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Every Day Is Golden  Beauty all around.. its right there! Owned & taken by me, nearby, driving past or at work. Smart phone

Another crazy packed New Zealand Beach!
#pikowai #bop #nofilter #visitnewzealand

'Couldn't stop the car' wet sunrise.

Motorway Morning sky

Markers along the way to spring!

Spring is on the way!

Udon noodle meatballs. Chorizo, chilli, tomato- pinot gris garlic,Parmesan,Acocado, Capers and ground black pepper! 15 minutes!

Home made Chirizo meat ball night

Wane winter sunrise.

Volcanic Plateau. One of the many road side volcanic steam vents around Taupo and Rotorua. #taupo #steamvents #boilingmud #newzealand

Some mornings....just are grand!

Great Hawke’s Bay Sunday sunrise

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