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Everyday Afghanistan  Discovering and showcasing the most unseen images, untold and unheard stories of a war-torn country. #everydayafghanistan to submit.


Following our course on sharing the works of 9 emerging Afghan female photographers/photojournalists, this week we are coming with our second photo-story by featuring Nilofar Niekpor @nilofarniekpor on his story about Afghan businesswomen. Nilofar Niekpor is an Afghan award winning female photographer born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She’s currently working on an assignment as a photojournalist at Nimrokh Weekly Magazine.
Nilofar’s photo-story entitled “Afghan Women at Business” where she has tried to chronicle and showcase the life of Afghan women running their own businesses. “Women are opening their own businesses in Afghanistan, whether men like it or not. In a shop, at a restaurant — it’s not just a man’s world in the workplace.” Nilofar says. The story recently shared by the @huffpost as a result of her training at Sahar Speaks, an organization that provides training, mentoring and publishing opportunities to female Afghan reporters. Afghan women are now desired to tell their stories to the world, and Sahar Speaks as a unique program to empower Afghanistan’s women journalists help them to have their voices heard worldly.
To widely represent the work of these 9 girls Everyday Afghanistan is partnering with @everydayeverywhere, @freewomenwriters, @nativphotograph, and Sahar Speaks.

"Afghan youth, Ilham 24 and Sona 23, celebrate valentines day. Ancient city of Balkh has always been the kindergarten of poets like Rabia. She is said to have been descended from a royal family who fell in love with Baktash, her brother’s slave. When Rabia’s brother, Hares, found out, he killed Baktash and told Rabia’s servants to cut her veins in the bathroom. Rabia wrote poems with her blood on the walls of the bath while she was dying and each poem was an expression of her love to Baktash." #Mazar_e_Sharif, #Balkh, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Farshad Usyan @farshadusyan / @afpphoto. #everydayBalkh, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #valentinesday, #valentino, #Instagram, #love, @freewomenwriters.

Elderly man passing by a painted wall that marks to the celebration of international day of Valentines. Each year the February 14th coincides as the day of affection, fondness, sympathy and attachment around the world which is deliberately compared to Sepandarmazgan festivity in Persian calendar as the day of love. #Mazar_e_Sharif, #Balkh, #Afghanistan. Photo by Farshad Usyan @farshadusyan #everydayBalkh, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #valentinesday, #valentino, #Instagram.

"Little Afghan boy runs his kite inside an outdoor and abandoned pool. As we don't need that much wider spaces to fly a kite, but the city is still in need of some green areas and playgrounds, this is what we barely see in Afghan's capital." #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Shayan Hakimzada @shayanhakimzada #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere,#kite #playground, #mobilephotography

Children following a Buzkashi game on a Soviet destroyed tank in #Samangan, #Afghanistan. Photo by Chris Cenaiko @chriscenaikotravels #everydaySamangan, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram.

"Portrait of an Afghan horseman Mohidin, 82, in a Buzkashi game. He rides like a much younger man. It was a challenge to get him to stand still for a moment ahead of a traditional game of Buzkashi. While he didn't compete with the younger and stronger men on horseback, he rode among them and cheered them on as they fought over the carcass of a headless goat. The players in a Buzkashi match are locally known as Chapandaz." #Paghman, #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Finbarr O'Reilly @finbarroreilly. #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #photojournalism, #iphoneonly

Teenage girl passing by a beauty salon in #Herat, #Afghanistan. Photo by Jafar Mosavi @jafar_mosavi #everydayHerat, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram.

A teenager stands by a dried tree on a hillside in a foggy day as the smoke nearly covered the city's sky in the background in downtown Kabul. Thick columns of smoke emitting from homes, brick kilns and factories, bumper-to-bumper vehicles producing harmful gases, malodorous garbage piled in hot weather on the sides of the roads and paths are making the living highly challenging in the capital. Similarly, sub-standard generators built from the old engines of cars, burning of plastic, old car tires, wood in bathhouses and burning of coal ash in brick kilns and public houses beside other noxious non-organic substances, are responsible for 20-25% of the air pollution in the city. By the time, due to the population growth and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the problem has grown more challenging and causing various types of disease. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Amir Masoud Soheili @masoudsoheili and text by Hujjatullah Zia #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #everydayClimateChange, #Instagram, #airpollution, #pollution, #environment.

Afghan policeman Mansoor, walks along Babur's Wall high above Kabul at sunrise. Created by the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Zahir ud-Din Muhammad Babur (1483-1530), after his conquest of Kabul in 1504, the wall and historic gardens below remain crumbling wonders from the past. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Finbarr O'Reilly @finbarroreilly #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #photojournalism, #iphoneonly

"I had a chat and a Chai(tea) with Farid early in the morning. He is a former policeman who is currently working in a wood market as a day labourer. I was curious to find out the reason behind his decision. Whilst having a sour smile on his face, he replied " I am the only one working in my family. Having a big family to feed, it doesn't allow me to risk my life". He seemed to be more concerned of situation. He had left the police force due to increase of violence and strength of Taliban in northern provinces of Afghanistan. Increase in poppy productions, conflict among government heads, rise of IS and strength of Taliban stand as main threats to people in Afghanistan." #Balkh, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Farshad Usyan @farshadusyan #everydayBalkh, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #mobilephotography

About the same time he sold balloons to two children on a path between their home and a hillside cemetery this morning, 150 kilometres east, gunmen charged into the office of Save the Children International in Jalalabad after blowing apart the compound’s front gate with a bomb that also reportedly wounded several passers-by. The Taliban has denied responsibility. The International Committee for the Red Cross—the aid organisation often viewed as having the greatest tolerance for risk here—was forced to downsize their Afghanistan operations late last year after several incidents resulting in the deaths of staff. Today’s attack in Jalalabad, which follows another at a 200 room hotel in Kabul over the weekend where foreigners were specifically targeted, will no doubt impact all humanitarian operations in Afghanistan, and with them the millions whose support they have come to rely on. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Andrew Quilty @andrewquilty #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram.

