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I want to hold hands + waste Friday nights with you 💕
Kyle and I had some plans with friends tonight but some are now out of town, others are sick and things just fell through. I’m kind of excited though because a night of nothing to do but hang out with my bf sounds pretty darn good to me. What are your plans this Friday night??

Let’s celebrate my favorite season with a little giveaway! I’ve teamed up with @littlemamashirtshop to giveaway $30 shopping credit. I got this super cute pumpkin patch tee from them that I wore over the weekend and I love it.
To Enter:
1. Like this photo
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3. Tell me your favorite part about fall and Tag a friend (more tags = more entries)
That’s it! Giveaway will end October 20th at midnight mst. No giveaway accounts or tagging of celebrities. Good luck!

hiiiiiii!!!!! I’m back! 👋🏻 it was such a nice break, but I’m excited to be back with a new excitement, lots more thoughts, ideas to share, and get back to chatting with all of you! Basically I missed you all!
My 10 day Instagram break was SOOO good for me! I’ll admit I went into it totally unsure if I’d actually be able to do it. I love social media and I was scared from a business standpoint if it would all be worth it. I knew it was what I needed to do though, and so I followed through and boy am I glad I did! I learned so much from my break. Here is an excerpt from my blog post:
“As the first few days continued I learned that I didn’t actually miss what most people were posting, but I was addicted to the act of scrolling. Mindless scrolling. Mindless watching of stories. Mindlessness. Over and over. And that was when it hit me. Why am I mindlessly doing things in my life? I mindlessly scroll on Instagram. I mindlessly just look at my phone. I mindlessly start watching a show while folding laundry and then realize I watched 6 dances on Dancing with the Stars and folded 2 shirts. I was being extremely mindless in my day to day life and that needed to stop.”
I needed to stop living with mindLESSness and start living with mindFULness.
I’m sharing 10 things I didn’t think I’d learn from my break, but did, on the blog! Head to the link in my bio to read more. Then let me know below...have you ever taken a break from social media? What did you learn? Would you do it again? 💛

A few weeks ago I was scrolling Instagram and I noticed a post a friend made. She was talking about things she wished she had in her life. Like a house, a Disney annual pass, to run her own business, a baby, etc. As I finisher reading her list I remember feeling sad for her. I felt sad because I had everything on her list (except a baby of course) and I started thinking why I was blessed to have all the things that someone else wanted so badly in their life.
But then I thought about what I wanted in my life. Things that I don’t have, but want so badly. Things that she has that I wish could have happened for me. And that’s when it hit me. We all have things we hope to have that others already have. The crazy part to me though was how I had everything she wanted and yet she had things that I wanted.
We can’t look at things that others have, that we want and assume that they “have it all”. It got me thinking and I have 2 things I learned from this that I want to share. 1. I should be grateful every single day for the things that I’ve been blessed with that others may want and I shouldn’t feel bad about having those things. 2. I can figure out a plan on how to get the things I do want and work for it. Stop and think about what I truly want in my life and go for it. Don’t let anyone stop me. I want a Disney annual pass? You bet we saved up our money, didn’t buy any gifts for each other for a full year, worked extra hours and got those passes.
So think about what is it that you want in your life? It can be something big or small, but whatever you truly want. Sit down today and make a plan. How are you going to make your dreams come true? Because everyone can make things happen if you really want and that includes you! It may not come fast, it may be hard, it will probably take more work and require lots of sacrifice, but if it really truly is your DREAM then gosh darn it I want you to make it happen and I know you can! Go for it girl! You’ve got this! 👊🏻

Kyle and I are working on our Halloween costumes tonight and I am so excited! This was last years costume. We dressed little Lou up as Boo from Monster’s Inc and I thought it turned out so funny! I loved it. 😍 Now I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to costumes. I love to dress up, but I love more of a DIY/cheap route that still looks cute, instead of buying a full on costume. If you are like me and need some ideas of my favorite couples costumes that are easy and cheap you can check out my blog. I even add how to dress up your dog to match you and your spouse! 😂
Can anyone guess what we are going to dress up as this year?! If anyone guesses it below I’ll send them a fun package! I’ll give you a hint...our costumes are always Disney related.

