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Quin  It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.

The beach is nice, but the ridges are what keep calling me back. @jess.wandering 🚶🏻‍♀️

Stormy sunset 🌅 love Hawaii’s dramatic weather... the forecast has been consistently wrong so far. A few min prior to this we assumed the gloomy conditions would over power the sunset. Playing in the waves w/ @jess.wandering - 1/3 sec exposure.

One tree to rule them all 🌬

We spotted a small island in the distance from our hotel. @chelseakauai and I paddled over, and first thing we wondered was how those rocks got on top of each other like that. And if the one on the right would ever slide off. Seychelles is an explorer’s dream - so many rocks to see, so little time. @sixsenseszilpasyon

Strange trails w/ @coffeyandtravel

Home among the giants ❄️🏡❄️

Rang in 2019 with good friends in one of my fav places. It’s my 3rd time to @renotahoe in the past year and every time it feels more like home. Its been 4 1/2 years of living on the road now, and I’m constantly debating where would be a good home base. #RenoTahoe is in my top 3, along with Portland, and St George, UT. Main factors I consider are:
1. Proximity to a diversity of adventure.
2. Weather.
3. Cost of living.
4. Airport.

Hang out session on a boulder over the Indian Ocean. Sometimes I look around, and it hits me, “wow, never thought I’d make it here.” Grateful.

Biggest surprises of 2018: Michigan, Alabama, Florida. Eyeing more of the East Coast for next year. 🇺🇸

Happy Holidays from Big Sur 🗺 🚎 @jess.wandering

*** Giveaway winner: @filmedbyjosh ! ————————————-
Thank you all for entering, and Merry Christmas 🎄

I don’t have a heater, but making some vancakes warms it up real fast. ♨️ This is a pretty accurate depiction of a backend work day for me. Juggling three screens, one on instagram, one with The Office on repeat, and one with emails/photo editing. Some of you have asked how I afford to travel so much. I’ll try to break down a few aspects of it. .
Prior to making any money as a photographer I worked as an accountant, and then installed alarm systems till I had about 20k saved up. That paired with camping gear, a camera, and a 99 corolla that got 30+ miles per gallon, I figured I could live on the road for about a year. It was (still is) a passion of mine to see how much I can stretch each dollar. .
My main expenses are: cell phone, gas, food, car insurance/other car stuff = Roughly 500 a month. When I fly it’s usually for a job and covered. Before I had that stuff covered, I didn’t buy flights because it wasn’t in my budget. Now I can afford it. But made the conscious decision not to spend to go across the globe, when I have enough adventure to last a lifetime in West Coast, USA. .
As my photography career solidified, and years went by living in tents and on couches, I started to feel the need for stability. So I saved up 40k over the past 5 years to buy my dream house (on wheels). It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made to drop that much on an asset that will depreciate on me. I’ve slept in it more than 100 nights in the past 8 months. It’s allowed me to stay healthier, and be on the road longer. In turn, it’s enabled me to create more meaningful images, and attract more jobs. So I can already tell the 40k was worth it. .
I didn’t quit my job and take off hoping for the best. A lot of thought and financial planning has gone into every step of the way. The stress of not knowing when my next paycheck will come is real. But hey, the closest thing I have to a 9-5 office job is watching the Office in my van in some random parking lot. That’s the millennial dream right? 🕺🏼

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