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Teaching in one of the most beautiful aerial spaces I have ever been in! My students killed it today and endured the pain that comes along with lyra. Well done!! #aerialhoop #teaching #cerceau #gazellepose ・・・
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Circus goes on! 💪✊🔥 @momentomcollective with @evelyncoulson #hardwork #lyra#momentomcollective #struggle#power

Spending time teaching, playing, learning and sharing with the @momentomcollective team on the beautiful island of #sumbawa
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My last spin in Montreal. Thank you Montreal for everything you have given me and taught me. I almost cried so many times leaving La Caserne knowing that it might be quite awhile until I come back. My heart was wide open leaving and I'm thankful to the heartfelt last conversations I had with a few people there just before I left. It was a special moment.

This time I don't know when I'll be back. It feels different leaving this time and I'm actually feeling excited about some upcoming stability in NZ. Still processing this change in my mindset and what it all means.
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Had heaps of fun performing last night at @epikhotelmontreal with @kayliekreatrix and @momentomcollective!
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Since the cirque is on vacations this summer, we decided to throw our own little show. #epiklife #cirquedusoleil

It's now been 10 months since I fractured my elbow and I'm feeling really lucky that I've had a good recovery and am now able to make good progress again with my handstands. I think handstands have been super good for my elbow. I've gained a lot of supportive strength in my wrists, elbow, shoulders and back and it helps me feel safer in my body. It pushes my body and my elbow for sure but I never feel unsafe and I always know when I need to rest.

I'm still wobbly and I can see my right arm bends and there are inbalances... But I'm so stoked with my handstand progress post injury. It's been a journey relearning my body and having to take a good hard look at where my weaknesses were.

Thank you so much @aaronburrcircus for all the drills. I really feel them paying off and I'm doing them every second day at the moment! Feeling strong 💪 .
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When your students uplift you and you create new things together.... #bestfeeling
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Amazing shoot with @evelyncoulson Photocred @salasopasiloata Thank you so much for making this happen 🙏🏻 @astralhoops #ledhoop #hulahoopallthefuckingtime #hulahoopgirls #nightphotoshoot

A month and a half before I head off to @momentomcollective Indonesia edition! Stoked to be a guest teacher of aerials, hula hoop and all the circus things. Also excited to use this opportunity to practice my pilates learnings as part of my pilates certification. It'll be the perfect place to experiment and combine circus and pilates.

Catch me in Indonesia from 6th September to 3rd October @whales_and_waves on the beautiful Sumbawa Island.

If you're interested in coming along go to www.momentomcollective.com and check out the Indonesia residency. You can also use my ambassador code EvelynC to receive $35 off your stay :) Yayyyy!

Photo credit:@amandalaphotography .
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A little excerpt from my recent gig and my new hula routine!
I think I've also spent the last hour of my life cursing at my phone for not being able to crop the video to the part I wanted to show. Dumb phone #memoryfull #butidontwanttodeleteanything

Thanks @theoriginaltatjna for the awesome new costume!

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Sometimes it is necessary to go a very long distance out of your way, to come back a short distance correctly ~ Edward Albees

I am flying off to Canada again in less than two weeks. I am probably the most afraid of my choice to leave than I have ever been about my choice to travel. Because this time I'm going in with a lot more intention, risking a lot more and it really feels like it matters this time what I get out of it. I know better what I want and I'm taking steps towards it but oh my is the fear of failure high this time. What if it doesn't work out? What if I completely run out of money? What if people are judging me for doing this?

This year has been about learning and education. And I have been pushing hard for it. I'm in training to be a pilates teacher and I'm going to Canada to do an intensive course that weaves my academic background with my love for circus. I will get to study research methods in circus and performing arts and I couldn't be more excited that something like that exists. And that my application to do the course got accepted! So for the first few weeks of July I'll be a uni student again. Dissecting the amazing shows of Montreal Complètement Cirque under the guidance of academics who study circus for a living.

It feels like things are falling into place but my anxiety levels have been quite high lately and the process of getting what I want has been hard work. I've had to push. I've had to choose. It hasn't fallen into my lap. The opportunities have been there but they have all required me to really want it. To really choose it. It's a shift from the last few years where I went with the flow and ended up going to cool places and doing amazing things. I could keep randomly going with the flow and sure I believe cool things would still happen but I would feel a little dissatisfied. Those last few years taught me to let go. But now I need to choose. It's very empowering but it's also bloody terrifying.

And because every instagram post needs a picture, I chose this one from my recent shoot with @amandalaphotography. It's my favourite one because she captured a real and authentic smile that feels like it's totally me.

Check out my box!

I only attempted this for the first time just a week ago and it's going pretty well! I never really tried the box before because I thought it was too hard for me... but turns out all those one legged knee hooping drills have paid off!

Yay drilling works! To all my students who endure the repetitive nature of drilling, there is a rhyme and reason to it all! .
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I've been on a bit of a different journey lately. I have been doing pilates for a few years with the amazing Jocelyn McGregor and this year I felt inspired to continue my learnings in pilates by becoming a pilates instructor myself.

I have increased my body awareness and understanding ten fold and I feel like my circus practice and teaching skills have massively benefited from it also.

Down in Dunedin this weekend doing my Mat 2 course with @heartsandbonespilates. Looking forward to practicing my teaching after this course is done! Let me know if you want to be a guinea pig for a pilates class ;) gotta get my hours up!

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