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  I'm Megan💫. This is my story and updates on what happens in my life👀. Don't like it, don't follow💁.

Hello, I haven't been on here in weeks sorry!! So 2 weeks ago I had my stomach scan looking for gallstones etc. It all came back clear so I might be having a scope put down looking for stomach ulcers etc. I'm on tablets at the moment which are the only things keeping me eating normally! I have severe tonsillitis at the moment and I was put on strong antibiotics for 7 days and went back to my doctor again last week because they had no effect. I'm now on even stronger antibiotics which are making me very dizzy, weak, I'm shaking all the time etc. I had throat swabs done so the results should be back soon along with my bloodwork. At the moment I'm going to physio for a swollen disc in my neck and I'm happy with the results from it! I'm also going to acupuncture which is a form of Chinese medicine used with needles. At the moment we're only doing pain blocks because with the infection doing anyhing else could strengthen the infection. Apparently I'm not strong enough to fight off the infection and now I have a suspected chest infection too. Hopefully it'll be all sorted soon! I'm really ill at the moment and everything is almost a struggle I'm so weak but I'll get there😊 thankyou all for supporting me on this account, it means a lot.

Hello, sorry for lack of posts! Basically I went to the doctor yesterday and got stronger stomach tablets but I'm still not eating much at all. I have a scan tomorrow on my stomach to see if there's gall stones or anything there. I'm being referred to throat surgeons to get my tonsils out because they keep infecting etc etc. So that's an operation that'll be coming up. I have to go to the hospital for an overall check to see if all these head sensations are part of my chronic migraine syndrome. I had physio for my neck yesterday and next week I'm getting needles put into the muscles and bones around my neck.😁 I'm in a lot of pain and my limbs are really weak today, I don't know why so I'll just take it easy. Sorry if all that was boring do you. Keep fight, always😘💗

Hello! So I thought I'd update you all a bit more on what's happening. I went out yesterday for most of the day and obviously overdid it because my glandular fever is back again. Just really ba throat pain etc etc. I'm still not eating much at all, I'm trying but the pain is worsening all the time. The stomach pain,nausea and my breathing is bad today and I just don't have any energy. I might end up in the emergency room if this gets any worse. I don't have the energy or motivation to do anything today so I'll probably try to relax and rest. I'm due to see my doctor Tuesday so hopefully I can hold on until then instead of going to the emergency room! I have so many people texting and DMing me and the support means so so much to me so thankyou. Not feeling good at the moment but I'll keep fighting💗 I'll keep you all updated if I end up in hospital.

Cried from the pain last night and that hasn't happened in a long time. I'm so tired of feeling tired, nauseous, in pain etc. Still not getting any answers really, I just hope my scans are soon. I keep telling myself it can only get better.😔

I feel really awful and stupid I had to make this account for updates instead of my fan account because the amount of hate I was getting and nasty comments I was getting was awful and it made me feel so so so bad about myself. This fandom are supposed to stick together? Well whoops then. I'm losing trust with the fandom now and I don't know anymore. Bye✋.

I hate feeling so ill and none of my tablets are working😔
If you want to share your story with me, you can comment or DM me! Id love to hear them💗
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Going on a rant so don't read if you don't want because I'll probably bore you. One thing I cannot stand is letting this illness get the better of me. I'll do everything I want because it's a stupid illness an ugh. Well not only am I not in school at the moment, I don't see my friends, I can't eat with my stomach even though I'm on loads of tablets for it so I'm waiting to see the doctors Tuesday because they're worried about me, tomorrow after 10 months I was going to be going back horseriding( the one thing I love ) and doing flatwork but now apparently my parents say its too dangerous in the state I am with my stomach and everything. I'm so annoyed because to me it's letting this illness win and I also can't go to my bestfriends birthday party so why don't i just lock myself in my room then. Sorry for all that, you didn't need to hear that but I need to get it off my chest.

I'm Megan and most of you know me from my fan account. This account is basically updates on my life and what's going on with me for the people who want to keep up with me. I've been battling chronic illnesses for 10 months now! I've had operations, I'm always at doctors and in hospitals. So I guess I should start off with my story so far. I'll keep it as short as possible not to bore anyone. 10 months ago I was just a normal teenager, going out with friends etc. It started with a bad throat infection which turned out to be glandular fever. a few weeks later I had really bad stomach pains and I was admitted to hospital, I stayed in for about 5 days because they thought it was my appendix but they diagnosed me with a virus and sent me home. A week later I was admitted to hospital again a lot worse and id have a 15 minute surgery the next morning to see what was wrong. I woke up 2 hours later from the operation, there was a burst cyst poisoning me and my appendix was about to burst. 6 weeks when I'd recovered from my operation another cyst was found but with treatment it shrank. I started to have severe migraines then and eventually I was sent for brain and neck scans, they found a swelling on my spine and I was diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome which is triggered by stress. At the moment I'm not eating because of stomach pain(again) at first I was told it was a stomach infection but now I'm being sent for scans next week to see if its gallstones or an ulcer. I'm also undergoing acupuncture treatment to help with my energy etc. Well that's a short version of what's been happening😂 sorry if it's boring for you all and if you've read this far without falling asleep then well done!! Don't feel sorry for me, I'm learning to cope with my illness and battling it everyday and I just hope maybe it'll help someone in some way! Whatever you're battling at the moment, whether it's stress with friends, stress at home, the loss of a love one, illness, mental illness etc. I'm always here for you, keep fighting always💕 there's always light at the end of the tunnel! ~ Megan

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