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Repost from @oilylifewithabby @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Come oil with me!
If you consistently use your oils, you will quickly learn that this lifestyle isn’t just some hoax. Essential oils are man’s oldest known form of medicine, so it’s only natural to use them at this day in age to support our bodies. Wellness is so important in our everyday lives.
I’d genuinely love to know what’s holding you back from taking the plunge. Is it the sticker price? Is it because you think it’s a fad? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with me!
Young Living still has their flash sale going on through tonight where you can purchase a premium starter kit with 2 diffusers, 13 oils, samples of Ningxia red, and a packet of thieves cleaner for $198. Jump in with me and join my team, and I’ll give you $25 back. That means you spend $173 (plus shipping & handling) to start your wellness journey with oils. On top of that, you’ll get a welcome kit from me to get you started with resources and a community to help you make the most of your oils.
Come oil with me, y’all! #everydayoilessentials

Single rollers now available. Tap photo to shop! ▪️
Repost from @oilychels @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Snagged these cute gold rollers from @everydayoilessentials & they’ve become a staple in the welcome mail I send when you grab your starter kit 😍⠀

I love to give people the opportunity to try things outside the starter kit & this roller is a “happy mama” roller for a sweet friend of mine ❤️ ⠀

+ contains Joy, Bergamot, and Orange and smells divine⠀

Believe me, I don’t want anyone to buy a starter kit of oils & never open the package, feel overwhelmed, or think they’re just for “smell goods.” I’m here to tell you they’re so much more of a tool than I can even cover here. ⠀

Essential oils and the journey into wellness is one of the best gifts you can give your one & only body ❤️ #everydayoilessentials

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Repost from @mydarlingoils @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost .
I was gifted the most gorgeous pouch for my birthday from two of the finest humans! @renewproject employs refugee women in the Chicagoland area to create beautiful handmade goods. The artisans are women who have survived hardships in their country and have resettled in the United States. They are trained at Re:new and equipped to thrive as they build their hopes and dreams in the United States. My dear friends, Ruthie + Brit Work at Re:new and they have such a passion to serve in the fashion industry. Pleeeease check out @renewproject - I have not stopped using this clutch to hold my phone, purse, keys, oils and sunnies so they don’t get lost in my diaper bag! #momlife #everydayoilessentials

We have 15 Jade rollers available for Pre-order. You’ll receive a FREE 20ml dropper bottle when you pre-order today using code “jade”. These are awesome for face serums and will complete your facial routine▪️ #everydayoilessentials #theresanoilforthat #diy #essentialoils #essentialoilsupplies #rollerbottle #doterra #youngliving #aromatherapy #holistic

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Repost from @thisoilylittlelife @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost A new day, a new week. Refilling some of our most used bottles this morning. 🌿
For skin, emotions, immune, respiratory hair & hormones. Just a few of the areas we all need support in 👌🏻
Bottles: @everydayoilessentials
Label: @idaho_urban_designs ❤️
Pretty shabby chic wall hanging...from some adorable little boutiquey shop in Bayonne, France 😍 #everydayoilessentials

ALL children’s accessories are 25% off! ▪️
Shop while supplies last! ▪️
#everydayoilessentials #theresanoilforthat #diy #essentialoils #essentialoilsupplies #rollerbottle #doterra #youngliving #aromatherapy #holistic

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Repost from @essentially_joilful @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost Tiny Little Blends!

These are my go to blends for when I am running around outside my house and want emotional support, they both double as lovely toxin free perfumes too. .
✨Rose and Grapefruit are uplifting and stress reducing, and I love these as a perfume. 3 drops each (uncap the Rose roller and use a dropper) and fill the rest of the way with FCO. .
✨Balance and Wild Orange, these two are my saviors when I’m stressed, tired or have a lot of driving to do. 3 drops of each and top off with FCO.

What is your go to combo for running errands?

Ready to get started with oils? Send me a message asap to get in on the BOGO F R E E sale, and get Wild Orange for free! #everydayoilessentials

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Repost from @sheplantsjoy @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost If you don’t have Young Living oils yet and you’ve been thinking #need, today is such a good day to get started!! Normally a starter kit is $160 and comes with 11 oils + a diffuser. Over $330 worth of products for half the price? Yes please.
Today only you can get all of that + an extra diffuser + 2 extra oils for $173!! ($198 - $25 extra back via PayPal from me!!) Seriously as soon as you start diffusing you’ll wish you had another diffuser so this is the best best best deal ever!! I have one in my bedroom and one in my living room at all times!! Let me know if you wanna grab this deal and I’ll walk you through ordering + send you your extra $25 back + add you to all of our team fb groups that you can search literally ANYTHING & EVERYTHING on!! ✨#everydayoilessentials

What did you do this weekend? Don’t forget to use the discount code when checking out. 🌞 #everydayoilessentials #theresanoilforthat #diy #essentialoils #essentialoilsupplies #rollerbottle #doterra #youngliving #aromatherapy #holistic

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