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Eventide Inc.  Our award-winning & innovative effects pedals, plug-ins & studio processors have inspired musicians & audio professionals worldwide for over 45 years.

Happy #nationalpuppyday ! Do your pets enjoy listening to you make music? #PetsOfEventide

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Seriously though, did @eventideaudio purposefully time the release of the #RosePedal for right when the roses would be in full bloom?

Our latest #EventideOnTheRoad features Nick Hexum of @311. From the H3000 to the H9, Nick tells us how he’s been using Eventide effects for years.
Watch the full video with the link in the bio!

We recently sat down with @guitarworldmagazine to show just how much the new Rose pedal can do! Watch the full video with the link in the bio

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Listening, learning and loving. I’m digging the new @eventideaudio Rose delay pedal I’m listening to its encouragement of creativity. I’m learning secrets of time manipulation. I’m loving its sounds of wonder.

How to make your children’s toys sound terrifying.... 👻

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Baby toy + contact mic + reverb= DOOM!!!!! Probably one of my weirder experiments:)

Longtime Billy Joel bandmate and Ringo Starr’s Music Director, @markriveramusic tells us why the MixingLink is his favorite Eventide product for sax & flute.

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Strat / AFB / H9 / iRig / Garageband

I like exploring unusual ways to use H9 algorithms, in search for hidden effects and tones.

Harpeggiator got the weird Fuzz tone I used for the opening riff, that's just clean Stratocaster into H9 and 100% wet signal.
I also found out a Sequence mode that sounds like a glide / whammy effect, and I used it for the Meowing parts. At 100% wet it didn't sound good enough to me, so I put AmplifireBox with a Friedman amp model at full gain before H9 and it worked out perfectly.

Garageband's delay on that track and a groovy hard chopping stereo FX on the main riff did the rest.

No kittens were harmed during the shooting of this video!

9 lives? Nah. @spacewithspaces cat has H9 lives. Happy #caturday ya'll!

We had a great time with @larrymitchellsphotos and @vincegenella at @magicdoorrecording today! Stay tuned to see Larry’s first impressions of the #rosepedal 🌹

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@eventideaudio incredible powering 7 pedals with one power supply 🙌 PowerMAX ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Laurie Anderson, Tony Visconti & Tai Chi. We had a great night at this drone-based sonic experience utilizing a number of guitars and amps from Lou Reed’s collection.

The instruments were placed in an arrangement against a group of amplifiers so that their tuned feedback created an enveloping drone of harmonics that shifted based on the audience’s location in the cathedral.

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