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Adding blush orchids to these arrangements was such a great light bulb moment this past week. We also are taking a different approach to making centerpieces. Would you enjoy if we did a video blog or a podcast?

Mother’s corsages that’s don’t feel like mothers corsages. #doingthingsdifferently

A beautiful backdrop is a huge part of what makes a ceremony design successful. When you are considering venues for ceremony ask yourself a few questions: 1: Is the backdrop obstructed ( traffic; people or cars, signs that can’t be covered )
2: Where will the light be coming from? Your photographer will have a higher success rate if the lighting is coming from certain directions. 3: Will the location look the way I want when it’s the time of day of my ceremony is taking place? 4: If the space is a blank canvas like a clean wall will my design work? If the space is a landscape will my design obstruct the scenery?

A bouquet I didn’t want to let go of. Once I finally sent it on it’s way it went to such sweet and beautiful hands. Allie looked timeless on her day. Even though her bouquet wasn’t the traditional ball of roses. This soft tropics bouquet really just went with her personality and overall vibe of the day. Thank you for trusting in me to create this for you!

Yesterday our team delivered two weddings with two completely different vibes. I (Helen 👋🏼) went to The Palms Hotel and Spa. It has been a favorite venue of mine for about 9 years. I have decorated a million different ways but none like we did yesterday. Hope on to our stories to see just how we decorated it and the behind the scenes of our wedding set up for Kristin & Chris with @palmshotelmiami @ibapapergoods @alwaysandalwaysevents @danalynnphotos @eventfactor @thesalvagesnob @etcakes

Weekends for me are spent working on the most memorable days of couples lives. I spend my weekends taking flowers from point a to b and before long it’s ceremony time. That’s usually when I head home to my little people. It’s the moments in between that rejuvenate my soul and give me the push for those big moments in our couples lives. I would never be the mother I am if I didn’t live my passion. Nor would I be the creative I am without being their mother. It’s the hardest balancing act in the world and although I will truthfully say I some times fall off the tight rope I am striving to find better ways to make my life balanced. What do you do to bring balance your life?

Whenever we have guests come to the studio the first remark is how amazing it smells. I need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses more often. One of my goals this year is to learn to rest. On a week like this where we have so many events it’s easy to get tired and overwhelmed. After about 11 years of this industry time management and knowing my limits has always been a strength of mine. What hasn’t been is carving out time for my marriage and my little loves. With that said, please if you’ve always wanted to have “Ever After” do your wedding flowers please contact us as soon as you are ready as my event schedule will be more limited this upcoming season. xo, Helen

Cake on my mind. That’s usually the case. This week even more than ever. We are celebrating Mel and her amazingness. She’s been with us for a year! So we have lots to celebrate. I am so grateful for her talents and how hard working she is. Over this year she has really grown into her craft and in many way into her skin as a woman. I can remember the shy girl who came in to help this Time last year. I don’t think I heard more than 10 words from her the first day haha! Although she is a true introvert she’s our introvert and I wouldn’t ever want her to change. #morelife #23withamoneytree

This past week we had the pleasure of designing with a fun color scheme. When Amy the bride, now “wife” 😊 came to us she wanted a tropical coral sunset kind of wedding. Over time as the designed progressed we realized the wedding as a whole was going into a more elegant and garden style flower style. A few flower selection changes and we had just the right fit for her wedding. Congratulations Amy & Patrick it was a pleasure working with you both!

Does anyone know what day it is? Traffic has been less congested, kids are still out from school and there is a chill in the air. We have been working all week but I get the feeling lots of people are still getting cozy on the couch with coffee. Are you one of those lucky few? Or are you working your tush off like us?

Did you turn a new leaf? We want to hear from you. What’s your resolution?

It’s taken me a few days to figure out what my word is for 2018. In typical Helen fashion once I start I can’t stop. I ramble in my mind 5-10-20 different words that are in my heart for what I want to accomplish. If you are wondering what those are I’ll list them here for you. Approachable, trust, honesty, real, relationship to name a few. I ultimately settled with the most cliche of them all authenticity. I wanted to write realness but my iPhone kept autocorrecting. Instead of fighting it I figured it would just give in. So what does it mean to me? It means no more waiting until I get makeup on to share a story or cropping images to give you just the most perfect close up. Or here’s a big one... telling you just the good stuff. I want you to hear the bad stuff. I am a human running this business after all. This journey this year will be real. It will be more of me and my team, my ups and heck yes my downs. I’ll be sharing more on my stories today about what this means for me and my business. I hope you join me on what promises to be my best year yet.

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