2 years ago today Kyle and I got the keys to our very first house!! 🔑 🏡 We spent the evening cleaning and then ate @subway sandwiches standing around our kitchen island. We had eaten subway sandwiches the night of our wedding after the reception at 11:30 pm because it was the closest thing to our hotel that was open that late, so Subway felt appropriate for our first night in our first home! 😂 We then laid out a mattress and slept on our empty living room floor. It’s crazy to me that it’s been 2 years since then. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! 😉 Where do you guys call Home? I’d love to hear which state (or country) you are all from!

Life is more fun with you by my side 💛
Shirt: @lexisloft (use code “whatkarliwore” for 15% off)

Oh little Lou.... 😂🐶🙈 #dogswillbedogs On another note, did you see my blog post where I answered all your questions about @shein_us and linked all the outfits from my try on last week (which are saved in my highlights if you want to see how an item fits). Head to the link in my bio to get all the details on how this entire outfit is under $40! Do you like try ons? Where should I do my next one from? http://liketk.it/2xu5y #liketkit @liketoknow.it Shop your screenshot of this pic with the LIKEtoKNOW.it app

I love you, but don’t touch my pizza! 🍕Thank goodness @littlecaesarsutah is having an awesome deal right now where you get a free pepperoni extra most bestest pizza when you purchase a custom multi-topping pizza on their mobile app so now I don’t have to share my pizza with Kyle (or the pups)! Just order your custom pizza on the app, head to the store and they’ll give you your free pizza when you get there (no need to add it to your order). This deal goes through tomorrow, so order your Saturday night pizza and enjoy not one, but 2 pizzas! You can see more details and download the app using the link in my bio or story!
PS: Are Lou and Lexi wearing napkins not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! 😍#LittleCaesarsUtah #ad

Field Trips: endless fun for kids, ultimate stress for teachers. #ad I always loved going on field trips, and although stressful (because of my endless fear of losing a student), I always loved seeing my students experience things outside of school for the first time. I am so happy to have partnered with @maurices for the chance to share why being a teacher is so important to me. Being able to serve the kids I work with and experience so many of their wonderful moments in their life, has been such a blessing in my life. I’ll go on one hundred field trips if it means I get to be part of their lives. #ServiceWithStyle .
Don’t forget that all the outfits in my Style Syllabus are in the highlight section of my profile. Head there to see a round-up of all my outfits and shop in one easy location.

Gimme all things fall baby! 🍂 Fall is my favorite because there are so many fun activities going on. We started dating in the fall and a lot of fun traditions were born that year! From pumpkin carving contests, and weekly scary movie nights with friends, to our annual @cornbellys extravaganza (yup I went with that word 😂), I just love fall! So I wanna know what’s your favorite fall activity? I’m making a huge bucket list this year with some new activities and I want all your ideas!

Lately I’ve been thinking about this need for people to be more “real” on social media. I’m all for it, but one thing that’s been frustrating is how that “realness” has led to a lot of people believing if you don’t share about your biggest trial or your bad day, then you aren’t “real”. But what I want to know is what makes us the judges of what makes someone’s life “real” or not?
We all have trials. We all have struggles. We all have bad days, but let me tell you why I don’t always share about my bad days. I’m not going to let those things determine my happiness for the day. The fact that I was feeling less than the best as a business owner, or that my house wasn’t pinterest perfect, or that I felt so stressed out about my to do list that I felt like I didn’t want to get out of bed is NOT going to determine my day because I WILL NOT LET IT!! And when I start to focus on those crappy parts of my life....I begin to seriously feel crappy. And I WILL NOT let my day be crappy!
Want to know what does define my day? The fact that I did get out of bed. That I decided to push myself to go running even though I felt tired. The fact that even though my house isn’t pinterest perfect I can be happy that I put the laundry in and I’ll make sure to at least fold it before bed. Celebration and a win right there and that’s what I’m focusing on!
So when you look at someone’s life and think that it’s too good to be true and they aren’t being real, I hope we stop and judge a little less. I hope we stop and look at our own lives and CHOOSE to find the good and focus on it. CHOOSE to let the good things determine your day. The crappy thing that happened to you? It’s crappy, but I can guarantee if you look you can find 5 good things to your 1 bad. I promise!! If someone chooses to share their trials, then power to them because I know we all feel the need to relate to someone and I love hearing those things, but today this post is for all those who feel they aren’t “real” because they choose to focus on every good thing in their life or aren’t sharing a big trial with the internet. I’m here. I see you. You ARE REAL. And YOU ARE LOVED. ❤️

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