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Kalebs NEW ACCOUNT  yo guess whos single again :')) ❤trombone❤ "valhalla im coming" blake and I, january 2019 @lovely_sonic88369 is my real account fool

happy birthday most op character

i really never expected to ever go through something like this :/

today was a very sad day :/// i had my heart broken twice :( but you gotta accept the hard things in life :( its what makes you a stronger person

WOW what a wonderful night☺☺☺☺

I MET THIS GIRL TODAY AND SHES CUTE AND SWEET wow i feel whimsical its a new feeling but kinda familiar🤔🤔😄

yeah im gonna keep spam posting on here

my arms r gross

Bye Guys (@cant_have_a_decent_username ) sent me the pics when he destroyed my acc

this is him in the act

Ganondorf forward smashed my account out of existence😢raise awareness please

oof im really tired :// im sad.. i need a lil bit of love :/💔

i got 5 pairs of new socks and a new shirt :)) im real happy

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