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Kyle and I are having our Valentine’s Day date tonight and to say I’m excited would be the biggest understatement of the year! Every year, since our first Valentine’s Day, we do a fun date where we go to our favorite restaurants to get all our favorite foods. (You can read more about it on the blog.)
Last year we got @texasroadhouse rolls, @village_baker sandwich, @chickfila nuggets, nachos from @caferio, salad from @cafezupas and a waffle from @waffluv! It was soooo yummy you guys! This year I’ll be storying our adventure so stay tuned tonight to see where we go!
I want to hear what you would choose if you had a feast of your favorites! Let me know below! 😋😋😋 We can see if any of our favorites are the same as yours!

I’d walk through fire with you.
Well not fire because it’s dangerous.
But a super humid room.
But not too humid because my hair. 😉🤣💁🏼‍♀️
Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever valentine who is the sweetest for understanding and embracing my obsession with clothes and hair and that those are things that can’t be messed with and have to be always done...even if it means we are sometimes late! 😂 He is the real MVP!

It’s a Monday and yet I’m crushing my goals today! I can tell it’s going to be a GOOD week you guys! Let’s start this week off right with some fun everyday celebrations! Mine is that I already accomplished my 5 goals for the day and it’s only 1! 🎉 Now your turn....GO!
Ps: thanks to everyone who has used my hashtag on Instagram and Facebook and let me know their celebrations. I’ve loved reading them! #celebratetheeverydaylife

We’ve got these weekend dates down pat! 💕

“Whale” you be mine? 💕🐳
Socks: @wovenpear

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I’ve teamed up with some fellow Utah bloggers to share 9 different outfit ideas for you! Plus in my blog post I’m giving you tricks and tips on how to use your existing closet for Valentine’s Day this year! You know where to go....link in my bio! 😉
My cute top is from @shopmscb and they are giving you 10% off with code “EVERYDAYELLIS”!

Me: *texting Kyle* I don’t know what to caption this photo!
Kyle: *sends 10 texts with caption ideas*
Me: Hahahaha these are hilarious!
This is why we work. He is funny. And I just laugh at literally everything. 🤣

You know how dessert first is always better?! 🍰 Well that’s how @cakebrowser describes their new mobile browser and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been my default browser the last few weeks as I got to test it out before they launched and it’s my new favorite way to search the web. You search and then just swipe back and forth. You don’t have to go to a results page or always go back to a new page...just keep swiping. It’s also super customizable and lets you set default settings for shopping, searches, ads and more! I’m making it easy for you to download too, just head to my bio or stories for the link. Try it out, put it on your home screen and let me know what you think! #sponsored #DontbeDefault #cakebrowser

Hey Friday....👋🏻 told ya I was coming for ya! 😉 #wemadeit #celebratetheeverydaylife

I was online shopping 2 weeks ago at @oliveaveboutique and asked for your help with which items I should buy in my stories! You voted and this cardigan won! You guys chose really well....so thanks! 😉😘 For all of you that want to do a little online shopping for yourself now and not me....@oliveaveboutique just released some of the cutest new arrivals and you can use code “EVERYDAY20” for 20%!

This was my most loved outfit from you guys in 2017 and I’m still rockin it in 2018! ✌🏻 I love layering different pieces, patterns and textures....so I’m writing a blog post with all my favorite layering tips and tricks! BUT...I want your help! Will you write any questions, concerns, or struggles you have when trying to layer/mix and match below so I can answer them in my post? AND if you feel like you already rock at layering pieces will you comment your favorite tips and tricks below and I’ll include them in my post (and I can link back to you if you’d like)! Let’s finish off winter with the best layering outfits evah! 😘

Hey Friday, 👋🏻 I’m coming for ya! 😉

“You are the poem I never knew how to write and this is the story I have always wanted to tell.” - Tyler Knott Gregson

#AD: When my lips are on point! 😘 I’ve been using the @neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine this winter because it has helped my lips feel smooth and protected from the winter weather. They just released new colors and you can still get the buy one get one 50% off at @walgreens right now until tomorrow! #neutrogenaXwalgreens

“Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they’re not.” ❤️ Today I hope you find something in yourself to value just a little more than you did yesterday! 😘

#AD: Getting ready is way more fun with a friend! I was hanging out with @theclassygiraffe the other day and helped her with her makeup. For her brows I used the new @neutrogena brow pencil. It comes with a sculptor to help you create simple or dramatic looks, whatever fits you best! Don’t forget to head to @walgreens to pick up all these products while they are on sale for buy one get one 50% off @neutrogena. #neutrogenaxwalgreens

Look who is home!!! 🎉

I’m not one to share the “downer” parts of life because you all know how much I LOVE being happy and positive, but today was pretty crappy. I’ve been feeling sick. I’m exhausted. And worn out. And ready for bed, but I’ve got loads to do because well.... #reallife. So I decided to sit here in my bed, throw a mini pity party for myself avoiding everything I need to get done because #itsokaytobesad and then focus on how Minnie Mouse finally got her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star today (you go girl) and how that is my #celebratetheeverydaylife celebration today! 🎉 Leave me your everyday celebration below and let’s kick these Monday blues away! And if you had a crappy Monday, just know you aren’t alone and it’s totally, 100% okay to feel bummed out! 😘

I am partnering with @dove to share my favorite winter skincare tips today on the blog including a new favorite product, Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. I love the 48-hour odor and wetness protection and how soft and smooth my underarms are. It keeps me fresh all day and helps me know I am taking care of my skin. #DovePartner #ExpectMore

I’m living for my weekends with this boy! 💕 Kyle’s work has officially started busy season, which means he works until 11 (sometimes 12) at night. It’s always hard going from doing everything together to only seeing him right before bed, but we make up for it on the weekends. We jam pack fill our weekends with fun things and lots of dates! I sure love him! Here’s to hoping I survive the next 5 months!

#ad What makeup do you always use and love? I’m always using a good primer, corrector and of course a fun lipstick color! Since makeup can get expensive I’ve been loving the @neutrogena sale happening right now at @walgreens where you can buy one and get one 50% off!
Comment and tell me what Neutrogena products you are going to get at the sale? #neutrogenaXwalgreens

I interrupt your Instagram scrolling to announce that my little sister is coming home from her mission in exactly one week from today!!! I literally can’t contain my excitement...at all! One week, one week! 🎉
PS: This photo was taken right before she left. When I had short, brown hair and bangs! So crazy! 😂

#AD: I am very picky about which makeup products I use on my face to make sure I am taking care of my skin. That’s why when I was able to try the new Healthy Skin line from @neutrogena I was so excited to use products that were meant to help my skin, not just cover it up. In this makeup look I used the Healthy Skin Primer (which is the best primer I’ve ever used) along with their Healthy Skin Pressed Powder and Anti-Aging Perfector. I loved the light feeling, while still getting full coverage. Best part is that all (yes ALL) of the @neutrogena products are on sale right now at @walgreens for Buy One Get One 50% until January 27th, so you can stock up for the new year. Which makeup products are you wanting to try this new year? #neutrogenaXwalgreens

Who says we have to grow up?!

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