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Alexandra Jade  β€’ Everyday life through the eyes of a foodie πŸ“Έ β€’ Birmingham, UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ β€’ Student, soon to be graduate πŸŽ“

Back in a rainy England after 5 days soaking up sun, wine & cheese in my favourite city. In need of a quick detox before I go on my next summer adventure and that means abit of a break from alcohol. This concoction is a Raspberry Mojito minus the rum and if you close your eyes hard enough, you're basically on the beach. 🍷 #everydaywithreay

Absolute shocker; Alex manages to make a salad that has minimal salad ingredients. We've got roasted chickpeas & sweet potato, rocket, avo, tomatoes, capers, fried tofu aaaand a sprinkling of feta. All drizzled in my favourite homemade dressing. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

The only thing more satisfying than salted butter oozing through the holes of your hot crumpets is knowing you made that butter and those crumpets from scratch. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

We all know the best gifts come in small packaging. I put my @kitchenaid_uk to good use again today and whipped up some Chocolate orange & Almond Shortbreads, packaged them up all nicely (thanks to @heyyytaylor) and gave them out to my nearest and dearests (to stop me eating them all) πŸ₯„ #everydaywithreay

Drizzly Mondays call for a warming lunch. After a weekend of treats I need to step up my game this week and try and keep healthy before my holiday. Check my story to see what went into to this SOUPer (πŸ˜‚) easy Broccoli & Stilton soup. 🍡 #everydaywithreay

If it's got bananas and raspberries in then it's totally fine to eat for breakfast, no?! I'm heading to Birmingham for my graduation today and am feeling suuuuuuper strange. Does this officially make me an adult/do I have to stop eating choc for breakfast? πŸŽ“ #everydaywithBA

Sending virtual love in the form of homemade hobnobs drizzled in salted caramel dark chocolate.🍴 #everydaywithreay

Morning lovelies. Since finishing uni I've been feeling a little lost. I'm not 100% what I want to do with my life, but I need to earn some money because I've waved goodbye to student loans. I want to enjoy my last free summer but I'm also a forward thinker and the thought of not having a plan makes me stressed. Anyway, last night I had a night to myself. I cooked a great meal, made some yummy drinks, had a bath, put a face mask on, ate ice cream, did some reading, did some writing, did some creating, and got an early night. I feel 1000000000% better about everything this morning and I know that in the end, everything will sort itself out. So, this is a little reminder for you that if life is getting you down at the moment, have a day/night completely alone and do all your favourite things. Life is suuuuch a precious thing and it's stupid to let insignificant things get in the way of it. πŸ’• THIS meal is a prawn, chilli, garlic and white wine linguine. See my story for what else went in it. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Brunch round 2 this morning in the Reay household. Eggy bread, avo, bacon, coffee. Check out my story to see how easy it is to make. Happy Sunday loves. 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Fiiiiiinally got to go to Pig & Pastry in York this morning for brunch and it was soooo good. Great atmosphere and yummy food. We got two deluxe avos on toast with a cappuccino and a red tea. I'm still sat here umming and ahhing over getting a donut - do I or don't I?! 🍴 #everydaywithreay

Making my way round Leeds, one eatery at a time πŸ˜‹ tonight I trialled out 'Zaap' on Vicar Lane and it did not disappoint. This dish was a tofu Massaman with sticky rice and a side of Chang. Check my story for a video of the inside, seriously felt like I was at a street food stall in Thailand and the food was made right next to our table. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. 🍴#everydaywithreay

But first, coffee. β˜•οΈ
I started an internship in Leeds this week all about the world of PR, marketing and social media and it's SO interesting learning the ins and outs of things. HOWEVER, I am starting to realise why my mum could only be bothered to make us all pasta every night after working a full day because I am pooooooped. Student life was pretty sweet sleep-wise. Keeping my body fuelled on flat whites and my forever favourite @oatly choccy milk 🍼 #everydaywithreay

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