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•frida•  grr.


hi instagram. im sad and depressed and i wanna be asleep but it's 4:20am & i can't. is someone out there?

hello. im a cat. and im bored. text me stranger.

hi, is somebody out there?

say hi to my nightmare homework, i will tell you a SECRET. a BIG SECRET! go on vote on little_miss_wanderlust contest. but also i know that all your favorite number is 3. so, maybe the LUCKY NUMBER IS 3. maybe only maybe. okay? leave a 5 if you understand the message .________. whale says bye. just im giving shout outs for the person that votes the favorite number.

hi, what's up?

so, im at the hospital.

just forget the world 

hi, Albert Einstein .

hi, how's eveerybody?

i passed all the day eating noodles and potatoes, which is stupid. one of my last day of summer vacation. bleh, im dying for the book, the perks of being a wallflower, but guess what? i need to read two more books. or work for it. bleh, stupid parrot bite me -__-

old one, cause YOLO. why are you following me, yes you the person reading this. why. why. haha. answer -.-

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