸ” 2 salmon fillets πŸ” 1 tbsp soy sauce πŸ” 1/2 red chilli
πŸ” 1 clove garlic πŸ” 1 medium egg πŸ” 200g flour (might not need all this, just add it slowly until it reaches a consistency where it sticks together nicely) πŸ” Sesame seeds πŸ” 1 spring onion πŸ” Corriander
πŸ” 1 tsp honey πŸ” Olive oil ➑️➑️➑️➑️ πŸ” Preheat your oven to 180C. πŸ” Pick your salmon to pieces/chunks, discard the skin. πŸ” Finely chop all your other ingredients. πŸ” Add everything to a bowl (except oil) and mix well. You want it to be at a good consistency, keep adding flour until the mixture sticks. πŸ” Distribute mixture into patties, this made 3 medium sized ones for me. πŸ” Sprinkle on the sesame seeds. πŸ” Add oil to a hot pan, fry your patties on pan for 2 minutes each side. πŸ” Transfer to the oven and cook for a further 10 minutes.

Made a little side dish to go with tonight's dinner and it was unnnnnreal. One of those things you just leave in a pan and it does the work for you. This is cheesy kale & courgettes. I put kale, courgette, chives, mascarpone, a little water and some garlic into a pan and left to simmer away for 10 minutes. Topped it with some chilli flakes & parmesan and it really hit the spot. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

As much as I hate to admit it, I very rarely eat a meal without carbs in it. I know carbs aren't the devil like people think, and that we need them in our diet for energy and lots of other things, but I've been overdoing it abit recently on the carb front (lol). So, I've decided this week to make a conscious effort to strip my meals back abit and see how I feel. Today's dish was grilled seabass with a pack choi & peanut salad and it did not disappoint. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Goooood morning my lovelies and happy weekend!! I've got a little something to brighten up your drizzly Saturday β˜”οΈ Instead of making you jealous with a food piccy, this one is actually something you can get your hands on. I've teamed up with the guys over at @urban_eat to host their exclusive completion, URBAN beat (get it), to celebrate their brand spanking new branding. So, we're calling upon all uni students to get involved with their upcoming promo, with a chance to win one of a host of music prizes. I'm giving away this pair of @beatsbydre Wireless Headphones to one of you lucky people, and they would be the perfect uni essential. To enter, simply like this piccy, follow me and @urban_eat, and comment with your name and your favourite song. The winner will be chosen at random this time next week. 🎧🎧🎧 To find out more info, have a read of my new blog post, link in bio. Good luck!! 🎀 #everydaywithreay

Is there anything better than a warm scone smothered in clotted cream and homemade jam though? I don't think so. The real question is; cream then jam or jam then cream? Happy Friday. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Anyone who doesn't know much about filo pastry, I advise you to pick it up on your next supermarket trip, top it with all your fave things and get it in the oven immediately to go all crispy and nice. It's so cheap and versatile and is a staple in my weekly shop. This one was topped with tomato chutney, artichoke, olives, courgette, sundried toms and a sprinkling of feta. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Hi guys, let's chat. I have received quite a lot more messages from you guys than usual, mostly about my blog and congratulating me on it (big thank you for that), some of you are after some advice, and some of you just fancy a bit of a chat. It's so nice to be able to connect with you, and that's one of the great advantages of social media. Someone asked me yesterday whether or not my shit was as together as it looked. This question obviously was not asked in a mean way whatsoever, it was just a soon-to-be graduate asking what I'm up to at the moment and being curious, but the question has been resonating with me all day and I just wanted to set something straight. A great big massive slap in the face disadvantage of social media is the power it has to make you feel inadequate. Sometimes you don't even know it's happening, you're just sat there having a scroll, and you see everyone's off to the gym, eating healthily, and living their lives, and you're sat there with a jar of peanut butter in one hand, a spoon in the other in your PJs on the sofa (note to self: must stop doing that). What I'm trying to say is that although my feed is full of healthy food, recipes, and the occasional gym/yoga vid, that is not what I do/eat on a day to day basis. Anyone who personally knows me, knows that I eat at least one pizza a week, and if I had it my way, I would drink prosecco for breakfast. The photos that are on my feed are photos that I've chosen to share with you, and recipes I've spent time perfecting, making them look nice, and photographing. You don't see the other half of my life which is spent doing completely normal things. At the moment my life is revolving around finding a job, and it's getting me down so much to be honest, but I don't want to bore you all with that. I realise my name is 'everyday' with Reay, which is why I'm going to make more of an effort to show you what the reality of my everyday is. So, here's a photo of me from last weekend in my PJs, with a glass of red, no makeup, and my hair in a scrunchy pineapple on top of my head. Because this is my reality. Big love. πŸ’• #everydaywithreay

Porridge season is officially back and I couldn't be happier about it. Does this mean I can start the search for the perfect wooly jumper and winter boots? We've got a giant bowl of creamy almondy oats, a scoop of @pureblendco vanilla whey, all topped with a blueberry and raspberry compote, some nuts, seeds and @urbanfruituk coconut chips. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Took some inspo from @jamieoliver 's new book for my lunch today and added my own little twist. We've got whole grain spelt spaghetti with a kale, basil & ricotta sauce. This dish took 10 mins from prep to plate and was full of nutrients. The spelt pasta and the kale are great sources of fibre and a great alternative to your usual pasta dishes/sauces. Check my story out to see what went into it and how easy it actually is to make. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

I'm so happy to FINALLY be able to tell you all that my blog is ready for you guys to have a look at. You'll find some of my favourite breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes, a bunch of good old life advice and hopefully you'll be able to get to know me and my journey a bit better through it. The truth is, this blog has been ready to post for quite some time now, but I just haven't felt ready in myself to publish some of the things I've written so publicly. Cooking and writing have always been my therapy, so this blog is a means of escapism for me, and I really hope you like it. If you make any of the recipes, please let me know! Thanks for following me and inspiring me everyday. Love to you all. ❀️ #everydaywithreay


Lunch today was one of those fridge clear out kinda meals. Mackerel, rocket, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, feta and half a toasted pitta (I said I wouldn't eat the other half and that lasted about 2.78 seconds). I loooove mackerel. It's cheap, full of fishy flavour, protein and vitamin D. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

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