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I sat down for a really long time tonight and wrote my goals down. For a long time I have kept them all in my head. I am not afraid of saying them out loud. If you know me you’ve heard of all of my ideas. By all I mean the million that come to me each day. I’m an emotional and passionate person. I cry most days, maybe not a full on ugly cry but a tear might swell up in my eyes. Tonight as I let my goals roll off my sleeves and onto my keyboard I had to take many deep breaths and focus my thoughts. It was much harder than I could have imagined. Not writing them down but reading them back. I am either an overly ambitious person or a serious go getter or a complete fool. I am hoping for the first two. If you want to try to follow in my foot steps or get in a lane of your own I will be taking applications fall internships soon. My hopes are to find a person who is truly invested in creating a path for themselves. Letting the amazing moments meet the hard ones. Learning that lessons are not always ugly ones but can also be beautiful.

Happy Sunday everyone! What’s your favorite Sunday activity?

Setting a pretty table isn’t just about the flowers anymore. It’s about the utensils and the plates and so much more. @_pialisa is bringing clean and modern back to the table and less glam and fussiness. Hooray for contemporary tables that sign sweet simple melodies.

Not sitting under the palms today. More like sitting at the computer. It’s going to be a great day. I love Monday’s! It’s a fresh start every week. I know it’s common to start the week with the blues. I have my days but for the most part I look at Monday’s as a way to start new. All the left over tasks, things that didn’t get done, today is my day to conquer them. Your outlook on life is the only thing that’s stopping you from having a good day today. Enjoy today! #happymonday

Oh hey! It’s me Helen. I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself on Instagram before. Here is what you need to know. I am the kind of creative who can whip up a mess in 5 seconds flat. Yet I crave organization and everything has it’s place work or home. When I am not in the midst of wedding season and fully immersed in flower arranging I am trying to vacation. I like a good spa day or lounging by the pool. Better yet you can find me hugging my baby girls, building forts or making silly faces with the little. I like a great date night. My foodie husband spends way too much time on his phone searching for the newest, trendy spot with delicious grub. We try a new restaurant any chance we get. I guess you can say I am a boss lady with an eye for design who is as passionate about others peoples special moments in life as her own. Welcome to Ever After’s instagram. It is where you will find 💯% original work by my team and myself. Feel free to say hi 👋🏼 I love to chat!

Some much needed rest and relaxation today at the #lapisspa

Today’s mock up had all the romantic vibes. Planner @simplycouturewed

Summer is always such a challenge for me. The news that summer is slow in Florida for the event industry is such a surprise for non event people to hear. It’s our slow season. Every year I save up and anticipate the long days. I plan all of the adventures I’ll have and time to do business planning. I dread the slowness because my creative mind is usually going a mile a minute. Without fail I get busy. Not just a few meetings busy but I pack too much into my “slow” days and end up working long hours into the night on my computer. I guess I can’t stay away from working. I just wish it was on flowers more than pushing papers. I’m not much of a people or paper person. I am a flower person.

Independence Day. Be safe everyone.

Check out today’s stories for a tour of one of our favorite venues The Miami Beach @editionhotels Designing is so easy at a venue that is tastefully simple. It creates the perfect blank slate to design with.

Chef @casatualife asked me what my arrangement style was this weekend. I didn’t know what you exactly to say at the moment. I guess it’s botanical. Organic in composition and style. Nothing exactly where you would expect it. Simply soft placement of subtle accents. I guess I still don’t have a word to describe it. I just went with the flow and let the flowers speak to me.

I did my first live Instagram video this weekend. Showing how I made this bouquet for this stunning bride. It was really weird watching myself. But the feedback was so sweet. Lots of you really enjoyed it. What do you think of the end result?

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