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Everyday Africa  Photographers living and working in Africa, finding the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the familiar, the everyday.


I am thrilled to share with you that my picture of the Cathedral of Mogadishu with other photographs from my series " Mosquito Coast, travels from Maputo to Mogadishu" is exhibited by A galerie at the Art Paris Fair at Le Grand Palais, alongside the work of Master photographers Nick Brandt and Albert Watson Starting today the 29th of March with the official opening and opening to the public on the 30th of March until 2nd of April. Photo by @guillaumebonn #mogadishu #somalia #mosquitocoast #guillaumebonn #dispatchesfromatraveler

Photograph by Mahmoud Khattab @somewhereincairo City of hundred fallen guards, thousand minarets and million dishes. Seeing different rooftops of Cairo is like seeing someone from different angles. This was a foggy morning over Cairo’s necropolis; where people live side by side with tombs of elders. From “Somewhere in Cairo" series

Today and for one week, I will take over The Everyday Project’s @everydayeverywhere instagram feed, featuring photographs from around the world with hashtag #everydayeverywhere 🌍🌎🌏 Keep a look!

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Men warm themselves by the fire at the Djalori Refugee Camp in Diffa, Niger. Photo by Jane Hahn @janehahn. 300,000 people displaced by the Boko Haram crisis are taking refuge in southern Niger, straining the already vulnerable environment of the Lake Chad basin. In the last fifty years the size of Lake Chad has shrunk by nearly 90 percent due to climate change as well as human factors. In Diffa, across from the regions largest camp, refugees cut down trees to use for fire wood which can cost up to 50 percent of a family's monthly income. Most of the displaced are farmers and fishermen who are used to a more fertile environment and are unable to yield enough from Niger's harsh environment to provide for their families. Aid agencies are unable to provide the basics for most of the displaced due to a lack of funding from international donors further worsening the crisis.
#climatechange #niger #diffa #bokoharam #lakechadbasin #lakechad #desertification #deforestation #photojournalism #displaced

Ahmed 'Kathy& #39; Kathrada passed away today at the age of 87.

He was one of Rivonia trialists sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island at the age of 34 along with his Nelson Mandela among others. He spent 18 years of his sentence on the Island, after which he was moved to Pollsmoor for another 7 years till his release in 1989.

I made these images on the one time I was fortunate enough to meet him.

Photograph by Barry Christianson @thesestreetsza
#thesestreetsza #ahmedkathrada #southafrica
#capetown #rivoniatrial #apartheid

A carnivores' paradise. Dakar, Senegal.

Photo and Words by Nana Kofi Acquah (www.nkacquah.com) @africashowboy (Copyright: 2017).

When its that hot you start looking at how many pools are available and working. Photo by @guillaumebonn #bamako #mali #pools #guillaumebonn #mali #dispatchesfromatraveler #ilovemali #everydayeverywhere

Cheikh poses proudly with his car rapide. He is 28 and still single because "I can't seem to agree with the ladies on the terms for marriage " . Photo and Words by Nana Kofi Acquah (www.nkacquah.com) @africashowboy (Copyright: 2017). #Dakar #Senegal
On assignment for the Novartis Foundation @novartis

A fisherman smokes fish using the cover of a fan as his grill. Why not? #Dakar #senegal
Photo and Words by Nana Kofi Acquah (www.nkacquah.com) @africashowboy (Copyright: 2017).

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