Child sheperds on the banks of the Amu River, the natural border between Afghanistan and #Tajikistan in #Archi, #Kunduz, #Afghanistan. Photo by Jim Huylebroek @jimhuylebroek #everydayKunduz, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #photojournalism, #Amuriver

An elderly laborer resting on his wheelbarrow. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Furhan Khalil Lucas @furhan.lucas for @nocaptionlucas #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #minimalism

A burqa clad woman standing in front of the eastern gate of the Great Mosque of Herat also known as the Masjid-i Jami. The Jama Masjid o Herat city was built during by Ghurids in 1200 AD. #Herat, #Afghanistan. Photo by Morteza Herati @mortezaherati #everydayHerat, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #mosque, #islam

A little Afghan child playing with a dog on a hill top in #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Amir Masoud Soheili @masoudsoheili #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram.

Teenagers standing in front of a painted wall. In Afghanistan generally graffiti can be defined as words, figures, letters or drawings scribbled or sprayed on a surface through the dark streets of sleeping cities and allies to send out a message to wash away the depressing memories of long-time war having taken in the country, to educate the public and to beautify the cities. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Alisina Mohammadi @alisinamohammadi #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #Instagram, #graffiti

I had read "whisky is to drink, water is to fight for". Having a good water management system is an essential need for every country to tackle climate change impacts. According to climate studies, Afghanistan is among the countries that will experience extreme droughts in mid 21st century. Due to a weak water management, the Afghan government has done nothing so far except putting gabion walls to prevent seasonal floods. In this photograph, two Afghan men try to capture the sunset besides Amu river, the natural border between Afghanistan and #Uzbekistan. #Hairatan, #Balkh, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Farshad Usyan @farshadusyan / @climatetracker, @afpphoto, @groundtruth. #everydayBalkh, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #everydayClimateChange, #Amuriver #climatechange #reportagespotlight #mobilephotography

Representing Everyday Afghanistan's best nine shots and most favorited images of 2017. We are congratulating to all 9 photographers for being featured as our best nine of the past year. The photographs from top left to right belongs to: Silvia Alessi @silvia.txs(2), Angela Corrias @angelacorrias, Mahbooba Hazara @mahbooba_hazara, Bashir Aria @bashiraria, Farshad Usyan @farshadusyan, Jafar Mosavi @jafar_mosavi, Mahab Azizi @mahab_azizi_photography and Mohammad Kheirkhah @moe_zoyari.
We are all wishing you a happy new year.

As the dusk meets the day and the sun shines its last lights, this young man leaned on a wall and got himself busy on studying, he's probably at night shift. At Kabul University there are lots of green spaces, gardens filled with flowers and pleasant walkways to have your break time and take a seat with your friends. Outside faculties and libraries students are barely found to study— especially during the cold breezy days of winter ahead of their exams. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo and text by Aryan Musleh @aryanmusleh #everydayKabul, #everydayAfghanistan, #everydayAsia, #everydayeveryWhere, #education #university

(12/12) We are closing Mahbooba’s photo story by posting her last photo in a partnership with @womenphotograph, @nativphotograph, @freewomenwriters, @zan.tv, @everydayeverywhere and Sahar Speaks.
Zakia, in the yard of her home as her son, Mahdi watching her cleaning up the dishes. She lives with her children in a small, dark house measuring. Her husband, Khadem, died in a traffic accident in Kabul, and she has been supporting the family ever since. She is literally the family’s breadwinner. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Mahbooba Hazara @mahbooba_hazara.
Mahbooba Hazara is an Afghan female photojournalist born on 1995 in Tehran, Iran. She’s mostly freelancing since 2014 between Kabul, Bamiyan and Daykundi provinces of Afghanistan.

(11/12) Zakia during work in her bakery as smoke and fire irritate her eyes, and she is short of breath. She wants to work because she does not want to depend on anybody. She starts her job in the early morning and works until late night. Her loyal customers wouldn’t believe it, but she says hates baking. But the small business promises a better future for her children. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Mahbooba Hazara @mahbooba_hazara.
Mahbooba Hazara is an Afghan female photojournalist born on 1995 in Tehran, Iran. She’s mostly freelancing since 2014 between Kabul, Bamiyan and Daykundi provinces of Afghanistan.
We are sharing Mahbooba’s photo story in a partnership with @womenphotograph, @nativphotograph, @freewomenwriters, @zan.tv, @everydayeverywhere and Sahar Speaks.

(10/12) Zakia during work. Before all this, she was working out as a domestic helper, a job that required long hours, but it didn’t last so long and she started to run her small business and build a bakery, where most of her customers are women and she can make an estimated amount of 3-4 $USD in a single day. Zakia starts baking every day at 4 a.m. in the early morning and works until late night, 9 p.m. Actually, she can promise herself and her family a better living. #Kabul, #Afghanistan. Photo by Mahbooba Hazara @mahbooba_hazara.
Mahbooba Hazara is an Afghan female photojournalist born on 1995 in Tehran, Iran. She’s mostly freelancing since 2014 between Kabul, Bamiyan and Daykundi provinces of Afghanistan.
We are sharing Mahbooba’s photo story in a partnership with @womenphotograph, @nativphotograph, @freewomenwriters, @zan.tv, @everydayeverywhere and Sahar Speaks.

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