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So funny! That little dog peanut was kinda adopted by the class. Tori came home with this picture one of the students made for her......❤️peanut

My daughter held preschool graduation for her class with a luau theme. Her 15 year old dachshund went as a hula dancer 🌞🌞

Thought of you my friend @gypsysoulmermaid

Exhale.....just what I needed...spontaneous quick escape to cape cod to remember what the sun looks like...so good for the soul 💛

Power back!!! No internet or TV for a bit longer but thrilled with lights and flushing!!! Starting the inside work of dealing with spoiled food...

Found a new chain sawed shortcut home. We needed to take the normally 6 minutes drive to my daughters work to pick something up. For our concerned friends: we do have open routes now to stores and supplies. It is just an issue if you are trying to get somewhere specific.

Yeah! Almost an hour. Got 1 bucket of flush water, 1 case drinking water and 2 bags of chips. Photographed by news station looking like refugees- wasted my 15 of fame on this shit

So glad to hear the firehouse has bottled water and we can fill up buckets to flush....been circling the neighborhood to get there which is only a couple of miles. This is our drive- from the car actually letting us thru. Not there yet. Scroll these they are unbelievable 💔hey but we got mail thanks to whoever is driving this route!

Ok 3 pics- the first is what is left of the tree that fell across the road in front of my house, the next 2 are how they are allowing us to leave the driveway now driving under wires and over wires one lane at a time. Like this for about a whole mile around my house. Lots of roads still closed. No water, electricity or cell service expected at the house for awhile. There are other spots in CT like this- we are fortunate that our family and house are all safe...the rest we just need to wait out and start cleanup when we can

Ummm...apparently our house was just in a verified tornado!!! 5 major trees down in our yard, access blocked on our street, daughter stranded at work, and no power BUT everyone here is safe and our dogs fine but still scared. Thankful ❤️

So big....

Love these two kids so much!!!! #proudmama ❤️❤️

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