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Evelyn Ballew  Crossfitter and Foodie who loves my man, my pup and the great outdoors.

I am absolutely in love with my buzz cut. Thank you to everyone for all the compliments and kind words. #buzzcuts #summercut #confident #freespirit #newbeginnings #freshstart

Let me start by saying I love my buzzed head and I don't care what your opinion is. If you don't have something nice to say then don't say a damn thing. #buzzedhair #badass I've been working on confidence and being true to who I am and becoming my own person and I've struggled and put so much money and time into trying to fix my hair and heal it and I'm frustrated with it more often than not and since I shaved my head I won't be able to hide behind my hair or have to spend extra time on it. I'll just be able to have freedom and I'll be forced to confront myself and just be me.
I feel like I define my beauty partly on whether or not I have a good hair day and I'd rather take some time to focus on what's going on inside and focus on relationships. My hair will grow back and hopefully the experience will leave me a different better person. #confidence #badasschick #ididit #buzzedselfies #ikeeprubbingmyhead #thisisme #freespirit #beyourself

400 meters of overhead lunges with a 35# plate have my legs and booty crying. 😩💪🏼#icebath #lungesfordays #itwassohot #crossfitgreer #gainz #pushthroughthepain #mindoverbody #goodlucksittingonthetoilet

So happy it's Friday. I've spent the evening cuddled up in bed with my sweet puppy. She's basically my unofficial therapy dog. #relaxing #mentalhealth #recovery #breathe #snuggles

It's been hard. The last few days anxiety has hit our family hard and it's absolutely exhausting. I've spent this morning trying to convince my lungs to just breathe. My husband had an anxiety attack last night and having to deal with us both struggling at the same time while I feel like I can hardly care for myself has left me grasping and feeling lacking. I haven't been able to support him and care for him the way he needs and I feel like we are both just fighting because neither of us feels cared for or understood. I know this will pass and that things will resolve and that this is just a horrible temporary condition but my god it is frustrating and paralyzing. Taking the day one step at a time and reminding myself that I am enough exactly where I am today. #anxiety #mentalhealth #salfcare #breathe #iamenough

Good Morning Myrtle! I'm up before most of the crew because I have an internal clock that just don't stop. It's so peaceful this morning sitting on our balcony with a cup of coffee because coffee=life and listening to the waves crash on the shore.

There is something so reassuring about the rhythm of the waves. Loving this much needed quiet vacation. #oceanlove #relaxationstation #selfcare #quietmoments #coffeeislife #natureisbeautiful #positivevibes #earlybird #southcarolinacoast #bigmagic #elizabethgilbert

Sautéed garlic Sriracha kale, chicken sausage and eggs. #itswhatsfordinner #paleostyle #delicious #healthyfood #kaleyeah

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